Infantas Elena and Cristina: single at 50 and with no win of redo his lives

Who was going to say 25 years ago when we had been posted happily to the infantas (at last, because marrying the children of Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia was

Infantas Elena and Cristina: single at 50 and with no win of redo his lives

Who was going to say 25 years ago when we had been posted happily to the infantas (at last, because marrying the children of Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia was a matter of national interest that has already lasted too long), than in the new Millennium were going to be again single. To his regret today they are no longer the great match, because they are no longer part of the royal family, however, it is two attractive women in the fiftieth that, if they do not reade their lives after their separations is, possibly, Because they do not want. Normal that after all what happened, they prefer to wear saints to undress future errors.

In the case of Infanta Cristina is because it is not yet prepared. She palpates on the cover of Hello! This week. She appears with sad gesture, close-up glasses and black mask dragging a trolleyby the airport to Abu Dhabi to see Dad. With the married alliance still bright in the annular.

It has been little time of the last infidelity of her husband, this time with light and stenographers. A betrayal that she seems willing again to forgive, if she was already able to support him during his stay in prison and stop talking to her family for following her side ... everything is possible. Although the natural is that this "interruption in the matrimonial relationship" is definitive.

There are many who encourage infanta to redo their lives and not stay in Switzerland licking the wounds. Whoever had retained and must remember the sentimental past of it full of great conquests.

Cristina de Borbón, the first member of the Spanish Royal House with a university degree (he made policies in the complutense), had great boyfriends before Urdangarin who would surely not have given him so many dislikes.

One of them was Fernando León, Canarian regatist blond, body and with blue eyes that presented him the then boyfriend, today, his cousin Alexia, Carlos Morales shortly before Barcelona'92. With Alexia he caught her time during the Olympic Games. Both were related to the beautiful people of Ciudad Condal and alternated in various circles that blew up romance rumors from the infanta with several males, from Cayetano Martínez de Irujo to Juanjo Puigcorbé, passing through the also regatist José Luis Doreste.

With whom he came out, he went with Álvaro Bultó (deceased later in a sports accident, in 2013), they were together three years with the approval of both families, but in the end they broke. She was also related to the current King Felipe of Belgium and with Jesús Rollán, Waterpolist who introduced Urdangarin and who died tragically in 2007 when he was rushing through a window in full rehabilitation treatment.

With respect to the infanta Elena, he has been divorced from Jaime de Marichalar for 12 years and since then he has not been known another formal relationship (neither did it, on the other hand), no matter how much they have linked to his coach, Felipe Zuleta; The head of him in Mapfre, Fernando Garrido; the Rider Alfredo Fernández-Durán; the skiing monitor of Froilán, Carlos Ruiz de Velasco, including the secretary of him, Carlos García-Revenga.

The reality is that before forming a family with one of the children of Ripalda's Life Countess, we had known him a single great love, the Rider Luis Astolfi, with which he left two years in the 80s but with the That never got married. She then lies, when she went to live in Paris, with Jorge de Habsburg and the Archduke Martín de Austria-East. But that were only rumors, perhaps shoulders (and men) where he cry after her break with Astolfi.

Today, the infanta is alone and happy, but candidates for her and her sister do not miss. At the moment we propose a few presents on our list of this year: Plant it, ladies.

The Duke of Alba, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, is very only in the Palace of Liria. Ioannes Osorio and Bertran de Lis, Duke of Alburquerque, has just separated from white saves. Luis Gasset, director of Ansorena, moves with aristocrats after breaking with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and is a very small companion. Alfonso ten has great conversation and Bertin Osborne is very monarchically. Rafael del Pino has many possible, like Florentino Pérez, do not be lost sight of them. Neither Fermín Bohórquez, great livestock. Nor to Cristóbal Martínez-Bordiú, already separated from Jose Toledo.

We continue: Isak Andik, owner of mango, passionate about the nautical and billionaire. José Bono, affable and polite. Luis Miguel Rodríguez, El Chatrero, who conquers all for some reason. The Bodecuero José Moro. The rich entrepreneurs Javier Hidalgo or Jaime Wakonigg. They are younger, but the hotels Chiqui Calleja and Fernando Nicolás are ideal to go out to drink something .., And why not a revival with Astolfi, who is separated? Do not stop leaving names: The Macizos Carlos I followed and Juan Melgarejo, Santiago Cañizares, Joaquín Prat, the mayor of Madrid! ...

Date Of Update: 11 February 2022, 21:43

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