Joan Carulla: The authentic pioneer of green roofs

Joan Carulla was an ecologist long before the word was coined. He was born back by 1923 in Juneda (Lérida) and at ten he had the first "intuition" of him, t

Joan Carulla: The authentic pioneer of green roofs

Joan Carulla was an ecologist long before the word was coined. He was born back by 1923 in Juneda (Lérida) and at ten he had the first "intuition" of him, thanks to the Naturismo Books of Professor Capo. The civil war made it "vegetarian by necessity and by conviction". And he also pacifist, crying "to our million dead".

From his town in the field he emigrated to Barcelona, where he medó as a small businessman with his grocery store. He was president of the Food Guild, and in his magazine was publishing his thoughts on "the rational nutrition of the future" and "the universal sense of good".

On its terraces of more than 250 square meters, it was sowing together a paradise of fruity trees, olive trees, vines, tomatoes and all kinds of vegetables. At 98 years, the authentic pioneer of green roofs continues to dedicate time to their plants and glimpse solutions for the planet with all its cumulative wisdom of urban payés. "The most important harvest for the peasant is that exchange of vibrations with the plants. .. They are so noble that they only give us positive vibrations, and they eliminate our poisons and our emissions ... to the plants you have to treat them humbly, with total gratitude. I'm not already kneeling, but with open arms. End and after, they are the ones who transform the energy of the sun, thanks to the miracle of photosynthesis. They are our food and our medicine. Reason I had hypocrates "harebas

"What they call bad herbs are plants whose qualities we have not yet discovered, you have to tear them out of the Earth asking them for forgiveness, until we know what they serve ... I do not think there is bad land ; That was saying my father, who was also a peasant, like my grandparents and great-grandparents. They were poor farmers ".Cites

"I came to the city because I did not have barely land. I opened an grocery store and I was president of the Food Guild. Let's say it did not hurt me, and I ended up having my earth in my own house and on the roof ... we had that reinforce it with double asphaltic fabric and tiles, as well as drains, so that there are no leaks. We brought the land from a nearby mountain. Everything irrigation with rainwater, with a collection system ... there is nothing like savoring what That yourself collected, ecological and healthy. I would like to pass the witness to some person or institution, so that this will not be lost. I would also make me very happy to see people cultivating and creating microclimas inside the apples of Barcelona: it is a very feasible idea ".climate

"We are playing Russian roulette with the planet, we can not continue burning fuels because burning is contaminating ... we live on an orange skin in which the juice is incandescent heavy material, changes and planetary catastrophes have been cruel and natural, But now we can cause them by irreversible chemical, physical and biological means. If the poles melt and change the axis of rotation of the Earth, we can already go by saying goodbye to us all humans. We have a battered and wonderful planet. More we can take care of it. " WAR

"I have all my life crying from pity for the million dead of our war, and by the half million that he later died by the sequelae ... The atrocities were committed for lack of brain in some, and due to lack of heart in others. We lived 14 kilometers from the Segre front, in my town more than one hundred and passed all kinds of hardship. My mother died of grief and suffering. We had the misery caught from the neck for years ".

"The war made me vegetarian by force, for necessity and for conviction. In the postwar period we only ate what the field gave us: spinach sometimes, coles if there was and above all potatoes, potatoes at all pill ... for breakfast , for food and dinner ".vegetarianism

"I was ten years old when I opened my eyes and I inspiration came from, I understood, very a child, that natural, healing and preventive food diet basically consisted of plants, vegetables and varying fruits, such as those we have in this country. .. I had already and ideas and then greater I have been strengthening in them ".Naturismo

"An aunt Mía, Teresa Rius, sent her to cure Professor Capo, an Italian naturist doctor who had installed Tibidabo's skirts and was a precursor of vegetarianism ... everything was treated as onions, Garlic, lemons and watermelon. And then he said that tobacco and alcohol were two poisons. I made myself naturist of ideas thanks to the teacher (Nicolás) Capo, it was a whole eminence in his time. "Chuleton

"What he said (Alberto) Garzón did I say a long time ago, I wish I had a phone to talk to him, man ... You have to eat very little meat. Do you know why people eat as much meat? Because it is artificially cheap. Because Feed the cattle with it comes from the wheat who grow farmers who are paid as it was paid forty years ago. We are sinking agriculture and excess meat translates into excess of diseases ... Garzón spoke very well, but he got along with The interests of capitalism. That's why Sánchez had to come with the chuletón ".Simbiosis

"I can affirm quickly and synthetic: the food of the future will have to be necessarily vegetarian ... they are our vegetable brothers who give sustenance to the animal kingdom, and there we have the bull, the elephant or the giraffe. The strongest animals and Greatest get directly the proteins of the vegetable kingdom Why not us? ". irrational

"Humans are irrational, we are going against reason and we are able to kill without need, even to torture ... animals kill because they have to eat, a cruel law of nature. But humans do not need to kill. We can live Even without killing animals "Fraternity

"Nobody talks about fraternity today, everyone has stayed in freedom and equality from the French Revolution. For me the most important thing is the fraternity, although it sounds like an anticualla ... once they invited me to give A chat of Galicia, and there I said that Spain dragged a cross, with the crown of spines of the Basque Country, thrown in the center and two nails in the hands, Galicia and Catalonia. It's time to tear us those nails, I told them, and join us as brothers "love

"Love people who are worthy of being loved. To toxic people who poison the atmosphere, better forget them, do not think about ... I had another idea: become a" generator of love ". A" generator of Love "is someone who loves others unconditionally, without expecting anything, but generating a reaction, the best thing is to avoid evil, and when you practice good, generate love and enter a feeling of happiness, inner peace. Loving, Thank you, do not have pride. Maybe that is the secret of my longevity ".Intuition

"I say that intuition is the poor relative of clairvoyance, and I have to admit that I have always been a bit intuitive, and that is why I have sometimes advanced, more than the accumulation of information, is sometimes the key From advances. And I have also had a certain sense of what I call "social anticipation", anticipate the times "economy

"Talking about economics is getting into what one would like to avoid, not understanding it or wanting to decipher ... seek the good of humanity already sounds in a far morning, because we have to talk about social justice, of the level of life. I have always spoken of the universal sense of the economy and good, and to take examples of nature, from that plant-man symbiosis is that the key to the future of humanity ... I have been a businessman a large part of my life, but with what I can not with this capitalism without insult that is sometimes practiced ".compost

"If something I am a teacher is in this recycling and composting, I take advantage of everything, except the glass and crockery. Plastic bottles use them to protect the grapes of the birds ... and under our feet, decomposing, we have Organic garbage, fruit boxes, supermarket carton, invoices and even shutters that I have not wanted to throw. Almost everything I miss it, who thank you very much ".amistad

"A great friend of which I speak whenever I can is Antonio Gallego I Calaf, a benefactor of humanity. With him he shared many concerns, from ecology to the economy, of nature to science. We took talks already in 1969 in the club Friends of Unesco. We went from the first to alert about pollution risks. With his native councils, many people recovered his health. He left his autobiography. Who gives the good example and writes with SENSATE, does not ever die ".Pandemia

"The pandemic has been like hail, it will change everything but worse. We have a very difficult task because medications, in front of a serious illness, are always bitter and cumbersome ... it could be that all this has been caused by the Faults that we commit against nature and the planet, which maybe these viruses that have more mineral than animal or vegetable take a long time in incubation and is now when they wake up to invade the world at a tremendous speed. It may be this, but I do not know".

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