Kiko Méndez-Monastery, 'Oscar' of Political Communication by the Vox Electoral Campaign in 2019

Behind a first sword of politics there is always a staff in which it is supported, an intellectual and personal support. When he gives steps firm, it is becau

Kiko Méndez-Monastery, 'Oscar' of Political Communication by the Vox Electoral Campaign in 2019

Behind a first sword of politics there is always a staff in which it is supported, an intellectual and personal support. When he gives steps firm, it is because he knows that the rear of him is covered. When he throws with APLOMO the speeches of him is because the ideas strength are studied, endorsed, subject not only by his own conviction but by that of his team and fundamentally, the man of confidence of him.

In history we have encountered supports that came to have more power, even, who occupied the first political line. From Richelieu, to Godoy, not to mention Rasputin. Not all were better than the heads of him, nor all the ideas of him were defensible, but without a doubt, the influence of him was clear in the evolution of the 'superiors' of him.

And in Spain, in politics, we are in them. Round Ivan was the man 'not so in the shadow' of President Pedro Sánchez. Pablo Married is also clear about his main support, Teodoro García Aegea. They are trusted men. They are the support of it. Sometimes references or simply, those who know they are covering their backs.

But in the third party of the parliamentary arc Who is that figure that whispers, advises, advises and covers the backs of the vox leader, Santiago Abascal? Kiko Méndez-monastery, who has just been recognized with the Napolitan, the 'Oscar' of political communication in the Ibero-American communication for the "Spain Viva" campaign, with which Vox gave the great leap in 2019. Premiadp for her in 2020, The tribute was coincided with the delivery of the 2021 prizes, this month in Washington.

As they explain from the game, their leader is wrapped by the direction. "We talked a lot, we met constantly, it is not a voice, Vox is the result of many voices, many discussions, of many exchanges of opinions," explain. But if he protrudes a man who has no public charge but who is "one of those who whisper to the president," these sources point. It is Kiko Méndez-Monastery, without a doubt one of the men closest to the Vox leader. A man who is the party but is not affiliated with the game. He and one of the main managers of the successful Vox electoral campaign in the general elections, where he rose with the 52 deputies he currently has.

Man of party and faithful to his leader. The man of the ideas and that of the 'peros', with great capacity for political prediction. He is part of the strategic and ideological pillars of Vox, but it is not affiliated. In the internal analysis of him, he put on the table in advance the possibility that there was a "Brexit" and that Donald Trump reached the US presidency. He is the 'Spin Doctor' of Abascal, "his Assistant Aulico de Him," point with humor from the president's surroundings.

The last of 13 brothers, Kiko is part of a long family saga of military environment. He is related to General Monastery and General Muscardó. In 1999 he was convicted of a judgment of faults for a fight with three extreme left students among whom Pablo Iglesias was. Years later have coincided in television gatherings and, even, in the hallways of the congress, one as coordinator of the Parliamentary Group Vox and the other as Vice President of the Government.

The years cool the blood and soften ideas and mendez-monastery advanced towards the plane of letters and reflection, until becoming one of the cornerstones of the third party in the Spanish Parliament. Within a wide range of activities, from written to journalist, he founded the company Tizona Communication, who has advised Vox from before his jump to the first political line. Although the whisperer of Abascal has already raised many initiatives at the international level - the implementation of the Madrid manifest against dictatorships in Hispanoamérica as well as as well as from the other side of the puddle they have put their work in value.

Tizona communication has just been awarded in the United States with the prestigious Napolitan Award, those considered 'Oscar' of political communication, by the electoral campaigns that designed for VOX during 2019.

The Napolitan Victory Awards - who bear the name of the 'father' of the political consultancy Joe Napolitan - are the most prestigious prizes in the political industry for the Spanish speaking world. Spanish consultants have competed against thirty countries. Mauricio Jaitt, president of The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences, commented that the edition beat all record records and highlighted the special quality of the latest campaigns and projects raised.

Because that prize has taken him who 'whispers' to Abascal, a multifaceted man who has not trembled the pulse to risk trying to write something as delicate as stories (' what's new and the sad 'or' tadeo, apprentice Pirate ') E, even, a novel:' The street of La Luna ', which was praised by illustrious like David Gistau. Also on this plane, it received a response from criticism with several distinctions.

In 2015 he took the reins as Director of the Gazette. In addition to forecasting political tectonic movements such as Brexit or Trump's arrival, he also began to denounce what he described as 'immigrant invasion', one of the pillars of Vox's current political activity.

Since 2017, it has become one of the shadows of Abascal. He advises you on issues of political strategy, communication and discourse, in addition to participating in the start-up of initiatives such as the Disence Foundation (VOX reflection body) or the Solidarity Union.

He has his own Editorial Homo Legens, who has published Scruton in Spanish, Juan Manuel de Prada, Fabrice Hadjadj, RR Reno, Eric Zemmour and Anthony Esolen.

Until June 2020, he was a political coordinator of the Parliamentary Group Vox in the congress, he left to focus fully on attendance to the president.

"Let Kiko come" is one of the most frequent phrases that is heard at number 12 of Bamboo Street when there are thorny or long-running matters on the table. As they insist from Vox, Kiko is not the most nor the only one, but without Kiko the party will be very lame.

"Things are happening that had not been before, and are not precisely the lies, nor the manipulation, nor the false news, nor the demagogy, that is as old as politics, now different things happen. Who before and better? Identify they carry a huge advantage over the rest, "said Méndez Monastery himself in a recent interview.

Updated Date: 28 November 2021, 09:50

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