Italy suspends the delivery process of Puigdemont pending what European justice decides

The Sassari Court of Appeal (Sardinia) has suspended the surrender process of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, which requested the Sup

Italy suspends the delivery process of Puigdemont pending what European justice decides

The Sassari Court of Appeal (Sardinia) has suspended the surrender process of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, which requested the Supreme Court, until the General Court of the European Union resolves on the immunity requested by the Catalan leader leaked out. It is expected that the decision of the court will arrive in the coming weeks. In this way, Magistrate Sardado adopts the Prosecutor's proposal for this Court, which requested the suspension of processing pending the decisions of European justice.

In addition to the resource of Puigdemont to the General Court of the European Union on its parliamentary immunity, the Court of Justice of the European Union should clarify the preliminary question presented by the Supreme on EUROVERNES OF EXTRADITION, which not only affect Puigdemont, but also to The Clear PonSatí Eatodiputors and Toni Comín., Who are precisely today in Sardinia accompanying Puigdemont. On both, the Instructor of Procés, Pablo Llarena, has informed the Sassari Tribunal that the European orders against them are valid.

In its exhibition before Judge Sardado, Puigdemont's defense has been remembered that other States of the European Union already refused to abide by the Euroorden dictated in 2017 for the delivery of former Catalan President to the Supreme to be judged by 1-O. In the documentation contributed recall that not only Belgium and Germany have been contrary to the delivery of it, but also Switzerland, in several communications from 2017 to 2019, among others. In addition, they remember that the State Law remarked before the General Court of the European Union that the Order of Detention was suspended and that the trip to Italy is part of the Puigdemont agenda as a MEP.

Puigdemont's attorneys joined the Italian Prosecutor's request to be suspended Sine Die Date to know the decision of the Luxembourg Court.

Dozens of people, mostly representatives of the Saddy Independent Parties, demonstrated at the doors of the court. Representatives of JXCAT, ERC and the CUP, as well as a Government member, also attended, to support the former president in his passage by the Sardinian court.

At the moment, the judicial process remains in suspense while the preliminary ruling raised by the Supreme as well as the Resource of Puigdemont's defense is resolved to the General Court of the European Union. In this sense, the Sardinian Court believes that Puigdemont's immunity as EuroParliamentary remains valid and can be moved throughout the territory of the European Union.

After the judicial decision, former Catalan President and his team of legal advisers took his chest and asked Spain to: "It is enough to follow a path that does not give any positive result in a political conflict as it is that Catalonia exercises his right to self-determination ".

In an appearance on the afternoon of this Monday, Puigdemont Vaticino that "no court" of the European Union will fail against him and said that after four years he has appeared in the Belgian, German and Italian jurisdictions and "Spain has not obtained any of its Political objectives "As they are" that we can not speak ", that they can not circulate in Europe and" have no voice to make a political action towards independence. "

The former president added that the State has used "its judiciary, whose independence determines a democracy" for its "political objectives" and regretted what it considers a "persecution".

"I represent European citizens and I have all the right of the world to do it without being disturbed, the European authorities should realize the dimension of the" Catalan, added Puigdemont.

At the press conference after its intervention before the Sassari Court of Appeal, Puigdemont has warned the PP and the PSOE that the "only way" to fulfill its promises to achieve its extradition would pass by breach of the Law: "What will they do? They will kidnap, as at the time when the Spanish State was involved in the dirty war of the GAL? ".

The former President has replicated the President of the PP, Pablo Married, that this Sunday he guaranteed that his party will bring him before the Supreme Court, although for this he has to "travel to the last country in Europe".

Puigdemont has remembered that "himself" said the President of the Government in the electoral campaign, Pedro Sánchez, and has warned: "The two have made political promises that they will extradite me. I do not know how they plan to do the law, because the only two Ways they have to do it are illegal. "

One way, has said, would be "intervene as politicians in decisions that belong to the judiciary," which would be "ugly", and the other would be "more dangerous" because it would imply back to time when "from the Spanish state it was financed The criminal war against ETA ".

"Married and Sánchez only have these two ways to fulfill their electoral promise, and the two leave them out of the EU," has alerted Puigdemont, who has denounced that "PP and PSOE share the same commitment."

The lawyer of former Catalan President, Gonzalo Boye, said that the resolution of the Italian Tribunal "Technical, Bachelor and without political intentionality" expresses the willingness that the European Courts should make a prior decision on Puigdemont's immunity and the question referred for Delivery to the Supreme before the jurisdiction of each Member State of the EU enters assess it.

That is why he indicated that "the legal strategy is correct". In addition, he regretted that Vox tried to hear in sight in Sardinia but the prosecutor opposed himself and the court rejected it for lack of legitimacy.

Date Of Update: 04 October 2021, 16:56

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