Jane Birkin: With Serge Gainsbourg we were drunk and somniferous day all day

It is practically impossible to find a recent photo of Jane Birkin (74) where you do not appear smiling. Do the test on the Internet: always with the narrowed

Jane Birkin: With Serge Gainsbourg we were drunk and somniferous day all day

It is practically impossible to find a recent photo of Jane Birkin (74) where you do not appear smiling. Do the test on the Internet: always with the narrowed eyes and the corners of the lips pointing up. You might think that it is the answer, the act reflected before life, which has smiled first: model, actress and singer beautiful that was with two geniuses of 20th century music (John Barry and Serge Gainsbourg), who had daughters with Each one (more with the filmmaker Jacques Doillon) and who has not resigned himself to the role of muse to bring his own career at the cinema and the scenarios. But no: Jane smiles and maintains her faith in humanity despite life, of what she has lived.

It is one of the ideas that is extracted from the documentary 'Jane Par Charlotte', which was screened this Saturday at the San Sebastián Film Festival within the 'Pearls' section (already passed through Cannes) and who has realized Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Daughter Birkin had with Serge.

In an intimate tone, daughter and mother walk some chapters of the peripplo of this and reflect on life, so in general, and its great issues. For example, the passage of time and what it supposes in a woman who embodied the beauty at the 'swinging london' of the 60s and at the Libertine Paris of the 70s. "In a moment, you do not recognize yourself in the mirror", Birkin says at a film scene. "Only when you touch the skin, but not on your reflection, so you remove the mirrors, you stop thinking about it, you write, you dedicate yourself to other things, you try to make people laugh ... your voice does not change, what What is great, because you can continue singing. But from the moment the visual leaves, it is better to take off your glasses so that everything is blurred and no matter. "

Charlotte also takes advantage to show a family intimacy between both that was not always there, as they confess. "You were much more mysterious for me," he compared Jane to her median daughter with the two sisters of her. "More an unknown territory, your answers always surprised me, you were reclining, I did not have any clue to guide myself."

Birkin has words for his couples, even if they do not go equally well stopped. The worst, John Barry, music author of the first James Bond (including that 'You Only Live Twice' who sang Nancy Sinatra) and the soundtracks of 'Memories of Africa' or 'dancing with wolves', among other films. She met him when she was 17 years old, with 20 already had a daughter (Kate) and the 21 she had already divorced him. "My parents accepted the separation and were a great support for me, they knew that John Barry had been married to two other women before, who already had two children, who was a recognized womanizer and who had a very seductive personality but at the same time Very selfish. My father was the one who told me that he had gone to Rome and that he had not done it alone. "

By contrast, the best was Gainsbourg, whose relationship summarizes as follows: "12 very, very happy". He adopted Kate as his daughter and formed with Jane a couple in which the sentimental mixed with the artistic. Proof of this is the interpretation of it together from her orgasmic 'je t'aime ... Moi Non Plus', remembered by her puges in front of her.

So and everything, with Gainsbourg the thing walked twisted. It seems that the substances had something to do. "I think I went crazy to John Barry, because I could not sleep, because he wanted me to be told pretty things, because he wanted me to appease," he confesses his daughter at another film scene. "And with Serge we were so drunken all day, we drank to the water from the vases and we took so many pills to sleep ... he was crazy, really."

"With Jacques [Doillon] I left alcohol completely, but not the somnifers. I remember Jacques very annoying because the darkness was terrified," he says at another time about which his last husband was. Which serves him to remember a curious aspect: "I was never able to sleep naked, I need to be covered up to the neck, is that I am afraid of stabbing at night. Serge seemed hilarious: I was naked all day, I was naked all day, But at night I became a package. "

Although briefly, Jane also pulls up his health problems. In 2002 she was diagnosed with leukemia, although she says she feels "fortunate" by the kind of ailment she has touched her. "I have not had any painful disease," Jane proclaimed, that last day she suffered a stroke from which she recovers well, as Charlotte said. "Some people have cancers that cause them to have a suffering, but mine is not. I fainted and I had to get fast to the hospital to make me transfusions, but it was not painful," explains Birkin in the film.

More heartbreaking was Kate's death in 2013. Fashion photographer, had problems with drugs since her youth, until she passed away after rushing from her apartment in Paris. It is not yet known with certainty if it was a suicide or an accident.

"We always show it with the first child. Personally, the first reactions have a huge influence on them, not children, but of adolescents," Birkin opens at a given moment.

And it does not stay there. Going to his most concrete experience, he recalls: "Sometimes, when I have nothing to do or anyone will come to see me, I stay in bed until three o'clock in the afternoon. Before Kate, I did not think I would end up Going to me. But after that, I was looking at the roof of my bedroom for two years. Without doing absolutely nothing. " Even so, he does not seem "demoralizing", for he considers "that many people happen to him as they become old."

What does not let him sleep is something else: "The fault lasted for years and years. The doubts, the questions ... I think I'm always tormented by the feeling of guilt. And I still ask me often if it was my fault."

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 05:00

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