Investigate the possible payment of López Madrid to Commissioner Villarejo of 211,000 euros for harassing Dr. Pinto

The analysis of the Agendas of Commissioner Villarejo is opening doors to the resolution of open cases in parallel to tandem and that are instructed in other co

Investigate the possible payment of López Madrid to Commissioner Villarejo of 211,000 euros for harassing Dr. Pinto

The analysis of the Agendas of Commissioner Villarejo is opening doors to the resolution of open cases in parallel to tandem and that are instructed in other courts of Madrid. This is the case of the piece that is followed in the Court 26 of Madrid, one of the one of the Pinto case.

Now, the judge, in response to the writing presented by the defense of the dermatologist, has claimed the national audience, the court number 6, "as soon as possible, testimony of documentation related to all annotations of the agenda of José Manuel Villarejo Pérez who is related to the order made by Javier López Madrid in relation to Dr. Elisa Pinto, both of the annotations related to Javier López Madrid and with the police officers who participated in the order. All this to be necessary to solve The present previous diligences, "says the written of the judge of the Court 26 of Instruction of Madrid, Concepción Jerez, to which the world has had.

The Judge responds to the written of the lawyer Ana Blanco in which he brought literal data from the agendas, specifically on possible payments of López Madrid to Villarejo to harass Pinto and the links of both with police commands directly related to the investigations on The doctor's case.

Specifically, the lawyer provides the material obtained after reviewing the latest agendas intervened to Villarejo and figure by more than 211,000 euros the payment of the employer to the policeman. As judicial sources point, these data could endorse the suspicions of a possible crime of bribery.

At the National Hearing (in addition to the Courts 39 and 26 of Instruction of Madrid) it is also investigated in one piece the case of Dr. Pinto.

Judge García Castellón has allowed him to go to his court to the legal lawyers in the Villarejo pieces to consult these agendas. But he has not facilitated a copy of the volumes. He allows to take annotations by hand.

According to his lawyer, Ana Blanco, in these agendas there are innumerable connection messages between the entrepreneur, Villarejo and other policemen who allegedly would have participated in the case of harassment to the doctor and who suspects that they have been violated the secret of summary in favor of the Commissioner and the businessman.

According to the complaint of this part, the employer would have hired the police for 211,000 euros a year, according to Villarejo's agendas. It also incorporates messages that consists that the commissioner received 10,000 euros to the start of the work. He explains that the payments collects them in the agendas of him Villarejo and quotes Al also Commissioner Enrique García Castaño, the alleged hand of him.

"After the exam held in the Ministry of the Court of the Latest Agendas by Commissioner Villarejo, there have been sufficient indications of the recruitment of Villarejo by López Madrid with the aim of watching and spying on Elisa Pinto, with the direct intervention of the Commissioner Enrique García Castaño, which from the beginning would have intervened when there was no complaint, crowded or police or judicial research (...) requesting a price of 211,000 euros a year, 10,000 of which would have been paid in advance in September of the 2013, evidencing a possible crime of bribery ".

With these payments, as explained by the Law, López Madrid obtained the favor of police, who participated, "Villarejo and García Castaño instructions - in irregular follow-ups, surveillance, telephone listeners, manipulated complaints ... in order to. Hard, threaten and discredit the dermatologist.

The holder of the Court 39 of Madrid has already decided to impute the entrepreneur Javier López Madrid and Commissioner Villarejo in the case of aggression of dermatologist, as requested by the Fiscal Ministry. The judge considers that, in addition to going to trial for alleged crimes of harassment and threats to Dr., López Madrid must also respond to the crime of injuries, for which the Commissioner was already accused. Dr. denounced to have been a victim of an aggression with a sharp object in the presence of her son, then less than her. The judge, doing his arguments of the Prosecutor's Office, understands that Villarejo and López Madrid acted in agreement by attacking the doctor.

In the documentation provided there are multiple contacts of López Madrid with the policeman in charge of bringing the investigations of Court 26, in which the threats received by López Madrid are investigated. This police command, according to the lawyer denounces, provided reports that, later were discredited, in which he pointed to the doctor as the author of those threats and denied that any aggression had occurred.

In the documentation provided by the lawyer fruit of the study of Villarejo agendas, the close relationship between López Madrid and Commissioner Carba, even when the summaries that affected the case were under Summary's secret.

All this material has been claimed by the Court 26, which has an open a piece in which he was investigating Dr. Pinto after the allegations of Threats of López Madrid. The dermatologist has already asked the archive of this piece while considering that he has been demonstrated that Villarejo and López Madrid were orchestrated against it. The Judge of the 26 will now analyze not only the links of both but the relationships of it with the policemen who have worked with it in this summary.

In the Court of the National Hearing, Dr. has also submitted a letter claiming a series of performances on his piece after knowing the content of the Villarejo polemic agendas.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2021, 04:27

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