Javier Milei: Liberal Rocker Flip against Queen Kirchner

In the era of the algorithms of the fast and aggressive impact, of the short and forceful phrase, Argentine politics discovered a man born for that world: Javie

Javier Milei: Liberal Rocker Flip against Queen Kirchner

In the era of the algorithms of the fast and aggressive impact, of the short and forceful phrase, Argentine politics discovered a man born for that world: Javier Milei.

They do not ask him subtlety. The repertoire of it includes the brief and effector "Tiemblen, left-handed", a vaguely biblical "did not come to guide lambs, I came to wake up lions" and the very direct "live freedom, shit".

Just as it can not be denied capacity for the Show to Milei, you can not ignore your sense of opportunity and your perseverance. For years she brought television settings with such a frontal style as extravagant. It was the times when the youth sympathized mostly with the Kirchnerism, years in which she looked at him like a weirdo. And she is still partly like that, because Milei is a rompedor and heterodox character, author of phrases that impact many and indignant to many.

It is undeniable that it is in the right place and momentum: EN 2021 Liberalism is again "cool" and to attract a good number of young people in Argentina, as had happened at the end of the 80s.

The primary elections of September 12 saw Milei increasing to the third place in the city of Buenos Aires, with 13.6% of the votes for his very young party, freedom progresses. Looking for the parliamentaries on November 14, she aspires to more: Relegate to third place to Kirchnerism, who passes her worst hours in the midst of a serious confrontation between President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

The messy hair, its cold blue eyes, its passionate apparitions on television or in Porteño streets, its leather sucks, its goalkeeper past club Chacarita, her flirting with rock ... at her 50 years old, Milei is surfing a Wave that few imagined him perched when he was only a somewhat peculiar economist who made money working for large banks, he gave macroeconomics classes and vocifiere in the media.

Like that good goalkeeper who was, clears himself when asked for his admiration for former US president Donald Trump and the Head of State of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. He exchange praise frequently with Eduardo Bolsonaro, deputy and son of the president, has a good relationship with Santiago Abascal and Vox and admire what isabel Díaz Ayuso.

"The common line is the fight against communism, against socialism," Milei said during a recent interview with CNN in Spanish. "Socialism is a machine to generate poverty, socialism, in its pure version, when it was applied, was an economic failure, in social and culturally. Therefore, all those who are willing to give fight Against socialism, I'm going to be on that same side. Then, obviously there are different nuances. "

More than nuances, sudden jumps. "With the same gestural naturalness, tone and impábated face, it can refer to the passion of it by the Austrian School, the release of drugs or tantric sex," Rodrigo Lligo summed up in the magazine. News.

"Build an explosive combo of rating and clicks for a heighted hediery industry, but it is not just a media controversial that renders in a camera, it is also a denialist of climate change, which qualifies as' a lie of socialism," adds Lloret, that He thinks to underestimate Milei "can be delicate."

Milei is presented as an anarchicapitalist, sees the state as "the maximum enemy, the maximum aggressor" and believes that "it should only be in charge of security and justice".

"Argentine democracy has today all the problems of the Republic who degenerates, we have a president with a tyrant, a congress that is the aristocracy and can lead in the oligarchy. In fact it is, it takes law against the people. "He argues. "They say they rule for the poor, but they multiply them greatly." That speech permeates in a discreasing society that has been living in an impossible economy for decades, of constant inflation and devaluation.

And those who framed Milei as a phenomenon of Elites, a "Loquito for those of Recoleta, Palermo and Northern Quarter", the rich areas of the Argentine capital, were found that part of the best results of the economist arrived in the neighborhoods poorer from the south. And, in a district of Chabolas like Villa 31, residents approach television cameras and explain why they voted and vote for him. Milei feels comfortable there, as a son of a bus driver and a housewife. "I did below," he usually said. While he remembers his parents to talk about the beginning of him, on television he confessed that he has no relationship with them.

Milei is not very given to talk about your personal life. In 2019 he broke with the couple of him, the singer and model Daniela Mori. As she said later, the relationship was over because they were always very busy. Without children and without a well-known girlfriend, he dedicates himself 100% to politics.

In Argentina it is defined as an ultraliberal, because it carries economic liberalism to the extreme. In the political, on the other hand, he is a libertarian with traces of right-wing conservative. But he is not, he says, "an antistam", because he wants to reach Congress to change the system from within. He promises "to end the political caste". Making politics, of course.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 04:10