Living in a hotel floors tourist illegal: We are prisoners in our own homes

The-story tourist Center will no longer be able to share portal with the residents of the edificioEmpresarios hoteliers predict the chaos in four years for the

Living in a hotel floors tourist illegal: We are prisoners in our own homes
The-story tourist Center will no longer be able to share portal with the residents of the edificioEmpresarios hoteliers predict the chaos in four years for the flats tour

three years Ago that in the number 15 of the street Prince (Center), the balance is tipped drastically. The 49-story home to the property, 41 went to be apartments ; at least, until July 2018, Agency Activities –dependent of the city Hall– ordered closure and immediate cessation of the offer. Since then, what seemed to be a good news for the few inhabitants we reside in the third, and last floor, has become an odyssey daily that none of the affected understand. "The transfer of tourists is continuous", says one of them, with the general conviction that nearly half of these homes continue to arrendándose during very short periods, in the image and likeness of one's own illegal activity.

The controversy is such that, after a year of passing of the resolution, the Municipal Police went to the block and found "the exercise of the activity of rental of flats having in force a order of dismissal and closing ", as stated in the statement. Of the three plants that make up the building, the first two are exploited by Likehomemadrid Renting Apartments in Center S. L., a company that also offers housing, other buildings of the capital. The neighbors stress that the property of these apartments belongs to the real estate Mucor , which justifies your time –always according to the complainants– having received a registered fax to the management company, which indicates the compliance of the closing order to the rent the same for the upper sections to a month.

"But they have only changed the type of regime in some. When they received the resolution of the Agency Activities, dismantled the reception clandestine that were in the portal and claimed that they had changed the rent , " said a resident, who prefers not to reveal his identity. Therefore it has reported up to three times the situation of the city agency , using images and ads on the internet that would demonstrate the breach of the prohibition, in addition to the copy of the statement carried out by the Municipal Police. Claims, all of them, falls on deaf ears under the current situation.

The rattle of suitcases is constant, more if possible, on the weekends, where the tranquility the block is relegated to a second plane. "We've had to endure of all. From Thursday begins to reach people and do not really know who enters or exits the portal," told the inhabitants, tired of the security problems are generated: "it is Not uncommon to find the door open or bumping into situations surreal, like the time that we caught a group of tourists hiding the key in the street to be able to access without the need of that none of them carry it over."

the Presence of "hooligans"

Inside, the situation does not improve. The location of the building, in the heart of neighborhood of Huertas , which each year attracts hundreds of young people eager to dive with rampage in the night of madrid: "The majority of tourists tend to be quiet, but just a small percentage of the mount for us to feel prisoners in our own houses ". The presence of "hooligans", every time that a club of English football arrives in Madrid to play a match, and the consumption of alcohol and drugs are two of the situations that are most concerned about. "At the end of last year, a neighbor found a man naked in the hallway because she had made a bet with his friends", tell the owners.

A group of young people crowded in the interior of the portal

From the area of Urban Development, which directs the council member Mariano Sources (Cs), explained that on April 4, the municipal inspectors verified that the apartments listed were "closed for business". They add, however, that given the latest complaints made by the neighborhood associations, in the that is alert to its reopening, the city inspectors confirmed last Friday that end.

with Respect to the current regulations that rule the activity of the flats tourist in Madrid, the city Council will wait for the decision of the judge on the Special Plan Hosting (PEH), approved by the previous Government team and appealed to the Higher Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM). "The special plan of Manuela Carmena has 11 resources in the courts and the 11th day of September we will see what is the next of the special plan", explained days ago the delegate of Urban Development, in allusion to the verdict about the two resources that are asked to suspend confiscate the application of this regulation municipal.

One of the main requirements required by this plan is that the tourist accommodation have an independent access from the rest of housing residential use, a condition that, in the words of Sources, prohibits "de facto" their activity.

800 orders to cease

In January of 2018, the old Government and Now Madrid arranged for this apartment type was a commercial activity , so that their owners needed to get a license of change of use, from residential to tertiary. However, the Consistory has not permission any since the adoption. To date, none of the story has been sealed, although you have issued 800 orders of cessation of activity since September last year, of which 325 are currently in appeal .

A man photograph of a woman, half naked, in one of the homes

One of the measures announced by the Government led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida –keep first a meeting with the minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz –, will be resuming contact with the platforms on which it is advertised dwellings for tourist use –to get them to those on the weighing closure orders do not can offer– and the affected neighbours, and to establish mechanisms that ensure the execution of the law of horizontal property , which establishes the agreement of three-fifths of neighboring communities to exercise in them this activity.

Date Of Update: 11 September 2019, 22:24

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