Johnson emphasized Parliament in the debate on corruption

Boris Johnson has starred on Monday one of his most sounded "getaways" in times of crisis, when he decided to give the Parliament School in the debate on corr

Johnson emphasized Parliament in the debate on corruption

Boris Johnson has starred on Monday one of his most sounded "getaways" in times of crisis, when he decided to give the Parliament School in the debate on corruption. The leader of the Labor Opposition Keir Starmer has accused him of "running scared" and had given "green light" to the excesses committed by the deputies of the Conservative Party as Owen Paterson, who resigned on Friday after the Revelations about the Commissions received By private companies such as Randox (benefited by contracts of 560 million euros for Covid tests).

"When it has been required to lead, he has chosen to hide," said Starmer and the House of Commons. "His only concern about him, as usual, is personal self-consultation rather than the national interest."

Downing Street has justified the absence of Boris Johnson in the debate (represented by the Gabinet Minister Stephen Barclay) alleging that he was on an official visit at the Hospital Hexham in Northumberland and who did not give him time to return to the train debate. The 'number two' Labor, Angela Rayner, recalled how the "Premier" traveled last week on a private Glasgow plane to London to arrive at a dinner organized by the conservative newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph'. The Liberal-Democrat Wendy Chamberlain has gone even further in her criticism and said Johnson has treated Westminster with the same disdain that if it was "Moscow Duma".

The Labor Party has taken all the possible benefit of the "Paterson Scandal" and has been put in front of the conservative party in 35% at 35%. The sounding of Ipsos Mori also certifies the divestation of confidence in Johnson, with a 61% of the British ensuring that "disapproves" the management of it and only 34% by giving an "approved".

The erratic behavior of the Johnson Government, who first tried to avoid a vote in Parliament to sanction Paterson and then gave a roller when his resignation seemed inevitable, has caused a flood of criticism between the "Tories", which he just a month ago barred Seamless to his leader at the conservative party conference.

Owen Paterson, who became secretary of the environment with David Cameron, was a firm defender of Brexit and was aligned with the hard wing of the party through the European Research Group. The revelations about the money received under cord of private companies (up to three times more than their salary of 95,000 euros per year) have left the connivance of the "lobbies" and have caused the review of the Code of Conduct in Westminster .

Stephen Barclay, former Brexit Minister, was seen in the defending Johnson's ballot on his role as a cabinet minister in the debate of corruption. Barclay publicly expressed the regret of it by the "error" committed by the government when trying to avoid a vote on the 'Paterson case' in the context of the reform of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct. "Our intention is to advance in this area on the basis of an agreement between the parties," he said.

Labor Keir Starmer, however, accused Johnson to use Paterson as "a bishop" and "corrodious confidence" in the political system. "We are not before a tactical error, but before a pattern of conduct," he alleged the leader of the opposition, reference to the absent "Premier". "When he says that the rules to avoid the influence of private interests do not affect the friends of him, he is also deliberately subvagement of the work of those who should stop corruption."

The scandal of corruption has gone to more in the last hours after the revelations of 'The Sunday Times': a long dozen donors from the Conservative Party supposedly received the title of Lord for the simple "merit" of having donated more than three Millions of pounds (3.5 million euros) to the "Tories". The Secretary of the Environment George Eustice, however, assured the BBC that the distinctions were due to the "experience" of him and not to the economic contributions of him to the party. Eustice has counterattack alleged that corruption scandal is "a storm in a cup of tea".

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 14:26

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