Iñaki Gabilondo says goodbye to the microphones: to become a farewell process

The journalist Iñaki Gabilondo has said tonight "Goodbye" to the microphones in an interview in the 'Time 25' program to be: "Becoming a farewell process.

Iñaki Gabilondo says goodbye to the microphones: to become a farewell process

The journalist Iñaki Gabilondo has said tonight "Goodbye" to the microphones in an interview in the 'Time 25' program to be: "Becoming a farewell process. I'm going to turn 79 years next month. It was clear That this was over now and I was getting bored with me. "

Gabilondo, exdirector of chain programs to be like 'today for today' and 'hour 25' where just tonight you have commented that you feel "happy that it is here where we can make goodbye. To this I come. I was as I wanted, Removing me through the maximum discretion ".

"Here when I stopped making the comments, I should surely have left everything, we forced a little more at the 'today', but in my heart it was clear that the end had come," said an excited Gabilondo, for whom "it was clear that This was over now, I was getting bored with me. "

In Gabilondo's trial, "the radius of 2021 is adequate to society in which we are living. It seems to me that we are disconcerted because we have lost the listeners."

For the communicator "Radio is doing its job and at the same time walking with some nervousness to listeners that we do not know where they are."

According to Gabilondo "The possibilities of the radio are multiplying and varying, but it is very dangerous to believe that the radio corresponds to a past half. The radio is the only means that operates in hours, minutes and days and that does not claim anyone's attention . If you hear the radio you can do everything. The radio makes you the second voice, if you want you to listen, if you want hears, some are hearing us and others are listening to us. "

On the situation of journalism and the media in general, think that "it is affecting the structure that holds it" and added that "people have discovered that journalism is essential in self-defense, before the best had not been given Account. You already know you need information potable water wells ".

Understand that in today's journalism "you have to look for the viewer and in that sense it is very important that the media releasing their history of independence and links and approaches and distances with the powers that have sometimes been inadequate. As we are not understood as Independent we are going to have problems. "

For the Gipuzcoan journalist the so-called 'Fake News' calls are an industry that serves to poison, intentionally. "You have to play clean because we played our lives," he said.

From his relationship with the being he referred with emotion that he has given him everything, "Every time I heard that the red light was lit I felt the cramp of a child who dreamed of being there. I think it was like almost all children because Everyone wanted to live in Disneyland.

"It was from a very humble family that lived around the radio the fascinations of Spain. The radio as a creator of mental images, every word filled us the world of color. When I spent every day in front of Radio San Sebastián is as if it were Disneyland . I have never felt a greater triumph than when I was director of Radio San Sebastián, "Recorded Gabilondo.

Regarding the situation in Spain, he affirmed that he is deeply concerned "by the atmosphere": "Democracy is a set of tensions, it was invented to disagree and it is the very essence of democracy, but if there are no elements in common it does not serve. There are things that can not be done without agreement. As there is no possibility of agreement the most important things we are leaving them. "

Regarding Catalonia, it was said that "it is good that it becomes converse, but neither the current government nor that of Catalonia has the capacity to take the agreements."

"Spain is a formidable country," Gabilondo studied, "but it seems not to be looking at the transforming force, it seems that we continue playing the traditional games of the past. That causes me a lot of pain, it gives me sorry."

And he added: "Spain is a country that has had a project has been amazed at the world," but, "when there is no project there is a centrifugal game, I am surprised not to understand, the opposition, that we are not in a moment. to make demolition-based opposition. "

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 17:30

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