Letizia: Kombucha instead of wine, a queen Agenda 2030

The Kombucha, probiotic drink that strengthens the immune system, lately makes furor among the supporters of the "Ecofriendly". According to the nutrition e

Letizia: Kombucha instead of wine, a queen Agenda 2030

The Kombucha, probiotic drink that strengthens the immune system, lately makes furor among the supporters of the "Ecofriendly". According to the nutrition expert Margarita García, Doña Letizia, which on Wednesday turned 49, has become a fan of that "elixir of immortality" that brought to Spain two extremane entrepreneurs with the Komvida Organic brand. "It has become indispensable in her diet," she says. It is not a secret that for the queen, ecology and sustainability are "mantras" that she has incorporated into her daily life: she feeds on natural and ecological products, practice Iyengar yoga and in her speeches she has replaced the role by Annotations on the mobile. Also in her closet, models in organic or reused tissue, such as the flowered dress that she looked for days ago at the Chilean President, which Queen Sofia premiered in Rome in 1981.

The "Healthy" does not seem to be limited in Doña Letizia to a philosophy of life, as he demonstrated by dedicating on September 7 his first act of the course to preside over the Eco Retina Awards. Organized by the newspaper El País and the consultancy Capgemini, the best projects of 2020 stressed in the fight against climate change and sustainability. A gesture that she enhanced her wearing a black dress with Bardot neckline, made in Organic Bamboo of Mary Malo, to highlight the echo character of the evening.

With LEONOR INTERNA at the Atlantic College of Wales and the official agenda of the Dona Sofía quite reduced after the march of King Juan Carlos to Abu Dhabi, the Queen has all the field clear, as has been proven these two weeks of start of course in that is leading acts almost daily. The goal of it in the medium term of it is to enhance a role of consort more in accordance with the times that run. "She does not want to be a queen to the old woman like Dona Sofia, or climbing into the palace, she wishes a life as normal as possible," said an allegate of his after being proclaimed King Don Felipe.

But the things of palace go slowly and letizia dragged the refurbish of the media controversies that persecuted her from princess, from aesthetic retouching from malasaña without husband or rifirarafes with her political family, which made her in the real family member less valued . Now it is different, because according to LOC a close to the real family "This 2021 support for the Crown has increased, it exceeds 63% in the polls that handle entities close to the monarchy and although Don Felipe is the best valued, The image of the queen is improving a lot. Performs very correctly his role, he has not committed failures, and also in the pandemic he has drowned with the weakest sectors, I think he will consolidate himself as an important asset for the institution. "

Everything points to the fact that it will be the "claim" that the crown uses to dress from what it prevails as a politically correct in the new world order, covered by Gurús as Bill Gates or Benzos and sanctified by the UN: the 2030 Agenda, to which also Pedro Sánchez and his partners have given his blessings. It is based on 17 objectives for a sustainable economy, to eradicate poverty and inequalities, protect the environment by palling climate change and achieve gender equality and female empowerment.

A roadmap in which Doña Letizia takes time participating enthusiastically, as was observed at the climate summit held in Madrid in 2019, since she went to several events and at the welcome reception she looked at a H & M skirt of the Conscius line, Elaborated with recyclable materials. Likewise, after being appointed in 2015 Ambassador of FAO for nutrition, she participated in several world health forums and climate change.

This appointment enhanced an almost obsessive interest in healthy food in the Queen, with ecological ingredients, who already exhibited before going to fairs such as Bioculture or frequent ecological restaurants such as Yatiri. She came to participate in a seminar on nutrigenomics, which relates genetic predisposition and diet. She does not smoke or drink alcohol, in fact in the official toast she raises the cup without wetting her lips. It diet is based on vegetables, fruits, blue fish, eggs and lean proteins, steam or iron, which she seconded the school of her daughters, Santa Maria de los Rosales, eliminating fried and batterled from the school menu.

Although the 'DO' of chest is giving it in its crusade by feminism and against gender violence, they gain weight in their official agenda: if in 2019 he starred with three acts in this area, this 2021 takes eight, the last in June , when the Santander Women Now Summit opened, which made Madrid in European capital. Doña Letizia takes feminism in her DNA, as she demonstrated twenty-day in Mexico, when she came back a bouquet of flowers with a note "that I can also do it". The condition of her as queen of her prevents him from manifest himself, but the 8m empty of acts of her the agenda of her as a gesture or participates in symbolic activities, as in 2020, when she went to the final of the Basketball Female Cup. She has also pointed to the fashion of the gray, which now splash her dark hair, and celebrities as Angela Molina or Jane Fonda look like a sign of female empowerment.

"She was always very intellectual, she loved the alternative and rompedor. If the success of Doña Sofia was merging on her role as Queen, Letizia will shine more if she incorporates her own concerns to her institutional task," says an allegate.

Doña Letizia does not go to him the bulls, he has attended only four times and since 2009 a plaza does not step on. She does not hunt her either, though they say that being boyfriends, she accompanied the prince to some sheep of partridge, and it seems that she was encouraged to shoot, but as the monarch confessed to a friend "Now they do not let me do it."

He throws himself the reading of classics and avant-garde authors, such as the Malase Hipster Marta Sanz. Also the alternative theater, such as Miguel Noguera with the Acids Monologues de Him, the Rockery music Dethe Killers or Indie of the planets. The passion of it is the cinema, and the favorite plan of it will go to Renoir or Verdi-type rooms where screened art and essay tapes are projected or in the original version. The Covid has prevented it, but it supplies it with online platforms to which it is subscribed, as a Filmin. Thanks to the Royal Condition, it has been coded with myths as Woody Allen or Scorsese and has a good relationship with Spanish actresses, such as Maribel Verdú and Penelope Cruz, with which he joins a lot of friendship.

Unusual concerns in a regal consort, which raised ampoules among the Pro monarchists, although they have been farrested by the respect of little related sectors to the crown, including part of the left progression. Interestingly now, before the tip that has experienced society with the pandemic, the profile of the reina nothing in favor of that new worldwide current of the "politically correct" that is reflected in the so-called Agenda 2030.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 05:22

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