How to save money without quitting using the five appliances that consume more

Save water beyond periods of sequíaCrecen e-waste: almost 45 million tonnes in 2016Aire conditioning: your global energy demand will triple by 2050 As you may

How to save money without quitting using the five appliances that consume more
Save water beyond periods of sequíaCrecen e-waste: almost 45 million tonnes in 2016Aire conditioning: your global energy demand will triple by 2050

As you may already know, the most efficient electrical household appliances are labelled with the letter A . And, by opposition, to those who consume more energy while they are in operation, they are assigned the letter G. In the market, therefore, you can find products referred to seven different classes of energy efficiency. The decision of final purchase depends on you.

Refrigerated , freezers, machines , drying, dishwasher , ovens, hoods, lamps and other lighting fixtures, appliances, air conditioning and heating, tvs , vacuum cleaners, computers , coffee makers, water heaters... Our homes are home to large numbers of small and large household appliances. Do you know what are the five that have the greatest impact on your electricity bill?

below you will find a series of tips to save you each month without getting rid of them.

1234567FrigoríficosFrigoríficos - ABC

The disconnect on very few occasions, its consumption is very noticeable, although his power is not very large (200 watts compared to the 2,000 watts of a dryer, for example).

Where you install is very important, because your location should allow air circulation for your rear. Also, the refrigerator should be placed away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.

The formation of ice and/or frost acts as an insulator, preventing the cooling and consuming, therefore, their energy uselessly. The models no-frost freeing you from the task of defrosting the fridge.

Within the recommendations published regularly by the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), the following stand out:

- do Not buy a computer more big that is needed.

- do Not enter food hot in the fridge.

- Clean , at least once a year, the rear of the device.

TelevisoresTelevisores - ABC

According to the screen , the least power-consuming is the LED , after the of LCD (liquid crystal display), and, finally, the plasma.

Don't leave the tv in "standby" ( stand-by ).

Connects all the machines (dvd, freeview, etc) associated with the device to a "thief" or database connection multiple .

LavadorasLavadoras - ABC

the washing machine is The third appliance that most energy consume. Usually, in a home get, on average, between 3 and 5 machines a week.

Opt always for the "ECHO" to include your device if after you have read the manufacturer's instructions estimates that this fits your needs.

Apply programs of low temperature , given that they consume less by reducing the energy used during the heating process of the water.

assessing the possibility of acquiring a washing machine termoeficiente. Between his advantages stands out the reduction of up to 25% of the washing time. It is an alternative "interesting", explained from the IDEA, if you have solar thermal energy for the hot water in the house.

LavavajillasLavavajillas - ABC

In many cases, the use of the dishwasher is more economical (water and energy) that the traditional washing by hand ; always and when you use it when it is full, of course.

The dishwasher uses as little amount of water (10-14 litres/cycle) that it is not necessary termoeficiente, say from the IDAE. But good maintenance always improves its energy performance added. Therefore, it cleans the filter and check the levels of rinse aid and salt as usual.

it is Not necessary to rinse the dishes before putting it in the dishwasher, just remove the solid residue. However, if you're acostumbrad@ to do so, use cold water.

OrdenadoresOrdenadores - ABC

computers portable consume a lot less than table to include devices more efficient.

screensaver is the most efficient color black.

The computer screen is the element that is the most energy-intensive, being recommended to the flat.

For office equipment applies to the voluntary system of labeling energy efficiency: EcoLabel (european level) and Energy Star (international).

Optimizes your small electrodomésticosPequeños appliances - ABC

usually, the small appliances that perform mechanical actions, such as beat or chop , are low .

however, produced by heat (such as the fryer or coffee makers, among others) require higher power and give rise to considerable .

Use an electric razor shaving can be assumed, according to the cases, less expenditure of energy than a shaving natural: it all depends on how long you keep the faucet of the water!.

If your toaster is two slots, put it always with two toast.

take Advantage of the warming of the iron to leave without wrinkles large amounts of clothing at one time.

proper Management of the residuoGestión proper of waste from electrical and electronic equipment - ABC

All electrical and electronic equipment must be treated separately as waste from the moment that you decide, for example, to change them by other more efficient models. It is especially important to the proper management of those that include circuits with refrigerants (such as refrigerators). For this reason, we remind you that the establishment where the purchase of the new apparatus is required to remove the old and insert it in the recycling circuit .

For the particular case of electrical and electronic equipment of small size there are special points of collection in the large shopping , as well as the points that administrations have enabled within their territories. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) helps you locate the nearest to your home.

Date Of Update: 11 September 2019, 22:27

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