Lourdes Montes: If Fran had turned again after retiring, I would not have been able to withstand the pressure

Lourdes Montes has always been happy. Except that time when she, along with her sister Sibi, she launched to design bridal suits. He had criticism, for her

Lourdes Montes: If Fran had turned again after retiring, I would not have been able to withstand the pressure

Lourdes Montes has always been happy. Except that time when she, along with her sister Sibi, she launched to design bridal suits. He had criticism, for her it was a complicated moment. "I did not understand it, people change profession or business every day, I think I was not treated well, but I also learned a lot."

Lourdes, who had studied two years of fashion design, continued to work, until, next to his friend Rocío de Terry, they decided to launch my April, his flander of Flamenco suits. She believed in her dream and her time gave her reason. "When we made the first collection of Flamenca, we sold everything, and he passed with the others. In the end, people have ends up trusting you if you do things well."

Lourdes and Rocío rise again on Thursday to their flamingas to the Simof Pasarela, which is celebrated until next Sunday in Fibes, in Seville, with a continuation collection that they presented before the pandemic. "Neither a single client left us the hung suit, those dresses have not been released and would be very unethical to change to something new, although we do introduce some novelties."

As his bet on smooth fabrics. "We wanted to recover the classic linen suits in a very wide range of colors that are not the usual flamenco, so that they can combine with many shawls and suits last several seasons. Our embroidered shawls this year are classics but with combinations Very new, "he explains. To this they add their line 'look fair', "for people who do not want to dress from flamenco and do not know what to wear to go proper, comfortable and not pass heat."

Lourdes receives LOC at its new Seville store, which already includes a workshop for arrangements. "Businesses have to go asking, we did not want money to money, we started little by little and when we saw the moment we change space."

After Simof 2020, in 15 days they sold a half collection, but the pandemic arrived. They managed to continue maintaining their initial team of four people and now with new additions. But you had to look for new formulas. "We found a fantastic fabric factory in Montilla. We think about tissues for private homes, we brought some Portuguese tableware ... but we saw that the business was in doing it on a large scale."

They contacted hotels and tourist apartments under construction or in reform and conference companies. "We are suppliers; We provide fabrics to decorators and make tablecloths for cafe. It is what has saved us."

Her husband, Francisco Rivera, nor the daughter of this, Tana, will not be missing. She will also attend Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. "We have never had conflict, they are very different stages of life."

Lourdes and Fran are parents of Carmen (6) and Curro (3). "With Cayetana wearing phenomenal, it's the older sister ten. It takes them, brings them, buys them all the whims, plays with them ... Carmen I love. And also my daughter gets very well with Eugenia; He takes her to Field, he teaches all the animals he has there ... for a 6-year-old girl is a flat. "

Lourdes Montes would be happy to have more children. "But only one more. Three seems a perfect number," she says. As in her family: Lourdes, Sibi and Curro.

His son will not be a bullfighter, "because I'll take care of me", but he would like it to be "a great fan, who respects the bull and who likes it".

Lourdes went wrong. "When the falling in love is still not too big, it is a precious life. A lot of time in the field, travel, you eat in very good sites, you live the fascinating liturgy of Toreo ... Fran had a lot of union with her gang, a great family, And it was very nice. But when you are already wanting that person more, you worry and suffer more, fear is greater. There was a moment when I was unbearable. When I was pregnant I started to spend very badly. The next three years that Fran He was active, he was not going to any run. "

Francisco retired from the bulls, and Lourdes' life changed. "HAPPY FRAN, it will not go again, but if after retiring, she would have given him to return, I had not been able to endure it, she had already left that, she was relaxed, living normally ... she had not endured that pressure" .

Now his life is quiet and familiar. "I love cooking, also with the children, they have a lot of fun, Fran does not come into the kitchen, rather on the contrary, he is between Madrid and Seville, I do not stop either, I make plans with friends with children of the same age, other times We go to the countryside, to the beach ... we are very homemade, board games, I paint a lot with children, a very quiet life, increasingly ".

They just bought a land in Villamanrique de la Condesa (Seville), very close to the dew. "Fran had the farm in Extremadura and when I trained, he spent six months a year, we were almost never, it was huge, and that was sold. He is a passionate about the horses. He had them in a bitter and now they are loose in the New field. It is a tiny farm, in which there is still nothing built, half an hour from Seville and close to many friends. "

Francis Rivera and some friends, all men, take every two years the Camino de Santiago, and women are incorporated into the last two stages. "It's the second year I go with them, but the first time I made the road was about 11 years ago, I was studying oppositions to the group A of the Junta de Andalucía, I left them, I met Fran ... I changed my life . When you run, you know different people, people are long, some go alone and join your group, you have a lot of time to talk and to be with yourself ... feel very good, I recommend it. "

After Simof, the next stop of my April will be Madrid at the beginning of March for a Showroom "with the whole collection. Because in Madrid it is very good, there are many people who dresses Flamenca."

Date Of Update: 02 February 2022, 20:29

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