Irene Montero places on equal as advisors to a convicted and two imputed pending trial pending

Irene Montero has placed as new advisors in the Ministry of Equality to Isa Serra, Carlos Sánchez Mato and Celia Mayer, all of them leaders or related charges t

Irene Montero places on equal as advisors to a convicted and two imputed pending trial pending

Irene Montero has placed as new advisors in the Ministry of Equality to Isa Serra, Carlos Sánchez Mato and Celia Mayer, all of them leaders or related charges to we can united who lost their minutes in the Assembly of Madrid or the City Council in recent times of Madrid for its various problems with justice. SERRA, which is currently a national leader and coPortavoz of we can not picked up its Act as Deputy Madrid after the last elections, was condemned in a firm sentence of the Supreme Court at 19 months in prison and disqualification For the aggression to policemen during a protest by an eviction. For his part, Mato and Mayer are investigated by a presumed crime of embezzlement and prevarication in the so-called Sennis Open case, when they commissioned and without a public contest to two law firms To analyze the signed agreement between the Consistory and the Organizing Company of the Masters of Madrid. They were paid by dividing the payments to evade the controls of the City Council. Both are aware of the trial celebration.

The circumstance is given, in addition, that Sánchez Mato and Mayer had strong clashes with Manuela Carmena when she was mayor and they councilors from his team at the Madrid City Council. That derived in a break that ended with Sánchez Mato planting face to Carmena in the municipal elections of 2019 leading another electoral candidacy that, with an anticarmenist speech, touched the options of the former mayor to be reelected.Ahora Serra, Mato and Meyer are recovered. For institutional policy by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, within a restructuring of advisors and positions in the department that has been triggered by the March of the Secretary of State of Equality, Noelia Vera, and the promotion to that position of Angela Rodríguez 'Pam'.Fuents of the Ministry of Equality have confirmed their signings and have justified that it is a reinforcement of the team for the second stage of the legislature under its "political profiles with institutional, management and municipalist experience". These sources add that "with the incorporations [of all of them] also reinforces the confederal ties for this new stage in which the common objective of the space of change is to build a wide front [with Yolanda Diaz in front of] with a look at the International alliances needed to expand shared struggles. "

The Ministry of Equality has explained that Serra, Montero's partner in the Executive of We can, will be responsible for "reinforcing international feminist alliances and placing Spain at the spearhead of the rights of women and the LGTBI collective." Likewise, "it will be responsible for maintaining direct contact between the Ministry of Equality, civil society and feminist movement." The sources consulted from Serra that his career as a social activist is fundamental to favoring "contact" between the demands of the collectives as the apparatus of the Ministry of Equality. In terms of Sánchez Mato, very close to Alberto Garzón and who was a hacienda councilman at the Manuela Carmena stage at the Madrid City Council, a record as "Economic Advisor". "Will be responsible for the monitoring of measures related to labor rights and care with a gender approach, such as the increase in permits or universal benefit for child care," explain.Asimism, equality justifies the incorporation of this outstanding member of Left united in which it helps "continue building that necessary broad front" by Yolanda Díaz.celia Mayer will be from now on Chief of Cabinet of the Equality State Secretariat, that is, the right hand of Angela Rodríguez 'Pam'. "Its incorporation will reinforce the management of the great legislative package that has ahead of the Ministry of Equality: Trans and Rights Law LGTBI, reform of Law 2/2010 of Reproductive Rights, Plan, European Funds and the National Strategy against Machist Violence "They explain sources of equality. These sheets are added to the recent appointment of Rodríguez 'Pam' as Secretariat of State of Equality and against Gender Violence. With a trajectory dilated and experienced on topics, in addition to academic training, it assumes this responsibility after being a fundamental piece in the momentum of the so-called "only yes it is yes" and the Law is also consolidated María Naredo as part of the ministry's gear. She joins the Cabinet of the Secretariat of State in the Legal Section. He is a jurist specializing in gender and human rights and has participated in international research missions and on the evaluation of projects related to violence against women, in addition to having collaborated in the drafting of laws in Navarra or in the impulse of public policies in the City of Madrid.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 01:14

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