Kiev asks airlines to avoid the Black Sea

The psychosis generated around a possible offensive from the Russian army against Ukrainianaamenaza with aggravating the economic problems of Kiev, which could

Kiev asks airlines to avoid the Black Sea

The psychosis generated around a possible offensive from the Russian army against Ukrainianaamenaza with aggravating the economic problems of Kiev, which could attend in the next few hours a multiplication in the suspension of the flights from numerous companies whenever one of the British insurers more Meanings has decided to stop covering this journey from Monday, the Ukrainian local press reported.

The Dutch company KLM already announced this Saturday that stopped flying to the European nation and the local government was forced to spread a statement in which it ensured that "the airspace remains open and the State is working to prevent the risks for the Airlines ".

Kiev has warned airlines that avoid the Black Sea region in the next days when considering it "potentially dangerous", which will surely affect the apprehension of international companies. The story recalls that in July 2014, more than 300 people died when Malaysian Airlines plane where they traveled was knocked down by a missile launched by the pro-Russian militias.

The still hypothetical flight interruption is enrolled in the stress escalation caused by the concentration of Russian troops in the vicinity of the Ukrainian border and the repeated information filtered by the US government on a hypothetical imminent invasion, to which they have even placed already a possible date: this Wednesday.

The news has led to at least 35 countries - spawn - recommends their citizens to leave Ukrainian territory.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky planned to dialogue in the next few hours with his counterpart Joe Biden hours after the local leader once again accused him -in name the US-to generate the "panic" and say that all this avalanche They are "helping" the "enemies" of the country by generating a substantial damage to their economy.

As recently explained the Think Tank Defense Strategy Center of Ukraine, "Emerging Economic Problems" of this nation "must be entirely in the shadow projected by the threat of a dramatic escalation in Russian military aggression" since until the Present crisis The local economy maintained "a solid state".

Since then the country "has lost access to the international financial market" that are not willing to risk their money in this conjuncture, the local currency has depreciated and Kiev is abounded to require emergency assistance to overcome this brete.

According to a recent report by the UK Economics and Business Research Center, Ukraine has lost an average of 40,000 million dollars per year because of the conflict or what is the same, almost 20 percent of the gross domestic product posassed Before Russia initiated the military struggle in 2014. Aware of this situation, the ambassadors of the European Union indicated last week that the EU is willing to provide another 1,200 million euros to Kiev.

The Avalanche of Holders contrasts with the normality that is appreciated in Kiev -including his airport - where this Sunday the local population was almost with stupor to the comments and statements that were heard in for shared media and television channels.

In the center of the city the only agglomerations that were observed were those that generated in front of pastry establishments or to take a photo at the emblematic place of capitalome independence with characters such as Pepa Pig, which apt much more attention than the posters with Alusions to a possible conflict installed in the same location.

The last conversation between Biden and Putin does not seem to have slowed the mutual differences. The White House explained that the first one had explained to his counterpart that the US is still betting on diplomacy but "is also prepared for other scenarios."

Moscow, on the other hand, continues to deny that he intends to invade this country and maintains his challenging discourse. His ambassador in Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, declared a newspaper from that country in an interview that Moscow "cares about a shit" - that was the expression he used after asking "forgiveness for the language" -the possible sanctions of the West and that In addition, those that have been applied in the past have served them to improve their production. "We do not have Swiss or Italian cheeses but we have learned to make Russian cheeses as good as those, following the recipe of Swiss and Italians," he said with some irony.

Verbal grips threaten to surpass the mere space of the dialectic since in the last hours Moscow accused an American submarine of entertainment in its territorial waters in the Pacific, near the Kuril Islands, and said that it had forced him to leave the area "At full speed" resorting to the "appropriate means". However, a spokesman for the US Navy indicated that the Russian story was not true and that no contact had occurred between them.

Date Of Update: 14 February 2022, 06:43

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