Increase the turbulence of citizens in Catalonia with new casualties and expulsions

Citizens has suffered new internal turbulence in Catalonia in the last 48 hours: the ex-ipoduted at Parlament Sonia Sierra has broken the party's card, while t

Increase the turbulence of citizens in Catalonia with new casualties and expulsions

Citizens has suffered new internal turbulence in Catalonia in the last 48 hours: the ex-ipoduted at Parlament Sonia Sierra has broken the party's card, while the management has begun processes of expulsion against its spokesmen in the municipalities of Lleida and Girona.

The outputs in CS have been a constant since even before 14F, when the orange formation went from 36 to 6 deputies in the parllament, although from the party there is a weight to the crisis and put the accent in the new stage of training, in The one who seek to focus on his "liberal" caricock.

The last one to unsubscribe in Catalonia has been the former Deputy Sonia Sierra, next to Lorena Roldán, now deputy of the PP, and one of the first to leave citizens. "This week I have been lowered by CS and I did not plan to do it public, but I have been receiving days by attacking both public and organic charges of said party as well as accounts linked to him, something that seems unacceptable because I have never missed respect Nobody, "he said on Twitter.

According to the former Orange Deputy, in recent days it would have been attacked also by "denouncing that CS has approved the separatist budgets of Premià de Mar in exchange for a confidence charge for a former deputy." "They told me that those people would be expelled from the game, and there they continue while the expelled are others," she added in her messages.

After announcing his CS march by the social network, Sierra received words of support from other ex-deputies and councilors of citizens such as Jean Castel, who led the list of citizens 14f by Girona. "A lot of mood Sonia, the best decision! Unfortunately is the barriobajero style of stagnant stagnants in the false hope, of the no project. Lost essences and principles, nothing remains!", I wrote this Friday Castel on Twitter.

Both Castel and the former deputy by Tarragona Maialen Fernández left the game just a month after the electoral Batacazo.

On the other hand, this week, the Citizen Disciplinary Regime Commission initiated the expulsion process of the Party spokesman at the City Council of Girona, Daniel Pamplona, by a "continuous violation of the internal regulations". The decision came shortly after also announcing that the same measure was adopted in the Consistory of Lleida with Ribes Angeles for a "loss of confidence in it as a result of the management of it."

In the case of Girona, citizens detailed that it had already been disavowed to Pamplona "on numerous occasions by different training secretariats for not attending on the regulatory formulas foreseen in the Statutes" or respect "the consensus of the party in making decisions of inner workings".

The spokesman has been suspended from affiliation to all the effects and will be expelled in an imminently, while all the institutional representatives of this training will sign an ethical letter in which they will confirm that they know, accept and commit themselves to comply with the statutory provisions. .

The objective of this heading, according to the Party, is that compliance by those positions of the "Ideario de Citizens" and that the decision-making is respected "of the competent bodies, always veiling for the general interest" and the Service to the population. As for the spokesman of Lleida, and according to a statement from the Party, the institutional action of CS requested a spokeswoman change at the head of the Orange Group to pass from Ribes to Councilman María Burrel; However, and after an emergency meeting, it was decided that it was ribes who continued to the front.

This request, according to the party, was executed after the "repeated petitions" of militants and colleagues of Lleida who "criticized" the "lack of involvement" in the project of Ribes, its "lack of commitment and loyalty" to colleagues and Its "repeated mistakes of respect".

Faced with this situation, citizens have lameted that Ribes "has not followed what the Internal Statutes mark" and recalls that the institutional representatives of CS sign an ethical letter in which "they know, accept and commit" to comply with the statute provisions of the match. Sources from the critical sector of the Party, the so-called "renovators", have stood out that "it has ended by exploiting what is internally, which is a watchmaker with many disappointed and frustrated persons of the direction."

This group has been denouncing that, if nothing changes, the party will continue in "decomposition" and that they show it, among other elements, the fall "in chopped" in the number of sympathizers and party affiliates since more than a year, some Low figures that from the direction say "ignore" when the information is claimed from the media. "Anyway, citizens have never been a mass party," claim sources of management.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2021, 04:08

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