Life 'Monacal' by Nacho Duato in St. Petersburg

This Saturday, January 8, Nacho Duato, the most popular Spanish dancer outside our borders, has reached 65 years. He has done it with his eyes on the temporar

Life 'Monacal' by Nacho Duato in St. Petersburg

This Saturday, January 8, Nacho Duato, the most popular Spanish dancer outside our borders, has reached 65 years. He has done it with his eyes on the temporary return of him to Spain, after 11 years absent, since at the end of February a production of his, Morgen, for the National Dance Company, which during a decade did he run. Currently, he is settled in Russia, where he directs the ballet of the Mikhailovski theater of St. Petersburg, and it is an idol; Even President Putin in person is fixed in most of him.

Born in Valencia, Duato has been news this fall for his harsh confessions regarding his childhood in the TVE program a country in dance. Member of a family of nine brothers, he narrated that his father, civil governor and president of the Francoist Catholic Action, was always ashamed to have a dancer son whom he "saw him a branch", just as he assured him. Previously, he also honest at Boris Izaguirre in this same chain when he exercised as a jury of the Prodigies program and revealed that he had left a teenager's house because "it was very bad."

Gold medal to the merit of the fine arts, academic and gentleman of the arts and letters, duato, one of the first Spanish celebrities in daring to leave the closet in the early 1990s, left home with 16 years to meet His dream of being a dancer. "I went because you can not develop your personality if you are always in the critical eye, for my father everything of mine was bad, bad in sport, badly in studies, in everything, so the first time I heard a 'good' of my Dance teacher when I made a plenty, I thought: "This is my thing".

It was formed at the Rambert School in London, where to pay the studies, he woves meshes and heaters with the notions of sock that his mother, his great bastion, taught him, alleging before his father that King Alfonso XIII also woven Petit Point. Then expanded studies with the mythical Maurice Béjart in Brussels and with Alvin Ailey in New York, starting his career in 1980 at the Ballet Culbergde Stockholm, and in 1983 composing his first choreography already in Holland, Jardi Tancat, with music from Maria del Mar Bonet . Alightly at the top of the international ballet, he returned in 1990 to Spain to lead the National Dance Company, years when he initially had to dispatch him with the father of the current president, Pedro Sánchez, who was a manager of the National Institute of Performing Arts.

Duato says they had a great relationship, because the dancer was very austere in his expenses and even advanced money on tours. Duato survived nine ministers of culture until a pulse was finally produced with the ministry, which refused to finance the costs of works that Duato pretended to pretend, and left. The destiny of him was Russia, cradle of the classic ballet, where he became the first Spanish in more than a hundred years in directing a cultural show in Russia.

There they put at your disposal as soon as possible a dance body of 160 dancers, an orchestra of 200 musicians, and 120 shows a year. Something or dreamed that took away the bad taste of mouth that he took from Spain. Curious was the anecdote he lived in 1997 during the official journey of the Juan Carlos and Sofia to Russia, where by seeing him Dona Sofia, admirer of his, at a reception, approached him saying "Nacho, how bad we have treated you". Duato answered: "You not ma'am, have been them," he said, pointing to those responsible for culture present.

In the capital of the Tsars leads a fairly monastic life, delivered to his work and his new passion, abstract painting. Discrequently with the private life of him, the only one of his sentimental relationships that has transcended is the one he maintained for eight years with the singer Miguel Bosé, with whom he came to live in New York. Currently they are very good friends and are often exchanged messages frequently. According to the dancer, his relationship with Bosé did not prosper because he is a lonely person and according to him he is celebrating years, much more.

Updated Date: 10 January 2022, 00:16

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