Luis Enrique: Hopefully Guardiola was the Spanish coach. It would be perfect

"Hopefully Guardiola was the Spanish coach. It would be perfect." So forceful was Luis Enrique in the praise of him to Pep Guardiola, who yesterday showed h

Luis Enrique: Hopefully Guardiola was the Spanish coach. It would be perfect

"Hopefully Guardiola was the Spanish coach. It would be perfect." So forceful was Luis Enrique in the praise of him to Pep Guardiola, who yesterday showed his desire to take another step in his race when he finishes his link with Manchester City in 2023 and sit on the bench of a national team.

The Asturian did not read the statements of his friend as a threat. Luis Enrique has a contract with the Spanish Federation until after the Qatar World Cup, in the autumn of 2022, which means that the end of his link would coincide with the deadline that has been marked. Guardiola to leave the English set. Okay, he did not hesitate to reaffirm himself in his compliments. "I would love to see our selection under your imprint. Spain could not have better coach," he said.

With the possibility of even very distant relief, Luis Enrique will have before taking Spain to the World Cup and the final sprint starts next Thursday against Sweden, a match that has the coach with the fly behind the ear. "I remember my player time that September concentrations were complicated, in this case the first match can mark the group's becoming and we must try to be as competitive as possible. We must be attentive and prepared to go for victory, It would be more than interesting, "he said.

For that task, the Asturian returned to the hand of the block that set up in the Eurocopa, analyzing "individually" the cases of those players with more parties overload because the European added, in addition, the Olympic Games. "Èric García took the decision not to stop and we have called it. Uni Simón has had ten days of rest and is training. And the rest [Oyarzabal, Pedri, Pau Torres or Dani Olmo], we have considered important that they rest," he warned The coach, which made it clear that in no case has been conditioned by the request of the clubs to alleviate the calendar of the players. "Everyone wanted to come, but it's okay that they rest see the bulls since the barrier and that other classmates are prepared," he added.

Of the call not only were there casualty for rest. Also players like Thiago or Fabián Ruiz stayed out for performance reasons. The contribution of him in the Eurocopa did not respond to the expected. "It is evident that some know reinforced and other weakened, this is in continuous evolution. Only its performance is what will make me change your mind."

Instead he has recovered Iñigo Martínez, who resigned the championship "but I know that there are no problems," said Luis Enrique, and has rewarded the players who, before the positive Covid of Moncayola and Sergio Busquets, summoned emergency for That, interrupting your vacation, they will form a parallel bubble in case it was necessary to replace some more selected.

Raúl Albiol, Pablo Fornals, Carlos Soler and Brais Méndez were part of that alternative Spain that went to his orders and now they have their prize. "It has been a determining, not because they came, but because what I have seen from attitude and preparation has convinced me, it is not the same to see them in their clubs that in exercises that you ask for things. They are going to give much level and, in addition, its performance At the beginning of the season it is being tall. I want to work with them, "the coach confessed.

Next to them, the main novelty of this call is in Abel Ruiz. The '9' Valencian of the Sporting de Braga has convinced Luis Enrique. "It ended very well last season and this start of preseason has also been fine. Besides, we have a direct contact with him through the sub-21. His football, his way of moving, his game to associate us well. A very marked trajectory in the lower categories and in the absolute we look a lot of that, "said the Asturian.

On his list, the absence of Real Madrid players continues to be drawn, on which the coach did not want to pronounce, nor he deepened on Sergio Ramos, just remembering that he is at the point before the euro: without competing.

Taking advantage of his assessment on the possible arrival of Mbappé to the League, Luis Enrique launched his message: "Laliga is very powerful, the stars come very well, but you have to promote the quarry."

Date Of Update: 26 August 2021, 09:07

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