Irene Montero Award for Sara Saramo y Rain Criticism for Isco

Perpendicular lives, rather than parallel, those of marriage formed by Isco Alarcón (29) and Sara Sálamo (29). He has been dragging for years the worst moment

Irene Montero Award for Sara Saramo y Rain Criticism for Isco

Perpendicular lives, rather than parallel, those of marriage formed by Isco Alarcón (29) and Sara Sálamo (29). He has been dragging for years the worst moment of his race, but now he is again criticized by a supposed ruling during the warming in the band of the Cármenes, in the Real Madrid party against Granada. She, on the other hand, lives a sweet professional and vital moment: this week she has rewarded the Ministry of Equality of Irene Montero for her fight against gender violence and Friday she premiered her new film, the shelter.

Let's start at the worst part of the comparison. Isco does not raise a head since in 2018 he would fight with Solari, by a rosary of reprehensible behaviors that ended him by costing a disciplinary file. "You can not even get on the scale," Argentine coach shouted on footballer on an occasion, according to white mentiders. The state's form had already lowered and the oscillating weight of him, the problem he continues to carry, began to be more than a let him go. The market value of him began to fall since then in chopped, to the point that Real Madrid has not encountered accommodation away from Bernabéu.

Last Sunday, in the chamenes, stage of Granada, his delaose and lack of commitment returned to evidence and at the target of media focus: Ancelotti decided to give out Jovic and Camavinga before the Malaga that, with the twisted gesture , I had to continue heating up in the band. Ancelotti quickly turned off Isco's rebellion conato, which looked like he refused to continue stretching: he pulled out the field and solved the problem. This week, at a press conference, the technician wanted to remove iron to the matter and said that the player had not refused to continue heating at any time.

But despite the ancelotti firefighter, it is evident that Isco has long been a problem for the white club. Fonts close to Real Madrid's wardrobe give a fact that the footballer will come out "yes or yes" in June 2022, when he finishes his contract. The club is looking forward to freezing from the salary of Malagueño (seven million euros per year) to lower the salary mass. The problem is where Isoce will go after the particular crucise of it in Real Madrid during the last three years. The sources consulted by LOC say it is an unknown. The state of form (and physical) that has the next summer will be the key to determine the relocation of it.

On the contrary, Sara Sálamo shines with its own light. The Ministry of Equality has recognized this week the work of the actress in the fight against gender violence with a prize, in the category of culture. Canaria, practically unable to contain tears, thanked the prize in the institutional act: "That she serves as a loudspeaker who are no longer," she said in her speech.

Irene Montero rewards one of the most powerful tuterial activists of Spanish feminism. Of those that do not leave a puddle without stepping. "I just want to scream that there is more respect for women, for minorities and animals, I do not stop thinking about what repercussion is going to have that, because I am defending things that should not be debatable," he said last year in a Interview for the back cover of the world. Indisputable, or not, as the last controversy she has starred in social networks. The actress questioned the Movember campaign, aimed at visibilizing and raising funds for male diseases such as prostate cancer or testicles. "I thought we had been worried for centuries mostly for male health, this is a joke of bad taste!" She said on Instagram. A few words that she had to nurse days later and explain that what she wanted to report was the androcerism of medical and scientific research.

The actress, who has not been able to attend Loc claiming agenda problems, has repeatedly denounced that the networking activism has also caused him suffering. Like last May, when in an interview at the Huffington Post denounced threats of death to her and her family. "Selfies sent me with weapons and saying 'we're going to kill you," she declared. Many of those insults from her come from those who, without target foundation, accuse her of being the guilty of the bad moment of her couple. "Isco's only Hat Trick has been with me," he recalled Sálamo to those who accuse her of being the Yoko Ono Soccer.

Updated Date: 27 November 2021, 10:12

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