How do you prepare the baby room style Montessori?

What to do with toys that are no longer used or have repetidosLos benefits of emptying your home: tricks to hacerloCinco houses "upside down" for a visit by t

How do you prepare the baby room style Montessori?
What to do with toys that are no longer used or have repetidosLos benefits of emptying your home: tricks to hacerloCinco houses "upside down" for a visit by the world

What is going on with those rooms designed by and for adults, decorating magazine and furniture with expensive and impractical from the point of view of the needs of the child ?

Each time there are more families that are raised to fund how they want to prepare everything even before the arrival of the baby, and the truth is that it is worth the stop a moment to reflect about the parenting style that we want to carry before you start to spend money on things that unique need that we have is that we have created.

whether or not "baby check" provided by the authorities, leaving aside the debate about whether there is any support to families and promotion of birth rate, most couples, especially new moms, go through a phase of stress during the pregnancy in which it seems that they have to transform the house in a magazine: buy a crib, a dresser, a mini crib, a bassinet, a swing, a highchair, a park or a gym... But, really, how the baby needs all of this?

What ends up happening in more than one home is that the classic cot ends up doing wardrobe because when they are born that small to be that is what we want in the world we ended up doing co-sleeping and the crib is you try to use any night until they finally decide to bet on the most practical solution , especially when it is practiced breastfeeding or when awakenings are continuous, something common for at least the first year of life.

What a newborn needs?

A baby all you need is love and affection of their parents, but, above all, contact with her mother, especially during the period of exterogestación, in which the symbiotic relationship is very strong and necessary. Nils Bergman, famous neonatologist precursor of kangaroo mother care, explains that the human being has 1,000 days unique and unrecoverable to form your brain structure, to create their neurons and their synapses (up to a million per minute during the first year of life), a period that encompasses pregnancy and the first two years.

what if we replace all these requirements for a good baby carrier, or even a chair or breastfeeding pillow?

Inside the home, fortunately, there are very few things that you really need . If there is a real possibility end up doing co-sleeping, we can postpone the purchase of the crib to be sure that we need it, or even think of in a bed close to the ground. Maria Montessori resembled the classic crib bars to prisons, since they limit fully the autonomy of the child and may even give us more of a fright when they learn to climb, try to escape and end up falling. Raise your hand who has not ever passed something similar or know of a case near you.

on the other hand, remember that hammocks, walkways, parks and high chairs are elements that have been designed for the comfort of adults, to be able to make sure that do not move much or not at risk while "we have to do other things."

In this sense, the famous "taka-taka", or walkers should be banished once and for all, since the lead time warning physical therapists, because in addition to preventing the movement in freedom and development crawling "force the baby to be placed in position bipedestante when you do not yet have sufficient muscle tone in the legs and is not prepared to do so, with all the consequences that entails," says dr. Jorge Ferre.

How should be a prepared environment? The absorbent mind of the child learns from the environment, therefore, if we leave aside all these ideas and we focus on the baby, we can prepare the room in a minimalist form, with the things that we really are going to do the day-to-day easier and taking into account that the environment will evolve in function of your needs.

Ideas to get you started

1. A rug on the floor that allow free movement and in which the baby can exercise your body and go reaching milestones such as evolutionary the grip of objects, rolling, creeping, crawling, sitting...

2. A mirror security at its height, through which they can recognize and create their own self-image.

3. A horizontal bar adjustable so that you can begin to seize and to join when you're ready.

4. Furniture to his height easy-to-access, (if you can be avoiding closed doors much better).

5. Educational toys are carefully selected and manufactured with natural materials, (very few, avoiding over-stimulation, you can even go alternating).

The first years of life are key in the construction of the human being, and we need to develop ourselves in a safe space, with love and to which we can feel that we belong. So, if we follow these principles we will focus our gaze to seek out the safety, autonomy, freedom, belonging, beauty and practicality.

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Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 03:01

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