How to increase the security in your kitchen for the little ones

Camp kitchen for the kids of the casaLo that children can do in the kitchen according to your edadLlevas entire life using the wrong cutting board The children

How to increase the security in your kitchen for the little ones
Camp kitchen for the kids of the casaLo that children can do in the kitchen according to your edadLlevas entire life using the wrong cutting board

The children of the house are not always aware of the dangers of their environment, especially in rooms such as the kitchen. For this reason, learn how to lock the electronic devices is surely the best way of ensuring a secure framework, but without hampering the natural learning. So create an environment in which they can exercise, play and explore the house without risk of injury from equipment.

once more, the development plays a vital role as the appliances today increasingly include security measures to make the day-to-day easier, creating a more secure environment.

Teka recommended keys to get the maximum performance of security options that offer kitchens current, collected by Attitude of Communication.

household Appliances that may block

it Is recommended to keep the locking of the following electric appliances whenever possible:

glass-Ceramic and induction hobs : These are the appliances most dangerous of the kitchen, as they do not have a protective door. May be hot or warm objects in their environment, causing burns. That is why, usually they include a safety lock, which disables its controls. But you have to remember that the difference between the two plates is that the vitro has a resistance that becomes hot without the need of have a receptacle above, while with the induction this doesn't happen. In the case of using a gas stove, you can take as a habit to lock the stopcock after each use.

Oven : you can also cause injury by burning, so features a lock so that the infant may not be able to turn it back on without wanting to. You can lock the control panel, so that the oven cannot be turned on. On the other hand, the doors of the oven with up to 4 crystals that keep the outer door is hot. In this type of furnace the maximum temperature that reaches the door is of 27º. In the case of the ovens pirolíticos incorporate the locking of the door during the cleaning of the oven as in this cycle, the oven reaches high temperatures. In addition, the new models of oven incorporating the lock of the door during any function of the oven to prevent that children can open the door during cooking. And finally, the system "SoftClose" prevents pinched fingers when closing the door, because it has a system for soft closing.

dish washer and washing machine : less dangerous than the previous. However, usually they include a key lock so that children do not interrupt the wash cycle by playing.

safety Tips in the kitchen

Children and appliances is not the only complicated combination of the kitchen. The corners can be a threat to the instability of the first steps, and the access to certain elements is just as dangerous as the induction hob is switched on. From the company suggest some tips that will ensure the safety of your children when you lend a hand by preparing the dinner:

Doors and drawers

The insurance and latches for doors and drawers are essential in order that the cleaning products are out of reach of children as well as prevent them access to knives and other cutting or stabbing. In the case of the trash bins, it is also important to keep them away, given that it is a potent source of germs.

The corners

it Is recommended to round the corners of the furniture or install protections of rubber or foam to cushion possible knocks or cuts that can occur in a crash against a corner.

to Monitor the objects in the danger zone

While they are in the kitchen, make sure that the objects that could cause an accident to any member of the family are kept away from dangerous areas (handles of pans toward the inside of the stove so you don't cause hitches incidental, containers as roasters that can be pulled unintentionally, the cable causing her fall, objects placed on the edges of tables and countertops, etc)

Reserve space for small

it is Also recommended that small to have their own space within the kitchen. In this way you will keep away from the dangerous elements at the same time that it teaches them to collaborate at home.

Although in many cases it is limited by a question of space, it is advisable to leave some drawers or kitchen cabinets at your disposal in which you can put your dishes, glasses and cutlery, which can be plastic or bamboo to avoid cuts, punctures and tears.

If a space is left for the small do not will need to play with the more dangerous elements and eye-catching. Place them away from the fire and in a location that does not impede the use of the kitchen, will work alongside the children ensuring their safety.

the kids will love helping with household chores and will learn issues of hygiene, feeding and cleaning which will prove of vital importance when they grow up.

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Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 13:00

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