Interior translates to another seven eTars, six of them will go to Basque prisons about to be managed by the PNV

The General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has reactivated the approaches of ETA prisoners on Tuesday by transferring, after a month without advertise

Interior translates to another seven eTars, six of them will go to Basque prisons about to be managed by the PNV

The General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has reactivated the approaches of ETA prisoners on Tuesday by transferring, after a month without advertisements in this area of penitentiary policy, seven convicted of terrorism, six of them direct to prisons of the Basque Country. With these, there are already 66 the eTars that have gone to Basque prisons by decision of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. The resumption of the transfers occurs when only a month is missing for the Basque Government to assume the control of prisons and the same day in which the creation of a new public entity called Aukerak (opportunities, in Basque) that will manage The labor activity of inmates within prisons and during their process is reinserted.

Since last July 1, no prisoner is left south of the prisons in Madrid due to a translation policy applied by the Ministry of the Interior, with the rejection of some collectives of victims, including the majority Association of Victims of the Terrorism (AVT), which complains about the lack of collaboration with justice and relates these announcements with the pact of "Prisoners for Budgets" between the Government and Eh Bildu.

Among the last seven transfers it consists of the Asier Rodríguez López, which leaves the Penitentiary Center of Soria by the Basauri Prison (Vizcaya). The national audience condemned him at 22 and a half years in jail for the attack with Molotov cocktails to a Patrol de la Ertzaintza in Portugalete (Vizcaya) on August 5, 2001.

From the Penitentiary Center of Zaragoza to the Basauri prison will also go also José Ángel Lerín Sánchez. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison for placement in January 2005 of a backpack-bomb at Hotel Port Denia (Alicante), whose explosion provoked five wounded and 26 years in prison for being part of ETA Urederra Command, Disarticulated in April of 2007 at full full fire. He has fulfilled 13 years of conviction of the 25 that he will have to fulfill.

Guillermo Merino Bilbao will leave the Penitentiary Center of Zaragoza to go to Bilbao. He was sentenced to 49 years in prison for belonging to Armed Band, deposit of arms, falsification documentary, two attempts of murder, robbery with violence and illegal detention.

Jon Etxeberría Oiarbide will change the penitentiary center of the bike by that of Álava. He was sentenced in 2019 to nine years in prison for a crime of weapons deposit and explosives by the ETA van intercepted in 2017 in Óbidos (Portugal). He has fulfilled three years of condemnation of the total nine to whom he was convicted.

Ibai Aguinaga Guinea, on the other hand, will leave the penitentiary center of El Bilbao prison. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison in 2012 by belonging to Armed Band, deposit of arms and explosives and documentary falsification.

Manuel Miner Villanueva will go from the Penitentiary Center of Dueñas (Palencia) Al of El Bicores (Cantabria). In 2003, the national audience condemned 97 years in prison as responsible for the murder of the agent of Erzaintza Iñaki Totorika Vega.

It was also sentenced in 2006 to 253 years in prison by the attack against Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, in which 22 people were injured by the explosion of a car bomb on May 1, 2002, and 20 years by attacking a car-pump Against a Repsol building located in the Madrid Paseo de la Castellana on the night of April 22, 2002, producing large material damage.

Finally, Iosu Ordoñez Fernández will go to Álava from its current Penitentiary Center of Topas (Salamanca). In 2007 it was condemned to 17 and a half years in prison for participating in the kidnapping on November 11, 1996 of Industrial Basco Cosme delclaux, who remained held during 232 days in the same zulo in which the entrepreneur José María Aldaya, located, located In an industrial ship in Irún (Guipúzcoa).

With the approval of these transfers, the Alava prison of Zaballa already welcomes almost thirty prisoners of the band, ten convicted are fulfilling their sorrows in their homes and another twenty is divided among Basauri prisons (Vizcaya) and Martutene ( Guipúzcoa). The Cantabrian prison of El Bicores in Santoña is also part of the usual indoor destinations to bring in prisoners from ETA as it is very close to Vizcaya and excellent road communications.

The Basque Government already prepares the control of the three Basque prisons after the transfer of the transfer by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez. The Urkullu Cabinet has today approved the creation of the Basque Social Reintegration Agency-Akkerak that in the coming months will assume the organization of labor activities carried out by prisoners. The new Public Basque entity aims to create "socio-labor integration itineraries, attending to the skills and vocation of each person, as well as the gender perspective, the integration of public policies and inclusion at the community sphere." The Councilor of Justice Beatriz Artolazabal (PNV) will be the maximum responsible for this entity as well as the management of the "Basque Penitentiary Model" that will prevail the semiliberTad in the fulfillment of all penalties.

According to the data of the Penitentiary Policy Observatory of AVT, there are currently 183 incarcerated eTars, four of them even as preventive. Throughout 2021, 9 eTarras have recovered freedom after fulfilling their sorrows, 3 enjoy probation and 6 members of the band have been released in France.

The last transfer of the institution dependent on the Ministry of the Interior was communicated on July 28, then including four approaches, including that of Iurrgi Garitagoitia Salegui -The Penitentiary Center Madrid V Al de Logroño-, condemned by murdering the businessman Ignacio Uria.

The Association Victims of Terrorism (AVT) described as "Especially offensive" that prisons spoke of Garitagoitia Salegui's commitment to attenuate the pain of victims when in February he refused to answer the questions of the prosecutor and his own AVT in the trial for The murder of Uría. She also remembered that she had pending causes with justice, "without having collaborated in any".

According to the data collected by the AVT, since arrival at the Moncloa in 2018 of Pedro Sánchez, 263 transfers that correspond to 202 eTares have been approved. The Basque Country has gone 66 convicted and Navarra 14. In total, 109 had blood crimes, which corresponds to 97 prisoners with 296 victims at 216 attacks.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 11:55

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