Joaquín Sabina: I do not plan to go back to the scenarios until people can go without a mask and dance

In the theme version that Joaquín Sabina wrote with Enrique Urquijo: -And they gave us ten for one; Eyes of Gata, for the other - the crystals of a branch of

Joaquín Sabina: I do not plan to go back to the scenarios until people can go without a mask and dance

In the theme version that Joaquín Sabina wrote with Enrique Urquijo: -And they gave us ten for one; Eyes of Gata, for the other - the crystals of a branch of a Hispano-American Bank that opened at the bar where another summer, in a town with sea, fell in love. "I know I did not dream it, he protested him as he sparked by the municipal". It has been 20 years since that song and Sabina has returned to Hispano-American. This time at the headquarters of him in Madrid, on Calle de Alcalá. And with different escort: the president of the Congress, Maritxel Batet; Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute (which occupies the headquarters of what was that Bank), the pregnant native journalist and the poet Benjamín Prado. The motive was not celebrating "the room where that time I took off my clothes," but deposit a legacy in the box of the institution's letters. A fabulous legacy.

"The true richness of a country is its culture," he started saying saying García Montero. "In that sense, having turned the vault box of this building previously dedicated to banking and money in the deposit of the best creation is essentially significant, and there is no greater commitment to the future than to know the inheritance of the people who have He had a cultural contribution to our world. " At 13.21 Joaquín Sabina entered the most protected space of the Cervantes and in one of his lockers he deployed his repertoire: a London Lock & Co. Hatters hatcher (the oldest in the world), the manuscript of the song called loneliness, own drawings, the first edition of his book of Sonnets Hundred Foundo de Fourteen (published by Visor) and the complete collection of the Southern magazine, driven in Buenos Aires by Victoria Ocampo, where Borges - among others - published for the first time Many of its texts time. "I do not know about any library that keeps all the numbers of this magazine that began in 1931 and, uninterruptedly, it reached 1966," Sabina said. The magazine disappeared in 1991, but since the end of the 60s it remained without periodicity, erratically.

This is the legacy that deposits the lyricist, painter, poet and collector. But noon gave for more. Sabina took off and put on her sunglasses. Sabina released laughter against the atmosphere. Sabina said things: "Now that so many nonsense is released over the brand Spain and all that, what I have lighter is that our greatest wealth is our language ... I do not remember a single moment in my life in which I decided to be a singer. My main passion is to read. In my house, music is just heard, and less mine. I like good music. "

The President of the Congress claimed that culture is the coastal lighthouse, beyond so many placebos of today, and recognized the generational legacy - ahead and backward - of the Sabinian work. "Your lyrics, your poetry, are an immense collection of memories, of live sensations, for living, longings and everyday realities ... and you try big timeless theme: love, friendship, passion or the footprint of time passing. But at the same time your lyrics are daughters of your time and your songs have become a memory space in which several generations are reflected, even future ones. I can tell you, safely, that my two daughters no longer want to be princesses " . There Sabina made a love of applauding.

The most accomplice part of the act of delivery of the legacy was the third, when the Tarima rose atcentive native and Benjamín Prado. Friends when the singer's when the singer. Preciate remembered the day George Harrison gave Sabina five pounds of tip in the pub in which the Jienense sang for some of the seven years he lived in London. It was at the beginning of the 70s. He promised to keep that ticket for life. "But the collector's eagerness lasted me then what it takes to reach the first pub." And the author of the boulevard of broken dreams recalled the years of the first songs: "When I returned from London, when I died Franco, I realized that what I liked to hear did not sound on the radio. And that there was a lack of magic in the lyrics of the Spanish songs that sounded then, so I tried to dignify that by Javier Krahe. "

- What is missing in life? Or what would you reproach?, He asked precious.

- I'm moderately in peace with me. In our generation we did not want to be adults because these seemed like a sons of a bitch. I have reached 72 and, fortunately, I still do not consider myself a son of a bitch.

- What have you been good?

- In little, I think. I am not a father, not a husband, not an exemplary lover ... but I am a loyal friend.

- The money does not seem to have matched much.

- It's true. I have started thinking about money a couple of years ago, pushed by the age providers that I have. My concern in this matter is small bourgeois. That is, I want my daughters to do well, try to avoid as much as possible the problems of a youth that lives worse than their parents. But to me, out of that, the money has not mattered to me anything. I have squandered a lot by inviting my friends.

- And at this time, how are you?

- I find myself well for having survived all these evils that arise us. I have not had Covid, I have behaved as an exemplary citizen, I carry the mask, I still smoke and drinking ... Yes, I'm fine. But I do not intend to go back to the scenarios until we allow us to go without a mask, and be more together, and get up from the seats to dance. And I'm afraid that we will not have it, especially in Latin America where they are worse than us, until within a year and a half. But I'll be back to say "Hello and goodbye."

Blessed are your desire to live, drinking and returning, answered attentively. The last act remained. And that was the reading to the alimé of the speech that Sabina and García Montero gave at the International Congress of the Spanish Language held in 2019 in Córdoba, Argentina:

García Montero: A language of all his speakers,

Sabina: No centers or dominant doctors,

G.M.: LIKE but full of nuances,

S.: Diverse but wise in unit,

G.M.: That illuminates his happier words,

S.: Equality, freedom, fraternity,

G.M.: Democracy, reason, Constitution,

S.: Love and heart, dignity and joy,

G.M.: Science, Technology ...

S.: I am rather of letters, a ladies.

G.M.: Consciousness, Independence, Dissideditional,

S.: Education, Culture,

G.M: Good literature where time flies.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 20:31

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