Keys to prevent children and adolescents suffer from disorders of back

Do you pack on your back or wheels?A free application, interactive and teaches the school to take care of your espaldaColegios: The importance of choosing the r

Keys to prevent children and adolescents suffer from disorders of back
Do you pack on your back or wheels?A free application, interactive and teaches the school to take care of your espaldaColegios: The importance of choosing the right

Language, mathematics, art, environmental knowledge, social sciences, music,... Since start of stage school at three years of age, there are many hours that the children, and later teenagers, sitting and the significant lack of physical activity, you can end up producing future back injuries in them.

For this reason, and to avoid ailments that are prolonged into adulthood, the College Professional Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid (CPFCM), launched in 2009 a campaign centered on the smaller of the house. The initiative, focused on the prevention of back pain in school children, this year celebrated its tenth anniversary with a forum and that has taught more than 175,000 a year school the importance of moving to prevent injury and keep healthy.

The meeting has counted with the participation of the councillor for Health of the Community of Madrid (CAM), Enrique Ruiz Escudero; former dean of the CPFCM, Javier Sainz de Murieta Rodeyro; the head of the Technical Unit of Special Education and Educational Guidance of the ministry of Education and Research of the CAM, Yolanda Sanchez Muñoz; former secretary general and head of the initiative in the last few years, José Santos Sánchez-Ferrer, and the current dean of the Institution, Aurora Araújo Narvaez. Declaring himself committed to the initiative, the five experts have emphasized in the importance of prevention to avoid that the young people of the present to become adults with ailments in the future.

Ten years fighting against bad habits

The protagonist of this initiative is to "Zgmrtsglub", a sympathetic martian who travels to our planet and discovers that the human we're about habits painful . According to data from the CPFCM based on interviews with parents and teachers, a 25% of the children wash their teeth encorvándose on the sink with legs bent, 52.6% sits down to breakfast with the back just straight and to the 46.1 per cent is incorporated in the bed in front of and supporting the foot within the same.

The situation in the classroom does not improve much more. The 65% of the students feel when they enter the classroom collapsing in the chair and a 54.6 percent remains in a bad posture during the development of the classes marked throughout the school day.

The small being green, surprised to bad in front of this worrying situation, it takes ten years struggling to change a problem that still can be fixed. Thanks to the informative material that tells the adventures of this cute being, the CPFCM seeks to reduce the incidence of back pain in the small of the house.

"it Is important to begin to create citizens who are more expert, more concerned of your health and think much more on self-care," said Ruiz Escudero.

On its tenth anniversary, the initiative can boast of having garnered some figures held by its creators: two-thirds of the parents claim that the campaign has influenced quite in the improvement of their level of knowledge of postural hygiene to prevent the ailments of back in their children and in the case of teachers this figure rises to 86.7% of those who participated in it.

Keys to avoiding pathologies of back

The recommendations given by this sympathetic visitor and specialists that support your tips go through to keep in mind that therapists faithfully believe in the prevention and on the power that citizens have in their own personal care.

From children. This is a key point in the campaign that shows the little ones that by following a few simple steps can prevent future back pain that they are going to make them people who are saddled with a huge medical condition. Among the recommendations given by the specialists are the following:

1. Carry the school material properly. Recommend to young not to load the backpack in excess, and carry it securely in place you can avoid getting back pain in the future. Two simple gestures can reverse the situation today avoidable.

2. Take things the right way. drops something to the ground or produces a situation in which the child has to bend down, what happens in this kind of assumptions? Crouch straight and bending your legs will be the most correct way of doing it.

3. Sit well. In the classroom, on the playground, at home. Children spend many hours a day sitting and do it wrong you can cause discomfort in your back, sit in the correct way can save you become an adult that load on your back with the bad habits that have taken when they were young.

"Our goal is to help children and use them as commissioners of the families," says Sainz de Murieta Rodeyro. "We know that the child to learn these things is going to tell their parents: "dad, so you can't bend down". “Dad, so don't put that you will hurt your back”. And that is to put a small commissary in the families of the barrila the child's parents and educated in postural habits".

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Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 09:00

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