Kate Middleton, the privileged one who can phone directly to Queen Isabel

Although since many journalists have endeavored to make parallels between Diana de Wales and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Futura Queen Consortes of

Kate Middleton, the privileged one who can phone directly to Queen Isabel

Although since many journalists have endeavored to make parallels between Diana de Wales and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Futura Queen Consortes of England, the differences between them are abysmal. Kate, which this January 9 turns 40, was born in a middle-class family coming to more and, unlike the unstable Diana, she was always a balanced girl, a good student and great athlete. His relationship with Guillermo emerged from a close friendship and not of any fairy tale, as presented to the world the romance of Diana and Carlos to mask what was actually a marriage of convenience to cover the relationship of the Prince of Wales with Camila , then a married woman.

Little by little from his wedding in 2011 his popularity has been growing in the UK, thanks to his naturalness and closeness, which has allowed him to combine the traditions of the oldest monarchy on the planet with the concerns of a woman of his time. Something that is reflected in its clothing, on horseback between sober elegance and some daring model, like the golden sequins made in Hollywood who looked at the premiere of James Bond's film No Time to Die last September, work of one of her Trusted designers, Jenny Packham.

A wise mix that has earned the respect and also the affection of Queen Isabel, devastated by the Scandals of Meghan and Harry and now that of Prince Andrés in the Epstein case. Kate enjoys privileges such as telephoning directly to the sovereign without going through attendees or freely arranging from her jewelry. Now, before the rest that the doctors have prescribed to Isabel II, she has represented her in several official acts recently as the Floral Offering of the Day of Remembrance in November.

Mental Health, Education, Childhood and Social Causes are the main axes in which Kate has focused his role, which after the pandemic has added his support for the Sanitarians, which has earned him the nickname of "Catalina la Geno". That she was more than ever this Christmas Eve during a charity concert organized in the Abbey of Westminster when she climbed on stage to accompany the piano to the singer Tom Walker on the Together at Christmas theme.

Kate, five months older than Guillermo, was born in Berkshire County on January 9, 1982 and his parents, Michael and Carole, who met the flight dispatcher and she, stewardess of the British Airways, the fortune smiled after Create a party product company online. Something that allowed the children of her, Catherine (Kate) Philippa (Pipa) and James to be educated at the best universities and relate to the top of the United Kingdom. This happened when Kate enrolled in history at the Scottish University of Saint Andrews, where she coincided with Prince Guillermo in 2001 because both shared residence along with other students, which gave them opportunity to get to know himself and coexist before his commitment. That, after a one-year breakdown to clarify his feelings, it was announced on November 16, 2010 that in Kate he wore a ring that belonged to Diana, a sapphire surrounded by diamonds mounted on white gold whose current value would amount to 300,000 pounds.

The wedding, which came a large part of the world royalty including Próncipes Felipe and Letizia with Queen Sofia, was held on April 29, 2011 at the Abbey of Westminster, and was followed by 300 million viewers on television. The already duchess of Cambridge Lucía a design by Sarah Burton, current creative director of the firm Alexander McQueen white color of Victorian "traditional but not ostentatious, perfect for a charming woman who does not need much", as defined by her creator. In the temples there was a spectacular Tiara Cartier property of Queen Isabel.

The Dukes of Cambridge moved to the Kensington Palace after being born on his first child, Prince George in July 2013, which will be after his grandfather Carlos of England and his father Guillermo, future king of England. Later they came to the Charlotte world in May 2015 and Louis in April 2018. At present, the family occupies an apartment in the 1st wing of the palace, a residence of 20 rooms overlooking Hyde Park.

Kate, fully seconded by Guillermo, educates his three children with great proximity, far from the protocol stiffness and distance that Queen Isabel maintained with its stems. It is demonstrated by an anecdote that occurred at the 90th birthday of the Queen in 2016 when the royal family attended a parade in the royal palco. Prince George asked a question to his father about the airplanes that came over and this, breaking the protocol, bent down to answer him, which angeling Isabel II who ordered him "William, Stand Up" (Guillermo, Get up). Very significant was the look of approval that Kate directed her husband.

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