La Cupa de Vela Copa points back to Valencia

The Copa América de Vela can return to Spanish waters in 2024, specifically, to those of Valencia. The government of Pedro Sánchez is going to have on the tab

La Cupa de Vela Copa points back to Valencia

The Copa América de Vela can return to Spanish waters in 2024, specifically, to those of Valencia. The government of Pedro Sánchez is going to have on the table the possibility of Spain for the third time the greatest global candle competition. This is going to be offered by the representative of the Team New Zealand, current champion and organizer, Grant Dalton, who could hold meetings in the coming days with representatives of the State Administration. The goal is to achieve an economic agreement that Zanje an 'auction' in which months have been and allowed announcement on November 17 where the 37 edition of the competition will be held.

Historically the Copa América was played in waters of the Nautical Club that supports the winning team of the previous edition, the so-called Defender, which is challenged by the rest of the unions. That order was altered in 2007 in Valencia. The winner, the Swiss of the Alinghi, had no sea and made a selection between cities that proved especially beneficial and scored the future of the competition.

The Team New Zealand is now immersed in that 'auction'. With the Auckland headquarters in the air, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, due to the crisis generated by the Covid pandemic, which has decreased tourism in the Southern Hemisphere and complicates the investment of sponsors at the event. His ideal destination was Europe, with a major commercial exploitation for the luxury client who accompanies this competition. On the way there can also be Yedda (Saudi Arabia) due to the restrictions that prevail in the country. Cook, in Ireland, was an option with weight, until the government was broken in block by the investment necessary to create the infrastructure that supports the event: 400 million euros. And in those resurrected Valencia.

The Royal Nautical Club of Valencia armed a candidacy, but had to retire. Niccolò Porzio di Camporotondo (founder of H2O Riders Science & Management), Alejandro Fliquete and Carlos de Beltrán (President and Manager of the RCN Valencia respectively) and Antonio Alquezar (partner of Redstone Advisory Partners) did not find the necessary institutional support to consolidate his candidacy . They needed 30 million euros to pay the Canon required by the New Zealanders and around 40 million more for the organization of the previous regattas over the next few years and the installation of removable provisional bases for the challenging teams, they calculate that it could be about half dozen.

The City Council of Valencia closed the doors and the Generalitat was estimated that the proposal did not have enough sustenance. However, those sensitivities have changed. The reason is that the option to bring the Copa America to Spain is still alive, but this time at the door they call is that of Pedro Sánchez.

In parallel to the nautical candidacy of Valencia, there was another Spanish one who led Francesco de Leo, former director of Telecom Italia, along with entrepreneurs, Pablo Beltrán and Víctor Hugo Morán, who would have advanced some contacts with different government. This group received last 14 September a letter from Grant Dalton entrusting them negotiation with the authorities and warning them that within 15 days it would come to Spain to advance in that line.

The idea of this group was to take the competition to Barcelona, but the option of Valencia returns to take body, leaving on a second step in the Ciudad Condal. The memory of the 2007 Cup is very pleasant and increased the possibility of attracting participating teams and visitors. In addition, the infrastructure is ready, the Navy of Valencia, and with more brightness.

With the involvement of the Government, the Generalitat and the City Council could be replaced to collaborate in the competition. This is asking for the employers of entrepreneurs and the tourism sector, which needs a post-pandemic stimulus. In the coming weeks, meetings could be produced with the basis of a more solid project and the argument of the data in hand. According to the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), the 2007 edition had an economic impact of 2.67% in the GDP of the Valencian Community and generated 3.29% of employment. In direct spending, it left 686 million euros, 56% in restoration, commerce and hotel services. Almost 6 million tourists arrived in Valencia by the sail between 2004 and 2007.

The Copa América 2024 would be a plan to relaunch Valencian tourism. Not in vain is considered one of the three most important sporting events in the world after the World Football and Olympic Games. In the last financial audit presented at the last edition of the Copa América in Auckland, held in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemia, it stands out that it was the edition with the most audience on TV with a total of 68 million people.

For the initiative to prosper, the three administrations, state, autonomic and municipal, will have to shake the memory that associates the great event with the years of splendor of the popular Rita Barberá, such as Mayor, and Francisco Camps at the head of the Generalitat, which They monopolized it and left a deep trace in public coffers. That 2007 edition took a cost of 450 million, 300 of which the Government of Spain has just assuming the debt.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2021, 14:05

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