José Andrés: My parents were nurses, I saw how they surpassed the limits of duty to take care of others

The new promotion of the Princesa de Asturias awards has left a few successes: local idols, examples of overcoming, intellectuals that connect with the anxietie

José Andrés: My parents were nurses, I saw how they surpassed the limits of duty to take care of others

The new promotion of the Princesa de Asturias awards has left a few successes: local idols, examples of overcoming, intellectuals that connect with the anxieties of our time, scientists representing the success of research in the contemporary world. Five of the winners take the floor at the princess princess ceremony of Asturias, chaired by the royal family (the kings, Queen Sofia, Princess Leonor and her sister Sofia of her) at the Campoamor theater of Oviedo.

The Princess Princess of Asturias of Communication and Humanities of the Letters made a very authorized speech: courteous at first, hesitated in the Quicio and moral at the end. He first read words about the Spanish literature that has imported into his life: Cervantes. Borges, Bioy Casares, Cortázar, Bolaño, Vila-Matas, Fences, Juan Vásquez. «And my dear cousin Rosa Montero». And then, he told the story of him: "On September 8, the trial was started in Paris, also in Paris, on November 13, 2015, on the terraces and in the concert hall of the Bataclan Theater. These attacks caused 131 dead. [...] The murderers were dejected or they exploded themselves. [...] Throughout these testimonies we discover another surprising thing. The stories of shipwrecks, catastrophes, of the Sálvese who can generalize, tend to reveal the worst of the human being. Cowardice, each one, to his, cannibalism. Here, none of that. We can not imagine that a collective fiction of nobility and greatness of spirit and, however, has practically have been created, practically, examples of mutual aid, solidarity, often heroic gestures have been described ". It was the perfect message for a prizes like these.

At the Princess Princess of Asturias, Communication and Humanities, he has been the critical awareness of this edition of the prizes. Her speech spoke of racism, faith care and inequality: "In my country, more men confined in his house began to know their own children - which was something good - and discover what involved the care of children to full time. They could also see the daily and organic that is the educational process. On many occasions, this released people from the ties of gender roles, which are actually quite new in the history of humanity. In our origins as a migratory species, everyone had to deal with and take care of children. The patriarchy grew when we become sedentary. [...] In my country, changes were more visible after the pandemic. The racism that has been present in North America Since European invaders imposed on indigenous populations, killing 90% of people who previously lived there, and that later mattered slaves, has reached a point Inflection in the negative and in the positive ».

And Steinman continued: "The third part of the country that voted to Donald Trump-Maybe the least qualified president and who has divided the country - led to the political land what had long belonged to the private sphere. He even caused a group of white men to try to seize the Capitol, as you have probably seen on television. However, because this time - difference of the title of the song Rock - the revolution was televised, the points of view on race and gender that circumscribed this alleged revolution to a minority also caused the greatest clamor of history: the black Lives Matter, a majority and peaceful movement ».

The Princess Princess of Asturias of sports emotionally connects with the public in every gesture, in every word: "Who was going to say in 1995 when I heard the words' you will not go back to walking that the path that was going to go with my chair was going to take me here? Of course, I was never going to tell me the neighbor of the neighborhood that, when I finally decided to overcome my fears and shame, to assume what happened to me and going out, stopped my mother and me. Probably with the best intention of the world she turned to my mother and, as if I did not exist, she said: 'Poor Poor Girl What happened?' In a second and a look, she had stopped being the child of the third to be the 'poor daughter of Sebi'. Of course, that neighbor was not going to tell me. For her, my life had finished before starting. For us, life simply continued ».

Perales ended his words with a message of overcoming: "You do not have to wait for someone to tell us what is going to happen or what we should do».

The representative of World Central Kitchen, Princess Award of Asturias de la Concord, played at home. "With a culin of cider, this would be easier." That is why she had an autobiographical sense: "My periplo with World Central Kitchen began here, in Asturias. My parents were nurses. And as many of the heroes who have saved lives during this pandemic, I saw how they surpassed the limits of duty to take care of others. By making me older, I understood that cooks as I realize the few, but we have the power to feed many ».

«We spend from 10 friends to 25,000 volunteers; from a kitchen at 28; Of 1,000 meals a day to more than 150,000. In total, four million meals. Since then, we have acted in hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanoes and pandemic, providing more than 60 million meals. Plate after dish, you can find very simple solutions to great problems ».

The last two years have become the princess princess of Asturias of Scientific and Technical Research in the most relevant of the palmarés. The winner of 2020, the Hungarian Biochemistry Katalin Karikó, took advantage of his speech to reflect on the central role of the health sciences. "We are only representatives of the hundreds of scientists, doctors and experts who, during the last decades, have helped to lay the foundations of our work. The path of scientific discoveries never follows a straight line, has turns and turns in each juncture and requires international collaborative efforts and the contribution of many scientists. But it is important to continue asking questions and keeping the curiosity alive. Leonardo da Vinci affirmed that 'the experiments never fail, your expectations, yes'. We do not stop at failure, but we use it to promote us to think critically. "

His speech ended with a wink at the 2020 prizes, when the health personnel received the princess of Asturias de la Concord. "We also want to send all the first-line health workers from our gratitude. We are aware of the incredible risks that were willing to face to save their patients, some even making sacrifice supreme to help others. They inspired us to work harder and act to develop vaccines that save lives. The possibilities of technologies are infinite: we are already investigating ways to prevent HIV, malaria, reduce cancer and treat many other diseases. We know, the sick are waiting for ».

Date Of Update: 22 October 2021, 16:17