Ivan Round wants to write his memories in the government and contemplates go to America

Round Ivan likes to invoke from time to time a round phrase of Cosme de Medici, Pater Patriae of Renaissance Florence: & amp; Quot; We learned that we should fo

Ivan Round wants to write his memories in the government and contemplates go to America
Round Ivan likes to invoke from time to time a round phrase of Cosme de Medici, Pater Patriae of Renaissance Florence: & amp; Quot; We learned that we should forgive our enemies, but we never told us that we had to forgive our friends & amp; quot . In the shadow of the Medici emerged, of course, the figure of Machiavelli, Prince of the Finezza Fiorentina and recurring mirror of the Spin Doctors that, as Round, would be thrown by a ravine by your client if necessary. He has not needed, because that affiliated political sentence points him this time directly to him, now that Pedro Sánchez has decided to dispense with the Almighty header adviser and campaign designer of him. The last, La de Madrid, failed as the assault on the region of Murcia, which also drags José Luis Ábalos. Round says he leaves his own will, placing himself as a great sacrificial offering of Sánchez to the PSOE. & amp; quot; sometimes, in politics, in the company as in life, in addition to knowing how to win and know how to lose, you have to do something much more important: knowing stop & amp; quot; wrote this Saturday on a farewell card that He advanced this diary, and in which he finished: & amp; quot; we will see ourselves again & amp; quot;. & amp; quot; It is a voluntary output. I ordered it in 2019 and a month and a half ago & amp; quot; adds Ivan round in statements to the world. & amp; quot; It was time to rest & amp; quot; The & amp ;os; manual & amp; apos; Round leaves the position of the Socialist Óscar López, with a completely different profile and that results from a psoe that this Saturday exhibited the totemic head of round as the symbol of a change of era. & amp; quot; breaking the rules, but pulling manual & amp; quot; "As he likes to synthesize," Sánchez's so far Avisor of Sánchez exercised an enormous influence on the socialist leader and coordinated the government's political initiative since its first Secretary of State. Born in 1981 in San Sebastián, Round always wanted to be a Cabinet Director as Leo McGarry on the west wing of the White House. & amp; quot; acts with faith, Pedro, and faith will be granted & AMP; Quot; He told the socialist leader already in 2016, paraphrasing the character created by Aaron Sorkin. In May 2017 he wrote that & amp; quot; Sánchez can be president & amp; quot; And a year later he piloted the strategy of the motion of censorship that knocked Mariano Rajoy. He checked right away to rule it looks more like house of cards and tattoo the maxim of Frank Underwood: & amp; quot; power is location, location and location & amp; quot;. 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But that portfolio will be taken now Felix Bolaños, a strong man from the party in the Moncloa and who has been practicing, under the shadow of him, a more orthodox style than the round. The truth is that, beyond cathodic fiction, never a cabinet director had accumulated in Spain so much power and influence as he. In the environment he joked calling him & amp; quot; the zero vice president & amp; quot; It was the first government filter, the lock for any issue that was perceived downstream of the president. With the march of him, Sánchez loses the second of his great shields. After the goodbye of Pablo Iglesias, the president was more exposed to criticism, but some political arrows continued to address Round and Carmen Calvo, who considered it ideologues. Now Sánchez will concentrate the role of political vice president and strategist, so the first containment dike will be Nadia Calviño and a good part of the executive's heading will depend on the march of the economy. That is, of the European funds. Its passage through the Cabinet Director PP was also the position that I was craving round when I worked for the PP, at the time when Rajoy and Pedro Arriola succeeded by him while he was regional president to José Antonio Monago and Mayor to Xavier Albiol, against everything forecast. After Rajoy's rejection, the round idea was always to take Sánchez to the Moncloa, consolidate the client of him in power with a second term and leave. The events have been precipitated, to a large extent by the effervescence of some of the Ordges of Him, like that of the indults and the & amp; quot; appeasement & amp; quot; In Catalonia. He always said that, when he left the Moncloa, he would write his vision of the years of government, put his political advice in soaking and would go to the private sector. Or on the other side of the puddle, to that Washington that symbolizes the fascination of it by the back room of power. & amp; quot; politics is always the art of what is not seen & amp; quot; He left as an epitaph in one of him at him at Café Varela.

Date Of Update: 11 July 2021, 06:49

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