How did the Spanish Waterpolo returned to the elite?

"It was to see us, it was to see us," they say and laugh, accomplices. On Wednesday, Spain was prepared in the changing rooms to face the United States, a f

How did the Spanish Waterpolo returned to the elite?

"It was to see us, it was to see us," they say and laugh, accomplices. On Wednesday, Spain was prepared in the changing rooms to face the United States, a few minutes were missing for the quarters of Tokyo Games, when two of the players, two veterans, Felipe Perrone and Fran Fernández, looked at each other and understood. "We were more nervous than the kids, they were there quiet, much more loose, and it cost us very much to free ourselves," says Fernandez by Zoom and possibly that scene explains the current success of male team.

In semifinals (12:50 hours) before Serbia will seek to secure its first medal since the 1996 Atlanta Games, but having reached this step is already a success. It does nothing Spain was an evicted team from which the players fled and to which it was difficult for them to qualify for the big tournaments. Now you can chain your fourth consecutive end after the two last European and the 2019 World Cup. What has changed?

"Many things, but above all, a generation of players has arrived with a lot of quality and with an awesome unfailing. We remind you of everything we have lost, what we have suffered to get here, but they are thrown," Analyzes Perrone and speaks From Álvaro Granados, from Alberto Munariz, by Marc Larumbe, by Miguel del Toro and even of Unai Aguirre, the goalkeeper of 19 who has been the revelation of these games.

The turning point was the European one of Barcelona 2018. The previous year, David Martín had arrived at the Selector's position and had initiated a daring renovation that went by forgetting names like Guillermo Molina or Gonzalo Echenique, who ended up playing by Italy, and incorporating Many young people. In that European it worked: a silver. "And there the veterans saw that we could compete, that the kids did not have the inferiority complex we had, who fought for other objectives. That European was very important and, then, we have only chained successes," says Fernández who plays in Barceloneta, how not, like almost all team players.

Because that is another key: the selection progresses at the rhythm of Barceloneta, the club to which 10 of the 13 members of the staff belong, and as the team goes better than ever ... beyond the national league, where they show , In Europe it has managed to qualify for the Champions Semifinals in the last three editions and sooner or later the title will be taken. That the club automatisms stay in the selection is lucky.

"And it could also be a trap, before it had happened: the club does not go well and you pay it in the national team. Now we have a lot of union, we get along very well and for us it is an advantage. The only problem is that I see Fran who To my wife, "says Perrone, Bromista, with a story demonstrating the change of this selection. Born in Brazil, for Rio Games he decided to leave Spain and go play with the selection of his country, but, as soon as he spoke with David Martín, he returned.

Now he aspires gold or, at least, at a final that will be very expensive. Serbia is the current Olympic champion and surely the favorite for Spain and the semifinals will be very complicated, although Spain already overcame it both in the last World Cup and in the last European. "If you want to explain it like this, with Serbia it is easy to see if we are dominating or not, if you see a lot of movement, you get a lot of water, what happens, is that we're going well, if you see everything a little unemployed is that we're going bad. They are very large, very physical, and we have to put a lot of rhythm, "says Perrone who, before the semifinals, will look at his fellow Fatigas Fran Fernández and both will be understood.

Although the two are 35 years old and have already lived everything in the pool, they will be nervous at the option of securing a medal in the games. Around him, very possibly, young people will be "quiet, much more loose".

Date Of Update: 05 August 2021, 20:13

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