Isabel II, the black chronicle of her II Annus Horribilis

Knowing what really happens to Queen Isabel is a challenge. It has never been easy to know what you think, what does the most longeva monarch is or how is the

Isabel II, the black chronicle of her II Annus Horribilis

Knowing what really happens to Queen Isabel is a challenge. It has never been easy to know what you think, what does the most longeva monarch is or how is the habitual transparency of Buckingham's palace, you have to add the concern about your health status and for the future of the institution. Politics Apart from her and, despite her 95 years old, surely her last two years have been the toughest for her personally. The death of the love of his life, the pandemic, the megxit and the linking of his favorite son with one of the most sounded scandals of the last decade are, perhaps, too even for a woman used to maximum scrutiny so much in his work and in Your private life.

And it has always been so, surely without pretending it, the queen was one of the pioneer influencers of the world of television. The first time she opened her house to television cameras, for example, the documentary that came out of the visit was followed by more than 30 million people alone in the United Kingdom. It was June 1969 and the man still had not stepped on the moon and legend, perhaps more than reality, says that the British were so hooked to what they saw that the entire country went to the bathroom during advertising and there were problems in supply of water.

In any case, by then she was already used to that the whole world followed each and every one of her movements, because she was from the first regents to have to live with the media world. And she, despite it, she did what she wins. In love from the 13 years of Philip de Greece and Denmark, who took him five, Isabel did not care that in the family and in a large part of society, his relationship with a young man had had very good links Close with the Nazis.

The relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh, with which he married in 1947 in the Abbey of Westminster, was especially complicated during the first years of marriage as he, who is attributed more from an extra-elyugal affair, did not completely have it . A few days before the wedding, Felipe went to spend a few days to Cornwall with the novelist Daphne Du Maurier, with which he was supposed to have an "emotionally intimate" but not sexual relationship. Although he, supposedly, as always, in these cases, wanted to stay with her, the writer recommended that he fulfilling the obligation to marry Isabel.

It was not the only one, however, with which he speculates that he had something more than a beautiful friendship. Hélène Cordet, owner of a cabaret, childhood friend and mother of one of her godhose, and Pat Kirkwood, a musical star with legs that were "the eighth wonder of the world", according to the chroniclers of the time, are others Names that were appearing over the years. The informative blackout, and the rumors that have always circulated, suggest that maybe they were not the only ones.

Even so, knowing how important it was for the institution to operate marriage, Felipe and Isabel always remained together, a commitment that were not able to transmit to their children. In Buckingham, 1992 will always be remembered as the year of the failure of love in the Windsor family, because it was when three of the four children decided to divorce or separate from their partners.

With whom he had, and he has, Queen Elizabeth is with Sarah Ferguson who, in some way, continues closely linked to Prince Andrés. The British Socialité came to say that for her the monarch has been "more mother" than her "her own mother" and that is noted that she is allowed to continue using properties of the crown. Of course, it also has to see the fact that Prince Andrés is his favorite son, because more leg betrayes have been allowed than anyone else is still defending him with nails and teeth despite his ties with Jeffrey Epstein, Former friend of the Duke of York and one of the most controversial men of recent times for their systematic abuses of minors.

The Queen also had to endure that year that the divorce of his daughter Ana reminded everyone the infidelities that she had had to endure. Although at first, only the inks were uploaded against the Ana princess by the extramarital adventures of her, finally it was also showed that her husband of her, Captain Mark Phillips, had had an illegitimate daughter fruit of an adventure with a New Zealand Art Professor. The scandal hurt so much in the royal house that today is still one of the writes and father and daughter continue to cross a single word.

However, the separation that has brought the institution more and the monarch has been the one of the divorce between Prince Carlos and Lady Di. For the first time since he arrived at the throne, Queen Isabel had to deal with a media phenomenon that could get to overshadow it even. Already during the years when the couple remained united, it was criticized the royal family among other things for not giving him enough support with her eating disorders. In addition, Sonado Tampon Gate, as was called Infidelity Case of Prince Charles with Camilla Parker-Bowles, put public opinion even more from her even though she had also been unfaithful.

The death of Lady Di in a traffic accident while being harassed by the media marked, in addition, a before and after. To the queen, which had already been forgiven before becoming tragic events in which he had to be present, he was criticized harshly for his scarce public implication at a funeral that saw 2,500 million people on television, but also by Stay in Balmoral and not appear publicly to give your condolences up to five days after the death.

The reunion with the public, in this sense, would not occur up to five years later, when, with the death of his sister and his mother in 2002, he broke again with that cold and dehumanized image that has been transmitted from her . The problem for the queen is that you have always brought her favorite family leadership, and if her husband gave her infidelities and his son Andrés a divorce and his link with the Epstein case, his grandson Harry, his favorite, brought him the Megxit get married with Meghan Markle and disappear from the royal family.

A scandal, the most sounded since Diana's interview on the BBC, who has not allowed him to even live in a relative media peace The death of the Duke of Edinburgh at the beginning of the year. That is why it is not surprising that now, with health every day more delicate for its 95-year-old, the Buckingham Palace has decided to close doors, rows and windows to protect, even at this time, the privacy of a person to whom They gave him a crown and removed intimacy.

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