Macron and Scholz renew the Franco-German axis by a sovereign and strong Europe

France and Germany will write a new chapter, for French, for Germans and for Europeans: "It is about making a sovereign and strong Europe." That is the goal

Macron and Scholz renew the Franco-German axis by a sovereign and strong Europe

France and Germany will write a new chapter, for French, for Germans and for Europeans: "It is about making a sovereign and strong Europe." That is the goal that President Emmanuel Macron hopes to reach Alimica with the new German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, whom this Friday received in Paris with military honors.

It has been, following the tradition, the first visit abroad of Scholz after his investiture last Wednesday. After that meeting, the Chancellor traveled to Brussels to meet with the Community and NATO authorities. On Sunday he will do the same in Warsaw.

France and Poland will be the axes of the European policy of Germany after Merkel, a triangle, that of Weimar, which has already activated Helmut Kohl in 1991 to promote the integration efforts of Poles to the EU and then fell into oblivion .

Scholz, who already visited Macron in the electoral campaign, has been an advocate of the reforms that French has been putting on the table and to which Merkel was responding with long. "We are going to work to develop a new European strategy with France," Scholz has declared without entering the details. The disposition to change seems to be and Macron, although without facts, does not cause its neighbor's support for the next presidential elections.

The message of Scholz in France and Brussels was the same as the transmitted Halloween, Annalena Baerbock. "Our partners in the European Union can depend on the new German Government from the first day. Europe plays a fundamental role in Our foreign policy. We will not persecute our ideas and interest above our neighbors, much less at your expense.

For the new German executive, in this first contact with European partners, the conversation agenda has been marked by the calendar. As of January 1, France assumes the Presidency of EU shift and Poland the Presidency of the OSCE at a time of tensions in Ukraine and Belarus. The reactivation of the WEIMAR triangle caves then, for Germany, more sense.

The distension on the border of Russia and Ukraine generated by a hypothetical Russian invasion and the relief of migratory pressure from Belarus will nevertheless be addressed by the European Union as a whole, Macron and Scholz highlighted at the press conference after his meeting. The Council on Wednesday in Brussels will be the forum to discuss the situation in Ukraine, which both Scholz and Macron qualified as "worrying". Both bet on the dialogue with Kiev and Moscow and defended the validity of the Normandy format, a group of countries that mediated in the conflict created by the Russian annexation of Crimea, to delve into stability in the region.

In when to the migratory pressure on the border they share Belarus and Poland, Macron and Scholz coincided in the need to control illegal migration, come from Provega, but were favorable to a controlled economic migration and comply with the obligations derived from the right of Asylum and shelter.

The same harmony in the first presentation in Paris of Chancellor Scholz regarding the fight against the pandemic of Coronavirus. Scholz endorsed the resilience shown by the EU with the approval of the Next Generation and Macron funds the coordination and cooperation between the Governments of the Twenty-seven to tackle a common and unprecedented health, economic and social crisis.

Macron was however beyond the multi-million dollar funds released for reconstruction after pandemic and bet on the relaxation of Maastricht's criteria for future investments in the EU with the emphasis on renewable energy and digitization.

Scholz was more ambiguous. The Government Agreement signed with the Greens and the Liberals of the FDP leaves no lounge to review the criteria of Maastrich and the relaxation of debt. Quite the contrary. The German Finance Ministry has relapsed at the Liberal Christian Lidner, a hawk of financial orthodoxy.

The message that Scholz left in Paris and Brussels speaks of the "importance of all acting in the same direction, that we work together. It is about how we can make Europe strong, European sovereignty in all its dimensions. It is issues. Economic, safety issues and foreign policy issues "That is why this has not been a friendly visit, but we approached immediately and in a very concrete way all the issues that will be at stake in the near future," said the chancellor.

In the future and also immediately, the boycott has also been on the table for the winter Olympic Games in China, which has only joined the United Kingdom and Canada until now

Scholz advanced that the call to Washington's boycott for the abuses of China to the rights of Iugures and Tibetans is being discussed among community partners and that the final decision will be coordinated. Macron was referred to previous statements and pointed out that it is a useless diplomatic boycott.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2021, 13:33

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