'La La London': How London has become the Hollywood of the 21st century

They are searched: lighting and sound technicians, makeup artists, designers and extras for the Lord's television series of Amazon rings that will begin to rol

'La La London': How London has become the Hollywood of the 21st century

They are searched: lighting and sound technicians, makeup artists, designers and extras for the Lord's television series of Amazon rings that will begin to rolled in 2022 in Maidenhead and Herfortshire, on the periphery of London, the new television series mermane . Even the Hollywood Reporter draws the attention of the "Studio Boom" of the United Kingdom, with more than 5,800 million euros in investments.

The traditional alliance between American studios and British cinema has left a true transfusion of money and talent. The so-called gold triangle around London (Pinewood, Shepperton and Leavasden) expands today, driven by the tug of audience of teleseries and by the generous fiscal exemptions of the Government of Boris Johnson to the sector.

This largely explains the transfer of the production of the Lord of New Zealand's rings to the United Kingdom. The one that is announced as the most expensive television series of history will be filmed in the Hills of Maidenhead, converted into medieval enclave in the style of the old film superproduciones, also taking advantage of the closeness of the renewed Bray Film Studios.

Another part of the series will be shot in Hertfordshire, in Northwest London, where the Elstree Studios used Netflix for The Crown. Also the BBC rolled the Eastenders here. This known area already as Hollywoodshire has also been chosen by the Sunset Studios for the construction of the most similar to a La Land in the English countryside: more than 800 million euros for a superstudes scattered in 37 hectares and that will demand 4,700 jobs.

Already under construction, the Sky Studios Estree aim even higher with those who already anticipate as "the most sustainable studies in the world": electric fleet, free of plastics, solar panels, water collection system ... "To be honest, we want Controling our own destination, "Caroline Cooper has said, at the head of Sky Studios (which has recently produced Gangs of London).

"Tell your friends that we are going to need people working here, many hands and a lot of talent", has warned Ben Roberts, executive director of the British Film Institute, who saw the wave coming despite the Brexit and in the middle of the pandemic. In the next five years, the British audiovisual sector calculates a claim of 25,000 to 30,000 jobs linked to the boom of television series.

«Right now we have a bottleneck for the Covid and by the avalanche of productions for the search of spaces," he warns Piers Read, a television producer and co-founder of The Creative District Improvement (TDIC), which has achieved institutional support to his plans To create the first network of studies tailored to the 'boom' televivo.

«The creative industries we generate 11% of the UK GDP and we face a serious deficit of more than 250,000 square meters of space in the studios," warns Read, which together with his partner Jeremy Rainbird has expanded the historic Twickenham Studios with average Dozen premises of new plant, starting with a complex in Kent, next to the Ashford International Station.

Twickenham was the first great study in reopening during the pandemic, and that allowed them to become something like "the guinea pig of the global relaunch of the superprodes," explains Piers Read in statements to The Hollywood Reporter.

In Reading, Meanwhile, it is taking a body to the idea of the "Vallley cinema", around the Shinfield Studios, who aspire to attract Hata 600 millons of euros per year. Netflix has opted for the moment by long-term rentals, although the control of the Shepperton Studios has been ensured, in the same way that Disney is guaranteed space for their productions in Pinewood, the studies of 007.

Warner Bros plays between him with advantage thanks to Leavesden, which is still one of the largest and most popular studios in the world with his 19 scenarios and which is also the headquarters of the Tour The Making of Harry Potter, become one of the main tourist attractions From london).

The fever of television gold has also reached east of the capital, to Dagenham: The Americans Hackman Capital Partners will invest there 580 million in the construction of the so-called Eastbrook Studios. In the Northwest Quotation, less than 10 kilometers from the city, it has already begun the construction of the Garden Studios, linked to the Metfilm School and Picturehouse Cinemas, and with the idea of becoming the favorite space of independent firms.

To the southwest of the Thames, Stage Fifty has been raised in just a few months, with James Enright in front and with the purpose of scoring a before and after in the history of television productions: "We build studies to the measurement and in record time : That's our way of working and with which we preach to change the game ».

Updated Date: 08 December 2021, 01:52

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