Komvida Komvida, the beverage Extremado putting cannon to Queen Letizia

Until well a little in the rangal of the Sierra, the countrymen spoke of the harvest of cereal and the breeding of the Iberian pig. Also of tourists approachi

Komvida Komvida, the beverage Extremado putting cannon to Queen Letizia

Until well a little in the rangal of the Sierra, the countrymen spoke of the harvest of cereal and the breeding of the Iberian pig. Also of tourists approaching the village of 5,000 inhabitants, one of the most beautiful of Badajoz, with Templar Castle and several mansiones. Now you are still talking about hams, but you also burn a talk that sounds like Chinese to most who are not from there, except for Urbanitas Healthy, Instagram and some famous. And it is that the inhabitants of this Extremadian people are the largest consumers and experts in Kombucha throughout Europe.

The fault has two girls from the village, Bea and Nuria, who five years ago put it on top when they decided to manufacture this probiotic and millenary drink, full of healthy properties (help digestion, immune system, is antioxidant ...) , Made with sugary and fermented green tea in a colony of bacteria and yeast called Scoby (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).

They began experimenting at the attic of Bea's house until they gave the perfect formula. Today Beatriz lean (34) and Nuria Morales (34) are two entrepreneurs with several prizes behind them and a factory that employs 70 people from the town, 83% of them women. From there, thousands of Komvida bottles, the best-selling ecological and organic kombucha in Spain come out every day.

"At first they took us by Marcians. You are crazy, they told us, the first my grandmother, who is now addicted to the Kombucha as many people of the people," says Bea, the discovery of the miraculous brew. She went in California, where she had pleassed with 28 years on a trip that changed her life. "I was working in Madrid for a Think Tank of companies but I wanted to go around the world, when I managed to save 16,000 euros I did, I left alone, it was a trip a bit of introspection," she says. In Los Angeles she tried the kombucha for the first time. "God came to see me, it was like a revelation, but what is this so good? I wondered, I sat down so well that I immediately thought I had to take it to Spain. I called Nuria and I convinced her."

Friends from childhood, they had always thought to ride a business together and the kombucha was the key. "We are the Spanish version of the American dream, only that instead of in a garage of Seattle, ours was born in a fence loft of the Sierra".

Bea ordered a packet from Scoby to Fargenal. Nuria, chemical engineer, had also left Madrid to return to the town of her after her father will diagnose ELA. And there, with miracles, Bea's mother, she began to make mixtures, liters and liters of Kombucha without having much idea of proportions and fermentations. She finished the house full of jars and without anyone who told them if the mixes they made were good or not because there were no generic references of the drink. Nuria flew to California so that Hanna Crum, the Kombucha guru, gave the approval to her formula.

The jars left the house of Milagros, which has ended up being Komvida's Komvida's teacher, a ship that rented and where they began to produce their drink. The first of green tea and red fruits, which are still the best selling, and then carrot and turmeric; apple, cinnamon and vanilla; Lima, lemon and peppermint or ginger and lemon. His last creature is the Komvirra, made with hops and who knows to beer.

The road, ensure, has not been easy. "We were very naive. We were going with a backpack full of bottles, in jeans and converse, to touch doors to the English court, to Carrefour ... We were lucky enough to give with the Starbucks shopping director, but he asked for food security certification IFS, which cost us a year to get. In addition to the buyer of the American chain, Komvida has conquered many celebrities, such as Tamara Falcó, Sara Sálamo, Santiago Segura or Peace Padilla. The Letizia Queen is also a probiotic drink addict. "It has come to take our kombucha and it is a pride, because the queen is a reference, he knows a lot of nutrition and takes care of a lot," says Bea.

In 2020 the sales grew by 248%, the dispatch points passed from 3,000 to 5,000, the factory was extended and opened a Showroom store in the Madrid Street of Jorge Juan. The company goes windpart wind, although they do not like to talk about figures or sales. In his board of directors, who presides Bea, he feels Ignacio Ybarra Aznar, the President of Vento.

The expansion seems unstoppable, but the two are very clear that the company will not come out of a fregency and that it will maintain its commitments. "We are an example of the emptied Spain, we have a commitment to the environment, with sustainability and women, we started in a town house and here we want to continue," concludes the businesswoman, who is about to have her third son but he does not stop taking the car every week to go to Fargenal: "I live in the A-5, but I'm happy."

Updated Date: 09 October 2021, 13:50

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