King Felipe and his Greek cousins: a relationship of intimate distant

The kings Felipe and Letizia are going to be the great absentees of the monarch cousin, Philippos (35), Minor Son of Greece, and the multimillionaire Nina Flohr

King Felipe and his Greek cousins: a relationship of intimate distant

The kings Felipe and Letizia are going to be the great absentees of the monarch cousin, Philippos (35), Minor Son of Greece, and the multimillionaire Nina Flohr. The match of dates with the Princess Awards of Asturias provides the perfect excuse, although of not preventing this event, its presence would also be doubtful, given the distancing that has occurred between the king and the children of Constantine, of those who until his marriage With Doña Letizia, she was a nail and meat.

Especially from Paul, the heir, of his age (53) married to Marie-Chantal Miller, whose wedding in July 1995 the monarch was godfather. Together they spent much of their childhood, since their parents, Constantine and Ana María, were fixed Christmas in Zarzuela, the summers in Marivent and even came to skiing in winter Baqueira and stayed at the Recal de la Plata residence.

According to a source close to the royal family, "Don Juan Carlosse duck with his brothers-in-law so that Mrs. Sofia was accompanied. In Mallorca, they went out to navigate daily at the fortune yacht and the palace chef prepared succulent menus." And is that Queen Sofia was always very close to her her brothers of her, Irene, who currently lives with her in Zarzuela, and Tino. The coup of the colonels that deposed the Greek monarch on April 21, 1967, caught Dona Sofia with her brother at the Tatoi Palace. She had traveled to Greece with her daughters, the infantas Elena and Cristina - the prince was not born - to celebrate the birthday of her mother, Queen Federica. Only a few days later, she was able to leave Athens. Subsequently, with Constantino exiled in London, when the marriage of it with Don Juan Carlos began to make waters, Dona Sofia spent many weekends in the city of Thames. Hence the rumor that she resided in London.

Paul himself, who speaks perfectly Spanish, corroborated his close relationship with Don Felipe in an interview with Vanity Fair. "I have the best memories of my vacation in Spain, as a child was my second home, I remember the summers sailing on the ship of my uncles, the kings, going from camp with my cousin Felipe, our first exit to a nightclub together in Mallorca and The winters skiing in Baqueira. The camps with Felipe made me feel a child like the others, "said the Greek heir.

Its union would narrowed when Don Felipe left in 1993 to make a master's degree in international relations to Georgetown University, in Washington, something that his cousin imitated. They shared an apartment near the campus and Marie-Chantal itself, which was already a bride from Pablo, cooked and even introduced the Prince to one of her intimate, the Gigi Howard model, and bride and groom were made. Precisely, in a getaway to the Caribbean of both couples, the relationship came to light, since a reporter caught the heir with Gigi in a paradisiacal beach in very affectionate attitude. After returning Don Felipe to Spain, the relationship was overflowing, but the friendship of Gigi with Marie-Chantal has remained intact. Not long ago Marie-Chantal hung on Instagram photos of a Gigi getaway into a convertible that Paul drove.

Something he never liked Queen Letizia, whose relationship with the king's Greek cousins was always distant. In addition, the existence of love and luxury that Pablo and Marie-Chantal, daughter of the billionaire owner of the Duty Free of the airports, does not fit with the wife of Don Felipe either. The drop that filled the glass was when after the rifirrafe of it with Dona Sofia in the Cathedral of Palma in April 2018, which prevented him from photographing with her granddaughters, Marie-Chantal criticized her hard on Twitter. "Letizia has shown the true face of it." Since then, they have not coincided again. The former Greek monarchs came in November 2018 to the 80th birthday of Doña Sofía, but not Paul and Marie-Chantal or his other children. Before, in July 2017 Paul celebrated the 50th birthday of him with a great party in his English residence of Gloucestershire, but the monarch was attended, but without Doña Letizia.

At that party there were also the infanta Cristina and Urdangarin, who at all times avoided coinciding with Don Felipe, with which the relationship broke as a result of the native case. It is another of the friction points with its Greek cousins, since Alexia, first-born of Constantine, married to the Canarian architect Carlos Morales and resident in Lanzarote, is intimate of the Infanta Cristina since both lived in Barcelona in the 90s And it has been one of his greatest supports when Urdangarin fell into disgrace. Cristina has remained very linked to the children of Constantine, so much so that at the Civil Wedding of Philippos with Nina Flohr, which was held in Saint Moritz in December 2020, the former Duchess of Palma was the only member of her family, who came with his daughter Irene.

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