Juan Carlos I confirms the rupture with the king but he says that his son called him for his birthday

If there was any doubt about the rupture between Felipe VI and his father Juan Carlos I, there are new elements to confirm it. Account LAURENCE DEBRAY in a bo

Juan Carlos I confirms the rupture with the king but he says that his son called him for his birthday

If there was any doubt about the rupture between Felipe VI and his father Juan Carlos I, there are new elements to confirm it. Account LAURENCE DEBRAY in a book of next appearance in Franciamon Roí Déchu (my deposed King), who relates, as Paris Match publishes today, that the king did not even pick up the phone to congratulate his father for his 83 birthday, last 5 from January. Don Juan Carlos has nuanced this data to the world through his surroundings, and he has assured that although he feels "pleased" with the result of Debray's portrait, the day of his birthday did he receive a call from Felipe VI, and attributes the Affirmation of French weekly to "bad interpretation".

Some extracts of the book, which will come to the French libraries on October 6, appear today at the aforementioned publication, such as this dialogue between the author, daughter of the icon on the left Régis Debray, and Don Juan Carlos:

The author says he wanted to go to Portugal, where he lived as a young man. "Too next, they asked him to go further," she adds. And when she asked him why, Juan Carlos I replied: "Here I do not upset the crown."

On August 1, a year of the arrival of the Monarch emeritus ABU Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, being investigated by the Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office in relation to alleged irregular businesses abroad. He now says he ignore what he can pass with the hypothetical return of him. "I do not know at all, some are very happy to leave me." "It would be enough to take the plane," he replies.

Paris Match publishes in its last number some extracts of the book edited by stock. And several photographs, without signature. In one of them he sees the king emerge, impeccably shaved, and with a minimal smile. He dresses a white shirt, unbuttoned and a light blue flaxman with a flag of Spain in Lalape. "In the refuge of Abu Dhabi on September 28," he says his foot.

With the same clothes, it appears sitting on a table on a terrace. In front, the heir prince and strong man of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed Ben Zayed al-Nahyane, "from whose father he was a friend".

On an artificial island of this federation neighboring Saudi Arabia, 20 minutes from the ship from Abu Dhabi, Don Juan Carlos resides. There the meeting took place with the author in the past spring.

Debray says: "Do not complain, walk with the help of crutches and walk their slimming silhouette of Paria in a house without pretensions on the edge of the sea, cold and kitsch." In the judgment of him "opposed to the king's stereotype, he embodies the anti monarch, who is not crushed by the weight of the crown." He actually describes him as "an American retiree: sneakers, cowboy and t-shirt".

"At 83, isolated but very connected, bet on technology to circumvent nostalgia. And it continues by videoconference, on its tablet, the mass that is celebrated at the Palace of La Zarzuela." According to the author, he talks with "some faithful friends and with his wife, Sofia, the professional queen." In the residence of him accompany him four bodyguards and a couple of Filipinos. The daughters of him, the infantas Elena and Cristina, "they have gone to see him three or four times."

"With his son, the King of Spain, on the contrary, relations are broken. Felipe Vi has publicly renounced the inheritance of his father and has withdrawn the annual allocation of 192,000 euros. A symbolic stab. Felipe did not pick up the phone , on January 5, the day of the 83th birthday of Juan Carlos "writes Paris Match.

"Royalty rather than the king, the institution, before the heart: 'Felipe Vi is used to repair the legacy of Juan Carlos by making the crown an unattable and regulated institution, continues Laurence Debray. A parricide on behalf of the interests of the throne. Juan Carlos is a remitted king but above all he is a repudiated father, yes. Perhaps his greatest failure is there, in this resignation. Face, political hero, cross, patriarchae antihero ".

Many people have turned their backs on it. He says the biographer of him that he passes the days evoking a hypothetically return, waiting: "It would be enough to take a plane," says nostalgic, the king emeritus.

About the legacy left in Spain, Juan Carlos I, who abdicated the throne in favor of his son in June 2014, is reaffirmed in his work: "The institutions that I left should be sufficient. They speak for themselves. But it is true, Institutions are more easily destroyed that they are built. "

The emeritus goes down early and every day rises at 7 o'clock in the morning, does something gymnastics to take care of his aged body, subjected to a score of operations, including Triple By Pass 2019, and read all Spanish newspapers with his Mobile or your tablet. Sometimes, one of the bodyguards accompanies you to the pool to continue its rehabilitation.

Juan Carlos confesses that what he loved the most of Spain is "the food", although he confesses that a friend makes him serrano ham. He regularly receives the visit of Emir de Abu Dhabi, who is also president of United Arab Emirates and whose father was a close friend, as well as relatives of the ruler.

The Prosecutor's Office maintains several inquiries on Juan Carlos I. The main one focuses on the collection of 65 million euros (77 million dollars) by alleged commissions of the works of the high-speed train Medina-La Mecca (Saudi Arabia), of Those who took over a consortium of Spanish companies, and that in 2012 he donated to which he was his intimate friend, Corinna Larsen.

The Prosecutor's Office also has the magnifying glass on whether it received unreported donations and if it hid funds in tax havens. Simultaneously, the Spanish hacienda inspects whether two tax regularizations completed by King Juan Carlos conform to legality.

Date Of Update: 30 September 2021, 21:12