Javier Peña: The Felix Rodríguez from the source of the 'Millennial'

This is the story of a young man who was a father and peeked the future with his son's eyes, and with the advantage of the new technologies that until then had

Javier Peña: The Felix Rodríguez from the source of the 'Millennial'

This is the story of a young man who was a father and peeked the future with his son's eyes, and with the advantage of the new technologies that until then had been allowed to make a living as so many: making videos and websites for others, moving Stories in networks without more. As a child he became a Greenpeace partner, yes, and the birds always threw him, and he fleased with the DVDs of Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente. But he never thought to devote himself professionally to that, until the first child of him was born in 2018 and felt at the same time the impact of the IPCC report: we have 12 years to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The young man has already fulfilled at 35, has a second son and has radically changed his life in three years. From Alpedrete, armed with a mobile and with "zero resources", Javier Peña has possibly become the greatest "influencer" of the world's climate with his Hope viral videos. Stayed by planet, who have overcome the 500 million breeders on social networks.

From the fires in Greece last summer for the purposes of extreme weather in Texas, of the impact of trawling fishing to the importance of a healthy nature, of the dramatic changes registered by Google Earth on the planet's surface to the seven solutions " absurdly easy "that would serve to reduce one third of emissions.

Javier Peña has the virtue of connecting with his pressing look and his direct messages, supported by images that say it all, transmitting the urgency of the moment and allowing at the same time a ray of hope, as an antidote against defeatism, "which is The new form of denialism ".

"Is it so difficult?" He asks Javier before the cameras, with that ease to communicate what he even seemed "incommunicable" and who has earned her the name of the "Felix of the Millenials": "I overwhelmed me and I get excited that Say that ... talk about Felix are larger words. He has been a fundamental teacher for me, who helped me to know and love the nature of my country since childhood. As a divuliner, if it got throughout my life to have a 10 % The impact that Felix had over millions of people, I could die more than calm. "

The year we have just around the corner could mark the jump to the stratosphere of Javier Peña with Hope! We are on time, the DocuSerie in 10 chapters with the Appers to also follow the steps of the "Incredible David Attenborough" of Jacques Cousteau or his admired Carl Sagan, who will give precisely the name to a "simulator" with which spectators can People the scenarios of the future.

"Even if it seems incredible, it had never been a series on how to solve the climate crisis so far," Javier explains his own trailer. Produced by the Gallverde productions, it will be financed by Crowfunding and is already approaching the bar of the 100,000 euros, with the goal of reaching 125,000 in the first phase that culminates on December 16.

"We are on time and it would be simply unforgivable not to do it," warns the "Hope!" Creator. "We have everything you need to avoid a catastrophe and build a better world, that's what we're going to try to demonstrate with the Docusere: How should I change the way we move, how do we eat, how we cultivate our Alimentos, we generate our energy or climatems ourhouses".

The starting point is the Drawdown project, an initiative launched by international prestige scientists with an inventory of 100 solutions. "We also have some of our best scientists on board, from Fernando Valladares to Emma Huerta del CSIC," says Javier Peña. "We are going to use spectacular lacalizations, a powerful narrative and innovative cinematographic techniques such as increased reality."

The Sagan virtual simulator will be something like the "mechanical heart" of the DocuSerie. The machine has a pipes that will be filled with liquid a pond that represents the "emissions". Below are the "sinks": that is, the appropriate measures that would reduce CO2 concentrations to a safe level.

"When I was born, in 1986, it had just overcome the level that scientists considered" safe "to maintain a stable climate, 350 particles per million (ppm) of CO2," recalls Javier Peña. "The accountant brands and at 415 ppm, we are in an emergency situation, scientists tell us that we are in" Alterta Red "and continue to applaud the decisions, as it has happened at COP26, where the message at the end has been:" Come on Seeing ... "But we can not wait, if we want an increase in temperatures not exceeding 1.5 degrees, we would have to be reducing emissions by 7.6% each year over the next decade. We are still far away."

In the DocuSerie, which will be lonounced by mid-2022 and may be seen at the end of the year, we can travel to a world with 2, 3 or 4 degrees of heating "to fully understand the problem of emissions and verify how I would improve the situation if we start the solutions ".

"We need to see a realistic and successful horizon to turn it into reality," warns Javier Peña. "If we do not stop seeing the climate crisis as a problem, invincible and inevitable, we will be unable to push the changes we need on time. Mobilization arises from hope ..."

Hope microvide (some of them, with more than 10 million reproductions) have served to refute the topics that people do not click on climate change. "That belief has been refuted by our experiment these three years, people are alarmed and have real thirst for understanding and information on the subject, I have tried to distill language for, without losing rigor, making it understandable for anyone."

What is the key to converting a climate video into a viral phenomenon? Javier Peña emphasizes the importance of the first ten seconds, with the strength of the images or with a very direct grant to: "The unbeatable is a clear, concise and powerful message, accompanied by an enveloping narrative that makes the viewer enjoy learning."

And also: "You have to find the balance between the incredibly dangerous thing that is the situation and the fact that the ball is still on our roof and that there is an exit route, which we can channel the urgency towards action. I do not get tired To repeat that this generation will go down to history as the one that allowed us to reach the point of no return, which would be a serious irresponsibility, or the one that managed to turn around the situation at the most critical moment for humanity. "

With all those ingredients, the unusual result has been so far "a transversal audience" (as Felix had), capable of knocking down the cultural and ideological barriers that until now existed on the subject, and with the ambition to convene soon to the Family at the firewood bonfire of the television: "The great public is prepared to talk about this in depth, the time has come to take the climate to Prime Time."

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 19:25

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