How to clean the washing machine inside if you want that your clothes come out clean of truth and without bad odor

The cleaning product that will eliminate multiple spots without rubbing during horasCómo increase the safety in your kitchen for the little ones do We have to s

How to clean the washing machine inside if you want that your clothes come out clean of truth and without bad odor
The cleaning product that will eliminate multiple spots without rubbing during horasCómo increase the safety in your kitchen for the little ones do We have to stop to wash the clothes as requested by Stella McCartney?

The machine do not clean alone. This is the message that should already stay clear if it is even you are one of those who believes that this appliance will be clean every time you put it up to wash the clothes. In fact, it is highly likely that you do months that are not clean or the rubber of the door. If so, you have to know that the dirt accumulates and passes into the pants, shirts, underwear, or dresses that lavas typically you have to assume a harsh reality: your clothes are not as clean as you thought .

According to the OCU, one of the keys to the washing machine lasts more time passes by make a minimum monthly maintenance , like cleaning out the drawer of the detergent, where you always accumulate debris, as well as the rubber door , which tends to accumulate dirt. To do this would be to add a deep cleaning comprehensive cleaning the filter of the water and putting a wash to 90 ° C with the washing machine empty "to clear the pipes, and the internal system of the machine," pointing to the OCU.

And that is the harsh reality is clear: with the passage of time, the soap, the foam and the hard water tend to build up in the washing machine, creating a perfect place for bacteria to grow , as indicated in Melissa Maker, an expert in cleaning Clean My Space, cleaning service of Canada. "If you inspect quickly your machine -continues the expert-, you can realize that it smells a little bad, or it starts to look gross. You can even see a bit of accumulation on the board, soap scum around the wall or even in the small tray of detergent. If you have gotten to this point is that you're in the moment of clean the washing machine ".

Step by step

The first thing you have to do, before you like a madman to get the brightness with a cloth, is to help you a good product like the charcoal . In the market there are plenty of options with this special formula specifically designed to eliminate bad smells and waste , doing a deep cleaning of the washing machine on a cycle with hot water. Instead of active carbon, you can also use vinegar for cleaning, bleach or any other specific, but don't forget to check always before the manufacturer's instructions.

it Should be highlighted also that in the market there are already appliances with automatic cleanup , in such a way that the drum is lava "only". In this case, it can be cleaned superficially what you can and run this cycle alone or with a little vinegar. To do this, you must also read before the instructions.

Then, look at the box of the washing machine . If you have remnants of laundry detergent, it is necessary to clean it and leave it as new. From the OCU, and advise to rinse it after every wash. If you have remnants glued together, that have been accumulating for a long time, Maker advised to immerse the piece in water with a specific cleaner. And also, as usual, there is that " use the correct amount of detergent " because "will help to reduce odors and the buildup of dirt," claims the expert.

The next step is to clean the rubber of the washing machine . Maker advises to do so with a cloth dampened with water only, although you can also use vinegar for cleaning or any specific product. "Another aspect to keep in mind is that when you're not using the washing machine, it is best to leave the door open because it prevents the formation of bacteria that cause bad odor ", continues also something that should be done with the box of detergent. It is therefore essential to clean it after each wash: the only way to get remove excess moisture and the mold and mildew .

Keep the filter clean is another of the fundamental aspects. From the OCU, remember that this element is full of debris and dirt in every wash. "Its function is to retain these materials so that they do not end up in the pump drain by blocking it and causing a breakdown," explains the organization. So, you must clean it immediately when, for example, once it completes the wash programme, we see that water is accumulating inside the drum.

The filter is cleaned under a jet of cold water. "If this is not enough, you can help yourself with a scrubbing pad and an old toothbrush to reach difficult areas," advises the OCU.

it is Also important to take into account the water hardness , which contributes to the formation of cal . The Comunidad Valenciana or the Balearic Islands tend to have extremely hard water so use a product anti-limescale in each wash.

How much time?

Now that you know how, it is equally or more important that you clean the washing machine as usual. It all depends on what you use but, as a general rule, the experts ensure that it is convenient to perform a deep cleaning every month or as soon as you see the appliance you need (for example, if it starts to smell).

at The same time, c each week there is a basic cleaning , as to remove the excess moisture, or keep a clean box of the detergent to ensure the washing machine to perform its intended function effectively.

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Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 07:01

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