Kim Jong-A promises an Invincible Army for North Korea

On Monday morning, North Ko's North Kus ship, a pair of containers arrived with medical supplies that the World Health Organization (WHO) sent from the Chinese

Kim Jong-A promises an Invincible Army for North Korea

On Monday morning, North Ko's North Kus ship, a pair of containers arrived with medical supplies that the World Health Organization (WHO) sent from the Chinese city of Dalian. It was the second boat with medicines and medications for primary care health centers that arrived at a country that closed even more in March 2020 and that he says he had not had a single case of Covid-19, escaping to a disease that has managed to reach the most remote corners of the planet.

Containers with medication disembarked, but sealed to remain quarantined in Nampo. There they stayed despite the fact that since October of last year, the trade of North Korea has been reduced by 80% with China, its greatest and practically unique trading partner that left behind the UN sanctions for its tests with ballistic missiles. 90% of its imports, especially basic foods and medicines, depend on the neighboring country.

According to the latest United Nations reports, the population of North Korea urgently needs a series of basic products. "Inanition deaths have been reported," the UN Special Rapporteur said last month, Tomás Ojea Quintana. A concern that did not hide in April the North Korean leader Kim Jong-One, who surprised asking the officials to free another "arduous march", a term that is used to refer to the struggle during the Great Family of the 90s.

While the scarcity of food is accentuated and the medications are still stuck in the ports, fireworks are released and exhibit their best weapons. It occurred on Monday night at the Self-Defense Exhibition-2021, an act held at the Museum of the Three Revolutions that is part of the events to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the Foundation of the Governor Party of the Workers.

The Northcolean News Agency KCNA has released pictures of Kim Jong-a, much thinner than in previous appearances, walking through a museum where it was exposed to launches rockets, tanks, three ballistic missiles and a new hypersonic glider who tested in September.

The leader presided over an exhibition of his arms systems and pronounced a speech, shared by the North Korean propaganda channels, in which he promised to build an "army with an invincible military capacity".

Although Kim pointed out that the development of weapons is for self-defense and not to start a war. "We are not discussing the war with anyone, but rather to prevent war in itself and to literally increase the deterrence of war for the protection of national sovereignty," he said.

It was also agreed with the United States by accusing Washington to be the "root cause" of the instability of a country that passes through a "gloomical economic situation". The dictator appealed to officials to "improve the lives of citizens" because North Korea crosses "unprecedented difficulties".

The US Department of State accused the Government of KIM last week to be the main responsible for the humanitarian situation in the country. "The regime continues to exploit its own citizens, violating their human rights, diverting resources from the country's people to build their illegal program of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles," said spokesman Ned Price in an informative session in Washington.

The last Pyongyang event arrives after four tests with missiles launched on its east coast: two cruise, two ballistics, a hypersonic and an anti-aircraft. The regime is in full military accelerator to pressure Washington, as well as its neighbor Seoul, for the stagnant negotiations on its nuclear weapons.

Until now, Kim has rejected the proposals for dialogue from the Biden Administration, demanding that Washington first abandon their "hostile" policies. Its relationships have been paralyzed since 2019, when they did not reach an agreement on the dismantling of Pyongyang's ballistic nuclear and missile programs in exchange for the relief of sanctions by the United States.

With neighboring South Korea, the North reconnected last week the cross-borderline that broke in summer because it did not like the approach between Seoul and Washington. Seoul and Pyongyang continue technically at war. Thus they have more than half a century because the war between the two choreas (1950-1953) never ended with a peace treaty.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 09:16

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