Israel says goodbye to Merkel: Thank you, Angela

In its last and seventh visit as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has reiterated its support for Israel in a day centered in the past (with a tribute to th

Israel says goodbye to Merkel: Thank you, Angela

In its last and seventh visit as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has reiterated its support for Israel in a day centered in the past (with a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust at the Yad Vashem Museum), the present (a meeting with the Israeli government summoned in its honor) and the future (at the meeting with High Tech entrepreneurs). The agenda of the "true friend of Israel", in the words of several local leaders, combines meetings on bilateral relations, the Iranian nuclear project and the Isralopalesteri conflict with acts as the reception of the Doctorate Honoris cause of the prestigious Technion Institute in Haifa.

"Israel's safety will always be a matter of central importance for any German government," said Merkel, convinced that his successor will continue to promote close alliance. "The Leadership of Merkel raided Germany's continued commitment to Israel's safety", He affirmed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Jerusalem.

Both the German entourage and the hosts in Jerusalem highlighted that it is not a hollow farewell visit but of work. And Bennett's work has been, for example, launching an international community to flee the Iranian nuclear project, warning that it is at its most advanced phase. "For us a nuclear Iran is not a strategic problem but an existential issue, our responsibility is to make sure with facts and non-discourses that Iran will ever have nuclear weapons," he said.

"It is necessary to do everything possible to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons," Merkel said, which coincides that it is an urgent issue but, unlike Israel, supports the nuclear agreement with Tehran. "It is not ideal and the situation is difficult, but without the agreement it will be even more. The US said it is willing, but Iran does not make samples of wanting and continues to enrich uranium," said the chancellor at the press conference in which he defended The solution of two states in the Israelopalesteri conflict. Asked about it, Bennett answered: "The Palestinians are our neighbors, they do not go anywhere and we do not either. But the meaning of a Palestinian state is that a very high probability would create a state of terror about seven minutes from My house and almost any point of Israel. "

"The relationship between Germany and Israel was strong, but under its mandate it became a stronger pen that ever. Thank you, Angela," Bennett told the German who presided over the executive heterogeneous meeting. "I think one of the reasons why we understand ourselves is that the government has more women (nine ministers) than ever," added the Israeli.

Before the rotation coalition led by Bennett and the Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid, formed by eight parties that include right-wing, centrist, leftist and one Arab, Merkel ironized: "Compared with your government, the coalition of government in Germany seems a very simple".

Merkel has affirmed that it would be an error that the only base of bilateral relations is the memory of the Shoah, but there is no doubt that the tragic past of the Jews in European lands under Nazi rule grants a special dimension.

One of his advisors recently confessed that one of the most emotional moments of his 16 years in power was his visit to Yad Vashem. To this center in Jerusalem, reminiscent of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators, has returned this Sunday for sixth time to place the floral offering in the silent memory room, sign in the book of visits and attend A new exposure of photos carried out in the period of the Holocaust by Jews persecuted, for its Nazi executioners and by the allies in the release of the extermination camps. Merkel also met with the Survivor of the Shoah Henry Foner, as she asked in advance, she was alone for 15 minutes at a moment of recollection in the center that recalls the crimes of Nazi Germany. "The crimes against the Jewish people documented here are a reminder of the responsibility we have the Germans and a warning," she sentenced.

Before, Merkel had lunch with Israel's president, Isaac Herzog, who makes scarce days, along with his counterparts from Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, the 80th anniversary ceremony of Babi Yar killing in the That, in just 48 hours, the Nazi soldiers murdered almost 34,000 Jews near Kiev. Herzog highlighted the fight without Merkel's concessions against growing anti-Semitism in both Germany and in the rest of Europe.

The main German and European leader in the last decade has always shown its support for Israel, especially before the Islamic Iran-Hambula-Hamas-Yihad axis, without hiding its criticism of construction in the colonies raised by Israel in the territories that occupied in The war of 67.

Despite belonging theoretically to the same conservative political family and "coexist" since 2009, the relationship between Merkel and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been cold in recent years. In fact, the chancellor does not plan to meet with the Likud leader despite the fact that he is the head of the opposition.

If we stick at the number of visits, Merkel has been the German leader closest to Israel. While Helmut Kohl, for example, traveled twice in his 16 years in power, Merkel has once done it as a minister and seven as a chancellor. In Israel they hope that the successor of it will follow the path of it, although they doubt that it does it with the same personal commitment.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 10:32

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