How to avoid falling into the trap of advertisements of Buy your car that collapse your windshield

Alert of the scams on the internet to buy a car of second manoCómo know the actual state of a second car manoLa DGT shall implement a system to prevent fraud in

How to avoid falling into the trap of advertisements of Buy your car that collapse your windshield
Alert of the scams on the internet to buy a car of second manoCómo know the actual state of a second car manoLa DGT shall implement a system to prevent fraud in the sale of used cars

you Walk down the street and an eye-catching color in the windshield of a car draws your attention. It is another of the hundreds of brochures advertising "Buy your car", "we Buy your car", "Buy car" or "If you sell your car, you bought it", that flooded entire neighborhoods. The offer is attractive, the perfect hook for people in financial troubles : the collection and payment on the spot, quickly, maximum rating, do all the paperwork... and even accept cars with faults, no MOT, strikes or embargoes.

But, who is behind all those brochures? Most do not want to talk about what they do, flatly refuse, and some even come to vex if, for example, they see you call with hidden number. Do you have something to hide? We pass by potential sellers, and so yes we get some answers .

First of all, it should be noted that registrations of passenger cars and suvs in Spain accumulated a decrease of 9.2% in the first eight months of the year, according to data of employers ' associations of manufacturers ( Anfac), of sellers ( Ganvam) and dealers ( Faconauto). However, the market is still polarised between those used up to five years, which already represents a third of sales, and the more than fifteen years, concentrating also about 30% of the total, have been growing at a rate of 6% up to July, registering over 390,000 units; of which eight out of every ten have been sold between private individuals without warranties or maintenance history.

minimum price

One of the early examples that we is an Audi A4 Avant 1.8 T 163 BHP, 2004, with a breakdown in the engine, specifically in the oil pump. A model of these characteristics is in the second-hand market at around € 3,500. Repair official, as indicated from a workshop Aurgi (with all the parts to change in the process of the repair, plus the labor) would amount to some 1,500 euros; although a repair check at home and only changing what is "just and necessary", would not be more than 300.

One of the first ads with the contact, directly answer you, the be a vehicle for more than 10 years , according to the "traffic regulations", can only offer the minimum, and in this case, they are 200 euros. And it is not the only one, another example, when I told him that we are interested in selling a Seat Leon 2.0 TDI 140 CV 2007 (priced at more than 5,000 euros), also referred to as the "traffic regulations" by which for a vehicle of more than 10 years, dan the least: that, on this occasion, as a maximum, would be 2.000.

therefore, if you want to sell your car through these ads, you should know that the offer, without seeing the car, it will be laughable, an average 60% below market value .

at The same time, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) clarified that there is no "traffic regulations" governing free trade. Traffic "has never discussed this issue, nor has it stipulated a price for a given model", especially because "on many occasions, a car of 10 years or more is in perfect condition, and others less time than not." is Maria Benito , lawyer, law Firm Prolegue, also indicates that "the sale between individuals is completely lawful, and there is no stated price for this (that is, free market)".

Obligations to sell a car

From the DGT require other obligations : if you sell a vehicle already registered, to avoid possible fraud, it has to have the pass MOT, there is that make the change of ownership in the Register of the General Directorate of Traffic, and never should surrender the vehicle without having in your hands the original contract of sale and a photocopy of the document of identity in Spain of the purchaser (national ID card/Residence Card). It is also important to indicate in the contract the hour and minute that you deliver your vehicle: remember that the fines from fixed speed cameras and not have passed the MOT you will continue coming in both will not occur in the Registration of Vehicles change of ownership.

Data that reaffirms a lawyer of Pyramid Consulting, Beatriz Dueñas , and adds that "the buyer must send before 15 days, a copy of the permit stating that the vehicle is already in your name. You do not receive it is advisable to go to Headquarters to report the sale (processing of notice of sale)", citing the ART. 32.1 of the General Regulation of Vehicles RD 2822/1998:

1. Any natural or legal person who is the holder of a vehicle registered in Spain, and transmit it to another, even with reservation of ownership or any other right over the vehicle, shall notify the chief of Traffic of the province in which he has his legal residence or to that in which was enrolled the vehicle, within ten days from the transmission, by means of a declaration stating the identification and address of the transferor and transferee, as well as the date and title of the transmission.

Some legal obligations to be taken into account. In other examples of ads that we've called, we detailed that, once collected the vehicle in the direction given, will leave a receipt of sale with the name of the one that takes the vehicle and one proof of name change. That will lead him to an office and there dealt with it all later. What you may or may not do with the vehicle after this transaction, surely we don't care, but is correctly set sale . If the obligations of the DGT referred to above are not met when selling your car, you may be being scammed.

unfair Competition and achatarramiento

The cars are very old, or so-called historical vehicle (the one that has a minimum of 25 years) are not interested in, and if they are very new either. In most cases, your car will end up revendiéndose and, as noted from the National Association of Dealer Vehicles (Ancove), these operations hide seudoprofesionales that are dedicated to the buying and selling, in a market where the next buyer has no rights of warranty. In addition it is common for buyers found many irregularities such as embargoes, fines and other charges outstanding and in many cases vehicles that have not passed the ITV.

in Addition, profit from a business that assumes an unfair competition for the dealers legal and a fraud to the Public Treasury. Because they always pay in the act and in hand. From Ganvam have spent many years denouncing this type of "underground activity that represents approximately 10% of the total number of operations used, which are made in Spain, generating a loss of about 300 million euros per year to the professional is legally established". "We are not against a particular sell your car, but when the same person is dedicated to selling a certain number of vehicles it is evident that this was a commercial activity disguised and the Administration must act," he added.

Before this, ask for banning the sale of illegal of second-hand vehicles on the public highway, a practice denounced for many years by dealers and other professional establishments of sale that it "does not have the municipal approvals to develop its activity, do not pay taxes or are registered in the Economic Activities Tax (IAE)". Yes, the future law does not sanction the widespread practice of true individuals who leave their car in the street with a sign "for sale".

in Addition, how much can lengthen the life span of a car? According to forecasts of Faconauto, the 65% of vehicles in circulation in 2020 will have more than 10 years, a situation that will be aggravated by the fact that the park just will be renewed, remaining in a rut during this three-year period on around the 26 million vehicles. And, in part, due to this type of activities.

A park aged as the one that we have favored this type of illegal practices. Therefore, from Ganvam "we advocate also for a plan of achatarramiento that helps to withdraw from circulation the older vehicles , avoiding re-entering in the circuit of the supply of second-hand. Supporting the change of an old car, not just for a new model, but also for one sedan will help you that all incomes to have access to a vehicle efficient and safe, promoting the renewal of the park, especially when today new and pre-owned comply with current anti-pollution most demanding in the world."

Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 13:01

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