Joséphine Baker: Too slim and too black to succeed

Once upon a time the distinguished porte of a cheetah with diamond necklace called Chiquita who hypnotized passers-by-mesuaries. To his owner, they gave him a

Joséphine Baker: Too slim and too black to succeed

Once upon a time the distinguished porte of a cheetah with diamond necklace called Chiquita who hypnotized passers-by-mesuaries. To his owner, they gave him a pleitesy. It was Joséphine Baker, the exotic dancer who contributed the happiness of the craft was jazz to an avid Paris for new cultures. The debut of it in 1925 with 19 years with the Revue Nègre was an apotheosic event. In addition, she introduced the Charlestón in Europe.

He moved different parts of the body simultaneously with different rhythms, Bizqueaba, swelled the mocks, folded his legs, the naked torso ... In 1926 he jumped to Folies-Bergère becoming the best paid artist of France thanks to the Danse Sauvage and the dance of The banana with the only attire of a bra, a pearl necklace and a miniskirt of stitched bananas that rose when stirring their hips. She that year she rivaled Gloria Swanson for being the most photographed woman in the world, she received around 40,000 love cards and 2,000 marriage propositions.

While Picasso defined it as "high, leather coffee, ebony eyes, legs of paradise and a smile to liquidate all the smiles," his legendary enemy, the architect Le Corbusier (his lover), drew her astutely into sketches with the end to explain what they were concave and convex curves. Georges Simenon was the secretary of her, Hemingway sculp her with her writing, Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir dreamed, Colette was her lover and in Germany, Max Reinhardt (mentor by Dietrich and Garbo) caught the attention of her. She also captivated Christian X from Denmark, Gustavo V of Sweden (he was told that they were lovers of her) and Rama Vii de Siam, who gave him an elephant knowing about her worship for animals, but the artist gently declined. She already had the chimpanzee of her Ethel of her, to the goat Toutoute and the pigbert, who she sprayed with Je Reciens, the most exotic perfume of the time.

Nicknamed the black pearl and the Bronze Venus, he was dressed hallow sewing of Vionnet and Poiret and moved into a huge white and silver Royce Rolls. Far from it remained the childhood of her in Missouri, in which she ate remains of garbage, she slept on a box, she suffered racist aggressions and was a victim of mistreatment. Before the 14 years she had already married. She found freedom in the show. Racial segregation in the US was still burning and after listening to some theater comments of the type "too thin, too low, too black" she decided to tempt luck. Paris respected her.

Therefore, before the threat of Nazi invasion, a high charge of French intelligence recruited it due to its vast contacts at the social level. She did not think about it: "France is the country that adopted me without reservations and I am willing to give my life for it." In Morocco she helped to escape Jews to South America with the approval of whether Thami El Glauoi, Pachá de Marrakech, who had previously seen the artist for two consecutive weeks and was related to the ideals of Gaulle.

Anxious to be a mother, he adopted 12 children from different nationalities, races and religions called the tribe of the rainbow with whom he lived in the Château des Milandes in the French Dordogne who turned into a pilgrimage center pre-payment of an entrance. She returned to the US, where she felt racism again. In New York she rejected her at 36 hotels and she left Elitist Stork Club with her white friends because she had not served her food. She was up under the attentive look of her that she would be the fairy godmother of her, Grace Kelly, who had not yet reached stardom with only the danger (1952). She always helped the most needy, she visited hospices, she distributed meals ... but her bad luck was primed on her.

I became entitled by debts due to poor economic management, the evicted from its fifteenth century castle. Terrible that photo of Joséphine alone, on the street, in the rain! The admirers of her donated money, including Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy extended her checkbook. She ruined but dignified, she in 1963 she flew to Washington to participate next to Martin Luther King in the march of civil rights. After the "I have a dream" of the activist, Joséphine arrived with that of her "you know that I have always taken the rocky road ...". She was the only woman in pronouncing a speech before 300,000 people, dressed in her military uniform and wearing the decorations granted by De Gaulle (the resistance medal and the Legion of Honor).

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, offered him a home on the blue coast. She acted in charities in the Principality and reigned again in Paris, where they were found dead in the bed surrounded by newspaper clippings with her reviews at 68. An embolism took it in 1975. Emmanuel Macron decided to surrender a last tribute by granting the entrance to the Pantheon of Paris by "his struggle of her free France, without calculations, without searching for glory, consecrated to our ideals." She is the sixth woman and the first black to be buried there.

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