Kiko Rivera reappears in Sálvame to apologize for his latest statements about his sister

After establishing the connection with the program through a video call, Kiko Rivera has given its first version regarding the controversial statements appeared

Kiko Rivera reappears in Sálvame to apologize for his latest statements about his sister

After establishing the connection with the program through a video call, Kiko Rivera has given its first version regarding the controversial statements appeared in the press last Wednesday: '' My idea was not to attack. I gave that interview to tell how I was, but they asked me about sweet and I went on. I'm wrong and I do not feel anything good about it. But I'm at a time when I want to keep the distance with my family and so I want to follow. ''

The presenter of the program, Carlota Slider, has interpelled him: '' Your sister has told you that she continues to love you. And are you not able to react? '' Rivera has also answered alluding the mother of him: '' I do not say that I do not love them, it's just that I do not want to have them close, although I miss some things. We have never talked about our feelings clearly and directly. I am receiving thousands of horrible messages and calls. I do not feel well. I know I'm wrong, but I'm not a macho or abuser. ''

Belén Esteban has been the first collaborator in intervening: '' I was very surprised when they asked you for me. You said that I got the tongue into ... you know that I have also had many problems and who blamed them all over the world. Eleven years ago my life changed. I understand the problem you have with your mother, but I have not made my mother and my brothers what you are doing. The people around you, and I do not mean Irene, it is not to blame for what happens to you or how you feel. I want you to arrange your situation and remember that they are also your family. ''

Kiko has greeted his words and added: '' Each person is a world. She bothered me to say that I blame my mother for the problem of addictions. It is not true. As a father that I am, now I understand it. You have to leave freedom to the children and that when they are older, they can fly. That does not mean that the father becomes guilty. You have to be aware of who your child joins. And, you know that when I have to apologize I do it. ''

Belén has guests: '' What we do each one we do it. Someday you will understand what I am telling you. I hope it'll be soon.''

Carlota has insisted that she clarifies her statements because in the interview she is understood that she shelters her mother from her situation by her continuous absences during her childhood.

Kiko has answered: '' I understand my mother's situation. Each one is responsible for our actions, but that does not prevent me from feeling in this way. And we will never know if I had happened to live my father ... ''

Kiko Matamoros has changed from third: '' There are many people who have said that Irene, your wife, was an accomplice to your statements. '' Rivera has pointed out that Irene '' does not agree with some things I said, and that's why I have decided to apologize to my sister publicly, and also to friends and family. I am going to the psychologist and the psychiatrist and they have advised me away from my family. ''

It has also clarified that '' the interview is not linked to a relapse of addictions. I am in treatment. Is not easy. You can be sure that it is not a subject of addictions. Whenever I talk to someone, this topic comes out again. It's something that bothers me. I already cost me to cure me so that they remember it constantly. ''

Carlota is glad that he is in therapy.

The Lydia Turn has arrived: '' The heater has lasted you several days. Have you called Isa to ask for forgiveness? Kiko has recognized no, but that she has sent him a message.

'' Are you ashamed? '' Lydia has asked. '' I think she did not want to talk to me either. How I explain it. I prefer to save the bad drink, "the DJ has answered.

Gemma has insisted that for Isa Pi it was not enough and believed that Kiko is not understanding how the interview has been interpreted: '' On this occasion you have made a mistake, and you only give back when they tell you that you do not go up to the house of secret Story and social networks are critical with your attitude. Is it when you realize? ''

Kiko has been justified: '' When one is not right and that is a confrontation with his family, these things occur. I can not do anything but ask for forgiveness and duck the head. ''

Chelo, very friend of her mother, has also been very critical: '' Wednesday I had to read the interview several times. I know you're hurt and burned, but it's not an excuse. ''

Kiko has recognized it and added: '' There are times when I am very bad. I do not want to know anything and I say things that I do not feel to one hundred percent and others in which I miss certain people who previously had them close for the good and for the bad. ''

Chelo has insisted: '' Your mother is not right and has not done things as she should. I understand that this situation awaits you but I'm going to ask you a favor. Do not arrive late because you will regret a lifetime. ''

Carlota wanted to put the interview by giving him a tip: '' There are situations, such as abuse, which generate rejection, and you have to deal with much respect the problem of mental health. I think you've passed with some frivolity about those episodes and that's what the public has recriminated you. ''

Matamoros has concluded, dedicating a few words to the daughter of Isabel Pantoja: '' I think your sister is like a writing for love. I do not understand that your mother has not called her taking into account the moment she is encouraged. I feel sorry. You should consider that and approach her. ''

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 07:48

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