Jhay Cortez: We can ask for more recognition, but one can not change everything

JHAY CORTEZ (1993) is part of the new generation of Puerto Rican artists - behind Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro or Mike Towers - who chain a hit after another in th

Jhay Cortez: We can ask for more recognition, but one can not change everything

JHAY CORTEZ (1993) is part of the new generation of Puerto Rican artists - behind Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro or Mike Towers - who chain a hit after another in the lists of successes. In 2021, the music of it has been reproduced more than 2,600 million times alone in Spotify. Meanwhile, he makes balances with his personal life.

With two children and a newly initiated public relationship with former porn actress Khalifa, he says he is beginning to open to the public. This December 15 he starts his European tour with a concert at the Palace of Vistalegre de Madrid.

Question - now you have two years ago you came to Madrid to act at the Shoko nightclub. Now, you go back with European tour and Sold Out in Vistalegre. Your numbers have also grown exponentially since then. How has your life changed?

Answer - Well, I feel more responsibility, but it is more exciting. Seeing all those people who support me makes me feel that this was not in vain.

Q.- Is success as you expected?

R. I always imagined it, but it's different when it passes.

Q.- In what?

R.- Well, one imagine glamor, planes and fans in concerts, but never the work there is, the preparation of concerts, all travel ... you can not imagine all the work and is also part of the package.

Q..- In 2019, you defended that Reguellus is not such a simple genre and that, if so, everyone would. However, now your sounds, and those of many of the genre, sound more and more pop

R.- Obviously if the regure became popular, there will be more pop. We are no longer simple artists. Now, thank God, we can be super stars. There are giant artists who are on the same level as others like, what I, Americans or BTS. Latin Americans are competing in many things. But there is everything within the genre. I think the regurnt is one of the genres that has the most diversity.

Q.- Do it sound more pop has something to do with the concept of timelezz, your last album, where you said that you are looking for your music to be timeless?

R.- Yes, yes, Timlezz is my law of attraction to things. From now on I want my music to be timeless.

Q.- What part of your music would you like to last?

R.- I would like you to continue listening, that you see my videos and say: 'Wow, look at the creativity I had', as I see it in the videos of Michael Jackson. He who knows how to appreciate good music does it be old or new.

Q.- Any genre can endure over time?

R.- Yes, all. Music is music and the genres put them.

Q.- Do you feel recognized your music? The critique of J Balvin is very recent to the Latin Grammy pointing out that they did not value the regue

R.- Eh ... Well ... we have sung in the American Grammy, we have won American prizes. I believe that sometimes we are having more success in views, sales, than the Americans. What else can we ask? Yes, they recognize us a little more. Each one has different points of view and also understand Jose's point of view, but one will not be able to change everything. I make music because I love her and to listen to me on the cars when I go out. I make music for people to connect with it and to inspire other people. If I gain a prize as Glory to God. If not, for me it is enough with having my sold out or crossing other countries and that they know me.

Q.- Do you never try to leave a political or social message?

R.- It is that I take care of what I do not have much knowledge, I do not like to get involved a lot. They always expect artists to say anything to attack them and make news. So I try to stay in my thing, which is to entertain people. When you go maturing, take more age and know that I can talk about certain issues with depth and with due knowledge, of course I will do it.

Q.- There is a phrase of your song 'Bandolos' that makes me funny because you say 'my son is rich before being born.' I do not know if you've heard Shaquille O'Neal telling that she tells the children of her that the rich is him, not them

R.- Yes, yes. I understand what Shaquille says. I would also be with my children although they have everything right now. They have more than I had, but I also think that for that one works. I like to see them well and give them the things that I did not have when I was growing. But yes, I'm also going to teach them values. I'm going to teach them that they have to work, that not everything is given and that we have to thank that one is born more blessed than others.

Q.- Do you condition yourself to be a father when it comes to making music?

R.- Yes. I work for them, my engine are them, and my inspiration are them. I do everything for them. Right now I have to be traveling from here to there and it is a lot of sacrifice because I am not with them. But that is what I had to do so that they can live well and have everything I did not have. Although I'm not saying that I was a child who was missing things. My mom gave me a lot and very good education.

Q.- Since recently, you have a public relationship with Mia Khalifa and come together to travel, concerts and prizes. How has it been to change the individual fame by shared fame?

R.- It is a bit difficult because people always want to advocate the relations of public figures and it is always going to come out of control. I believe a lot in the vibes and, sometimes, when something public is done, people always want bad things to happen. It is difficult, it is difficult. I say that people go to public figures in relationships and want them to be as a telenovela. And, when it is not like that, it sometimes affects people and relationship. I try to have it as private, although it is very difficult.

Q.- Well ...

R.- I try to have it the most privately private ha ha ha ha.

Q.- You had blocked comments in your Instagram photos so that people will look at them and do not miss out. However, you have returned to enable them.

R.- Yes, one grows and things change. I always liked to take everything private and be like mysterious means. But I think people like to meet the artist, and get to know him thoroughly. So, I'm trying to know more about me like when I wanted to see my artists, what they did, how they dressed, who they talked about ... I try that they are also part of the story, not only me.

Q.- Do you enjoy your life?

R.- Yes. I go to stores that I could not go before, I can buy things that I could not buy before, I travel to places that maybe I did not travel so much before, and in places that ... Maybe it was not that I could not , I was not interested. One grows, mature, and start like different things and I am enjoying my life much more than before.

Q.- Where is your stop?

R.- I do not see it. I do not see it. This is how it is in music or stop doing it, I will always have goals, I will always have dreams and I will always have the desire to continue growing. So I really want to grow, from doing different things and to diversify me in everything I can.

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 22:35

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