Johnny Depp: The culture of cancellation is contaminated air that is exhaled

Nothing seems to be easy in the life of Johnny Depp. In now. When everything was prepared on Tuesday for him, finally and despite everything, triumphant lan

Johnny Depp: The culture of cancellation is contaminated air that is exhaled

Nothing seems to be easy in the life of Johnny Depp. In now. When everything was prepared on Tuesday for him, finally and despite everything, triumphant landing at Hotel María Cristina de San Sebastián at 11 on Tuesday night, he soon transcended no, it was not possible. The private flight from London had been diverted from Biarritz to Toulouse. After a panic moment, the solution came: on the road to San Sebastián. In total, three hours and 16 minutes according to Google Maps.

It was noted in the appearance before the press on Wednesday shortly before receiving the Donostia the lack of sleep. Actually, the attitude of him and the love of him by the short phrases that do not end up or do it in a squalking precipice were the usual ones, but now, at least, there was reason. He took exactly five minutes to appear the question. It was the second. And that the moderator of the appearance before the press insisted since the minute one in which here, in San Sebastián entire, had come to talk about the book of Him, Depp and that of the Festival. And the answer was the one that was.

Asked elliptical manner, because of raising the cancellation of which he gave and took turns, about his opinion of the culture of cancellation to which so many artists are subjected today, DEPP became a monologue mode: "It is a very complex situation. We live a situation in history in which culture of cancellation is contaminated air that is exhaled. But I feel safe. It is important that when you face something as amazing and overwhelming as in what I am ... This hit you from many Fronts. I do not doubt that this movement like so many others has arisen with the best intentions, but it is uncontrolled. No one is sure. None of you either ... It is enough for anyone to say a phrase, a phrase only ... has happened to many Men, women and children, and the worst thing is that this type of unpleasant situations begins to think that it is normal ... "he said, stopped and followed in a rosary of indefinite reproaches, broken complaints and words without background.

And here, 'the matter'. Another question was much more direct about the position of it on the fact that several associations of women filmmakers have considered their inopportune prize and ... cancellation for cancellation, the question was vetoed from the rostrum.

Remember to place ourselves that the San Sebastián Festival could not help but to take a statement four days after announcing the Donostia Award on August 9 before the Angry Protest, among others, of Cima, the Association of Femoastas Women. In the text signed by the director, José Luis Rehabilos, made the commitment of him "against inequality, abuse of power and macho violence". And then followed explicitly, the reasons why I did not share the accusations of that collective in particular and "lynching in social networks" concretely: "According to the proven data we have, Johnny Depp no He has been arrested, accused or condemned by any form of aggression or violence against any woman ".

According to those and non-conforming, for continuing to memorize, the message that is launched with the granting of this award is that "it does not matter what you have always a good actor", in Expression of Cristina Andreu, president of the group that He has headed the protest. And all this by the judgment of a British court who dismissed the accusation of defamation of the actor to the newspaper 'The Sun' claiming that what was published there was "substantially correct". What appeared at the tabloid was the detailed description of a reiterated abuse case at which he was his wife Amber Heard. Now DEPP has begun the judicial battle in the United States. A Court of the State of Virginia will serve the complaint of the actor against Heard to describe abuses and death threats in an article in 'The Washington Post' a few months after reaching a divorce agreement.

In any case, few actors, waiting for what happens in courts, define the last cycle of Hollywood as it. After debut with just 21 years as a victim of Freddy Krueger in 'Nightmare at Elm Street' (1984), it would become one of the most emblematic figures of the 90s thanks to its roles in movies away from the radar of the supposed stars of the moment. Both his character in 'El Teargra', by John Waters, as, and above all, his first collaboration with Tim Burton in 'Eduardo Harvestras' became that interpreter of minimal gesture, slightly lazy and always intense in his immobility closer to the Icon that of the nervousness of many of his coertane colleagues.

And to all this of the previous paragraph, in effect, devoted Depping the rest of a pending intervention in this way of speaking as serious as sickly discontinuous. He said he has always trusted his intuition to choose papers and that in all of them he recognizes a thread that unites them, from Eduardo brown "the worst of all of them." He also lamented a Hollywood who "has grotesquely belittled for too much time to his audience." And so until you dedicate the most felt part of him to Jack Sparrow to make it clear that the character belongs to him say what Disney says or any other company. "This stop was strange," he commented in reference to the decision of precisely Disney to strip him on paper. "I am aware as Captain Jack has rejoiced life so many children who are in hospitals ... nothing will prevent me from continuing it, I do not need a company to allow it to me. Are strange and sudden times". And there he left it.

For the end it was the recognition of the festival, "to the city and the mayor" for the prize. Although it is part of the protocol that the award-winning does something similar, in your case it sounded more sense. "Thank you for not buying what they say about me, which is false, the only thing I know is movies, I was worried that my presence offending someone, but ... I feel happy from humility." And arrivals here, point and cancellation.

Updated Date: 23 September 2021, 04:02

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