Laporta and the 1,350 million Barcelona debt: The situation is dramatic

Joan Armporta's response to the Misiva made public last week by former President Josep María Bartomeu has been tremendously forceful. The Maximum Barcelona l

Laporta and the 1,350 million Barcelona debt: The situation is dramatic

Joan Armporta's response to the Misiva made public last week by former President Josep María Bartomeu has been tremendously forceful. The Maximum Barcelona leader has assured that the writing is full of lies and accused the predecessor of him to try to look for a way to run back. "No one is going to avoid his responsibilities," he stressed after the club's debt rises to 1,350 million: "The situation of the club is dramatic".

"After reading his letter carefully, I see it full of lies and with an effort to justify a management that is unjustifiable. It is an exercise of despair, in which he takes advantage of a moment of some seizure in Barcelonism. Everyone knows, already I said it in the assembly, which we approved the 19-20 numbers so as not to paralyze the club, and that, in no case valid the management carried out between 2010 and 2020. I already said that if the 'Due Diligence' gave off some consequences They would behave responsibilities, we would claim them, "said the president, who gave him a point by point the letter from Bartomeu.

One of the points with the greatest discrepancy was the budget of the season 2020-21. "They presented a budget for 2020-21 of one million euros, based on a series of hypotheses, who had to be fulfilled, and none has been carried out. In this way, the budget of the season was really -320 million of Euros. For 20-21. It is a lie that provokes a very worrisome economic and patrimonial situation and a dramatic financial situation, "Lamentó Porta, who denied that Neymar has been forgiven 16 million euros.

"It would also remind him of the damage he did next Neymar case. Remember the shameful and interested pact with the Prosecutor's Office to condemn Barça for the first time in history for fiscal offense. We find four crossed demands, three work and a civilian. The fourth is Curious. When Neymar asks for damages, Barça asks him 10 million euros, Neymar wins and that demand must go to work jurisdiction, where he was already prescribed. They were 10 million that could not be claimed. What we think was It was better to reach a global agreement, that all the parties renounced their pretensions and thus the risks were over, "he explained.

As for the limit of the salary mass, it also revealed that the situation for this season was really desperate. "The salary limitation policy with the league was very erratic. For 20/21, the limit was 237 million, and was approved with a mass of 417 million, which without reductions with deferred payments was greater than 600. All this We are dragging and the league has us for a non-compliant club. Now, we have been affected, because the league, in its first writing, let us register a template with expense of 83 million euros, "he revealed.

"He says that sports salaries shot himself to compete with status clubs and with the Premier League. And neither is it true, it is true that sports politics has been disastrous in recent years. Above all, since the sale of Neymar for 222 million of euros. They were spent disproportionately and at the speed of light. That shoots wages and amortizations, and is where we find ourselves now. Sporty politics has been wrong, the proof is that sportingly has not gone well in the Last years. I think I should have been believed in the farmhouse and make more proportionate investments, with more logical, "he stressed.

"It would be precipitated to note what the legal actions that we will be, but it is true that they are responsible until the mandate of the manager ended. I see attempts to escape, and nobody is going to escape from their responsibilities. That tale of the old one reminds me of What I lived in 2003, when Enric Reyna left me an envelope with a series of operations. With all the respect, because he is a person who appreciated, what he left me was a toast to the sun, as what Bartomeu has done with Barça Corporate. Neither we nor Goldman Sachs we saw viable none of the options. Also, in addition, they will be debugged by the Barçagate, "warned the Burgrana President, who wanted to thank Gerard Piqué's gesture.

"We are satisfied, with Piqué, we already resolve this question, and I greatly appreciate the predisposition. In its case, it is evident that it is a club player, who wants Barça above all and his gesture has allowed him to be able to enroll two players, Memphis and Eric. With the Kun, we hope that the other captains act on the Piqué line, "he said. "I understand the players, they come from a salary deferral and they are asked for another effort. In the end, they also see that the situation is dramatic and that you have to make decisions. Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto are being very good and We are sure that this act will be reached for the club that, as soon as it arrives, we will recognize it, "he said.

Date Of Update: 16 August 2021, 08:19

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