Kobo Sage: Life (beyond Kindle) can be wonderful

In a market such as e-books, dominated by a giant the size of Amazon, it is not easy at all to make a hollow: it is not only that its products are good, but, in

Kobo Sage: Life (beyond Kindle) can be wonderful

In a market such as e-books, dominated by a giant the size of Amazon, it is not easy at all to make a hollow: it is not only that its products are good, but, in addition, its ecosystem is also huge. However, proposals such as Rakutten with Kobo Sage manage to remember that the gardens outside this empire also flourish and that those who want to give up the Kindle do not have to give up everything this offers.

The bet, in any case, is risky and maybe that's why Kobo has obviated the category in which it has more difficult to compete with Amazon. Thus, the Sage, with its 289.99 euros, goes directly to through the high range and forgets a battlefield in which the missiles of less two figures of Jeff Bezos are unbeatable. Whoever is going to spend more, seems to think the company, will look for the best, not most comfortable. And they can offer it.

The 240.8 grams of the device give a robust body -But lightweight- that does not bother in prolonged reading sessions unless the posture is forced. The 8-inch screen, is clear, bright and warm, while adjusting, so that everyone will be able to find the perfect configuration for each situation. Inside, the 32 GB of storage provide space for a pocket Alexandria library (or rather from backpack: it is a terminal closest to tabletism).

Despite not having noble materials, the body of Kobo Sage reflects its high range. The plastic is of quality and the construction too, so it avoids looking like an more reader. Until the finishing of the buttons is careful - do not dance and respond perfectly- and the rough design on its back facilitates holding it with one hand without slipping. Maybe the 290 euros that it costs is too much for many, but those who pay them will not have the feeling that it is not worth it.

The rear with a scratched design helps hold the device - it is not heavy, itself strong - and gives it a touch of personality. Unfortunately, the traces are easily marked. Except that it is recurred to one of its many accessories: the further battery cover.

Thanks to this portable deposit, it costs 79.99 euros, the Sage can spend a couple of weeks running almost without batting. I could spend vacations without charger, but, luckily, it has a USB-C, so it is most likely that it shares cable with the mobile phone. Here Kobo is marked an important point in front of Kindle models that still have a prehistoric Micro USB.

In the section of peripherals you also have to highlight the intelligent pen that allows annotations or scribbles on the books. Like the cover, it is sold separately (39.99 euros) and may inhabit it: some magnets keep it on your site. Of course, the battery is not used to charge it, as it works with batteries.

The pencil, in addition, gets the one that Sage can do the times of electronic notebook and convert what is written in it to text. In order not to be your main function, the tool responds with considerable precision and gives you many additional possibilities, although the one who looks for a specific device for this should look in that category.

Another of the functions that seeks to add is the Bluetooth with which, headphones through, the Sage can play Audiobooks. Again, it is an addition that adds, but does not multiply: the absence of a headphones entry or speakers considerably limits its potential.

The decision to leave the Amazon universe comes to go to another galaxy and leave its huge catalog and facilities. Rakuten, with its alliance with the FNAC, has also stars in this firmament and, in any case, its compatibility with 15 formats (namely: Epub, Epub3, Flepub, PDF, Mobi, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR) Avoid falling in a black hole of reading. In this sense, it also puts an asterisk to the idea of leaving the giant of electronic commerce by principles.

In a world where the Kindle did not exist, the Kobo Sage could be the Kindle. If it is not the best electronic book reader is nearby and, in addition, one of the giants of the sector is behind. In this reality, what is, without a doubt, is an alternative that allows to evade to that parallel universe.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 22:04

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