José Luis Moreno resorted to his sister and mercantiles Morosos with hacienda to cover his bail

The television producer José Luis Moreno resorted to his sister and mercantile who hold debts with a hacienda to present before the judge who investigates him a

José Luis Moreno resorted to his sister and mercantiles Morosos with hacienda to cover his bail

The television producer José Luis Moreno resorted to his sister and mercantile who hold debts with a hacienda to present before the judge who investigates him at the national audience by the 'Titella case' a mortgage endorsement of up to 12 properties, which includes from "personal addresses "Until premises in which he develops" his professional activity ".

In a 9 of July 9, which has had access Europe Press, the defense of the artist detailed the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 2, Ismael Moreno, the list of goods presented to cover the bail - of three million euros In cash or six million in mortgage guarantee - and avoid its entry into provisional detention within the framework of the investigation that is directed against against alleged scam crimes, bleaching and illicit association, among others.

According to the data provided by the defense, "the joint appraisal value of detailed properties amounts to a total amount of euros, exceeding the triple of the amount of the deposit imposed".

Several of the properties "are the ownership of the Societies GECAGUMA SL and Kulteperalia SL," so Moreno also contributed the certifications issued by both mercantiles to prove that on July 2 - tres days after the arrests and records - were held Extraordinary general meetings, in which the partners unanimously agreed on "the constitution of a bail" in favor of the producer so that it could avoid prison.

In the framework of the letter, the defense of Moreno warned the judge that one of the farms provided is taxed with two mortgage loans in force with a balance outstanding balance for 1.2 million.

He also notified that both GEECGUMA SL and Kulteperalia SL present debts with public finance. Therefore, "and for greater guarantee, if possible, from the sufficiency of the mortgage bail" the ventriloco offered property ownership of her sister and a society owned by this. Specifically, a home in Las Rozas (Madrid) and five farms in a shopping center in Majadahonda (Madrid).

Among the rest of the properties that contributed the ventrilok to the courthouses are three farms on Retama Street, in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). The first of them is of residential use and has 3,127 square meters of constructed area and 11,114 square meters of graphic surface. According to the data of the cadastre, the construction includes housing, warehouse, parking and sports spaces. According to the information provided by the defense of Moreno, the property is valued at 4.2 million euros.

The second farm has 4,241 square meters of uninforced soil; and the third, 3,576 square meters of uninforced soil. The lametero of the producer assured in the letter that both are valued at 1.28 million euros.

Another of the farms provided is located in the Urbanization Los Rentillas Cerro Alarcón, in Valdemorillo (Madrid) and according to the defense, it adds another 441,557 euros to the mortgage guarantee presented.

On the list, the producer also included six farms located in ships from the pierced road of Moraleja de Moraleja de Enmedio. He figures two of them at 1.6 million euros; one at 258,025 euros; another at 284,881 euros; and two in 458,383 euros.

He added, in turn, a farm of 420 square meters of constructed area of industrial use located on Bronze Street, in the San Millán Industrial Polígon de Moraleja de Enmedio, and valued at 219,375 euros. In the same area he identified a second farm for the same value.

On July 8, the same day in which the defense of Moreno presented his endorsement, the instructor magistrate admitted the mortgage bail.

Telephones intervened

The police maintained three mobile phones from the television producer José Luis Moreno until July 14, two weeks after the entry and registration occurred at his home and his arrest by order of the judge of the National Audience Ismael Moreno in the framework of the cause open by the so-called "Titella 'operation.

In a car of July 14, the magistrate recalls that dated May 26, he agreed on the extension of the intervention and telephone observation of the communications of more than a dozen of those investigated until July 30. And he did the same with another fortnight of people who extended the intervention and recording without hearing of geolocation and positioning data until July 4.

But after the outcome of the operation with the entrances and records in domiciles and companies, and with the arrest of those involved in that alleged criminal organization headed by Moreno, the judge points in his car that this type of measures must have Necessarily and according to the law a temporary limitation, so that "the period of interference has to be for the time strictly necessary".

José Luis Moreno, investigated by the hearing in the 'Titella' case, held in a written director Alejandra Moreno who did not scold the Argentine producer Alejandro Roemmers with false invoices for the realization of a series, and points that they have been shot more of 2,000 minutes, which is equivalent to 35 chapters of 45 minutes each.

In the writing, Moreno leaves the way in the event of the facts that were collected in the provisional freedom car of July 1 in which it was indicated that he would have scammed his partner (Roemmers) through false invoices, defrauding at the same time To the public finance, trying to hide their debts and funds transfers with the help of fiscalists. "

They refer to a series called 'Glow and Darkness' (Glow and Tinieblas) on Francisco de Assisi's life that both producers executed under the umbrella of the Society Dreamlight International Productions SL.

Date Of Update: 17 August 2021, 13:25

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