Incontestable Tomás Rufo: Four ears and tail in Talavera

Saturday, September 18, 2021. Plaza de Toros de 'La Capricosa' by Talavera de la Reina. Cumshot by the festival of San Mateo. Full of "no tickets" (75%)

Incontestable Tomás Rufo: Four ears and tail in Talavera

Saturday, September 18, 2021. Plaza de Toros de 'La Capricosa' by Talavera de la Reina. Cumshot by the festival of San Mateo. Full of "no tickets" (75%). Rubber bulls courteous guiomar of moura, deep and collaborators, and from Daniel Ruiz, well presented although unequal game. Manageable as a whole, of higher quality the 3rd. Idiego Ventura, short suit black. Three punctures, rear grown and two cabello blows (greetings). In the room, two punctures and low rejón (two ears). The Juli, Blood de Toro and Gold. Puncture and backstone (greetings after request). In the fifth, backstone (two ears). Tomas Rufo, Marine and Gold. Disclaimed lunge (two ears). In the sixth, great thrust (two ears and tail).

I was impressed to enter at the rush hour of the celebration in Torvera's bullring. An image of prepairemia, the lying fully curdled. The regulations of Castilla and La Mancha allows 75% of the capacity. The feeling of filling cheered by the pull that has at this moment Tomás Rufo. The businessman of the capricious held him with two figures, each one in his. The hobby responded en masse to the first run after the perfect alternative of his countryman last week at Valladolid. For the presentation on his land as Bull's Matador chose a cumshot of Daniel Ruiz well presented, with loose trapaño for this square. Ahead he released Rufo flights to the third he humbled with good are. The layer greeting caused a strong ovation. Also the exquisite remove from aprons. The class of Daniel Ruiz's bull was diluted between the manual condition of him. The Merit of the young sword resided in not getting bored despite the fact that he was looking for some excuse to leave. The natural he took rhythm in several splendid tandas. Already in Tables, he signed a tight finish by Luquercins of great popular block. With the identical pause he received the high and brazen sixth of the Albacent currency. Despite his uphill conformation he picked up from output. In the Remove by Chicuelinas he showed his power from him. The Faena, given to heaven, was a compendium of intelligence and passion. He perfectly administered the Bull of Daniel Ruiz to take advantage of his good one by one, when he wanted to flirt. Rufus exposed a lot, he crossed the opposite python and passed it through the belly settled. He roared the people of him. The Chords of Concha Flamenca accompanied the work. Also on the right python, without Estoque, accompanying from verticality the onslaught. The thrust to the ribbons fired emotion until the granting of a tail. Rotound Arrival at the upper ladder with a dreamed alternative and a first incontestable afternoon. In such a joselitist scenario, the Juli gave the umpteenth lesson of Master's degree. He had to activate the extensive catalog of knowledge of him to extract the best from the fifth. He first picked it up at the Capote, giving him room to sign a beautiful Veronica Media. He pulled out roughly through the left python in the first compasses of the Faena and the Juli was imposed on submission. Once he had been able to, he turned it to pleasure in relaxed natural, of great meeting. He left behind the sword like a novel one to charge the triumph. The base of tenacity he got moments of great linner with his stand first, which was noble without further ado. The ear request remained in a closed ovation that he greeted since the third.Diego Ventura gave a full show before the deep and coat of Guiomar Cortés de Moura to which he received with two rejones of punishment. Awesome was the gallop to two tracks and the bankrupts on bronze until he took off his head to go from front to the bull and change it at the last moment. The emotional performance was not well topped with the death grid but the two ears were granted. Some trophy would lose in the sosote and unrentened first with which he was toned except with the death grown and the cabello. The Terna left the whimsical on her shoulders and the exit, under the centenary magnolia that protect her walls, the fans hugged with the Emotion of having a new figure in this taurine region.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 14:18

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