Jorge Martín revive in Champion mode and flies in Styria

The return to 'cole' is already here. The World Cup of Motorcycling took its traditional rest more than a month ago in the Netherlands and has returned with

Jorge Martín revive in Champion mode and flies in Styria

The return to 'cole' is already here. The World Cup of Motorcycling took its traditional rest more than a month ago in the Netherlands and has returned with the double Bull Ring double, where there are many things that have changed, but many others that do not. The first and most obvious is the domain on the Ducati track, even with disparate outcomes, they could enjoy the first great joy of Jorge Martín in him. Nor does it change the situation of the championship with Fabio Quartaraaro. The Frenchman continues with the dynasty of him and gallop overto the title by eliminating the adversaries of him. The atmosphere, in which the murmursded by the goodbye of Valentino Rossi, the state of the happy humerus of Marc Márquez or the return of Dani Pedrosa, have not been enough to make the pramac racing pilot nervous, which was impeccable from beginning to end . [Narration and Statistics].

On the grill, 23 pilots looking at the Austria sky, where the clouds have been protagonists of all weekend. Some prayed through the water and others trembled with the flood that finally did not arrive. Many personal stories and many memories in the retina of the last visit to Austria, such as the Mailing Viñales motorcycle jump on the goal line at more than 220 kilometers per hour or the fight that kept Pol Espargaró, Jack Miller and Miguel Oliveira Until the last curve, a battle that could not be repeated with amateurs in the stands on the return to the relative normality.

Among the things that have changed, the focus was placed on the hexacampeon of Cervera, who has already been warning after the qualifier of his physical bad state, and to which the infinite right curves, rhythm changes and uploads have been Chuck Marc Márquez, who had to continue doing the straight paths to avoid the wear of his arms, was too nervous throughout the race and sank until the eighth position. To Honda, he could see past revolutions as the cameras focused on him, until he disappeared in the middle area of the grill.

If Styria has accustomed to being a headache for pilots, this first assault did not disappoint either. The adventure of Dani Pedrosa was frustrated to the first change in a tremendous scare for fans with the concern to see again a pilot fallen in the middle of the track. The Spaniard, who returned invited over his KTM, provoked chaos in an incident that could have been terrible and that he was in an anecdote with Lorenzo Salvadori, who left unharmed. Even the red flag had been seen at the hungry marquez, even touching the accident with Aleix spreading, which he was about to send to the floor sinning of impetus, and that he had to abandon sore.

In the new reboot, everything returned to relative calm. The Ducati were the Ducati and only could accompany the Suzuki of Mir and the Yamaha de Quartaraaro. Precisely the Beast of Jorge Martín raised him in the first fighting head of career, where Miller and the world leader himself returned again and again the overtaking, freeing Martín and Mir at Punta.

The Madrid, who was looking for his first victory in the World Cup of Queen after the injury that led him to get off the bike in Assen, turned his frustration into energy and shot, pulled and pulled. So far the history of the race, because nobody ever saw him again until he celebrated with an infinite smile passed the checkered flag.

Back, shortly after Jack Miller got off the defense of the Ducati when he fell after leaving the good line in a left-hand curve and left the tray on a tray for the head trio. If the first half of the race had his crumb, the spotlights moved to the rear train from the competitors, where good traces of show could be seen.

Nothing changed until the outcome, where Martín kept the domain, followed by the excellent Joan Mir and Quartaraaro, who closes his first appearance in Austria with the satisfaction of, still not having been able to win, put more earth with Zarco, Bagnaia and Miller.

At the beginning of the second half of Márquez's sports career, another national pilot did smile on top of her machine. It is not another that Joan Mir, who finally breathes relieved with the improvements in his Suzuki with the arrival of the famous 'husohot' on the rear train. The device, which has reached last hour, compresses the shock absorber and enormously improves the behavior of his motorcycle, something that has allowed him to become competitive against the Almighty Ducati. The new baking of pilots continues to give war in a circuit where the domain of the most powerful bikes was known. Even so, the current champion was able to counteract the acceleration of its competitors at the end speed and rose to the second place of the podium.

Date Of Update: 08 August 2021, 09:50

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