Macron will relaunch nuclear power plants

Vaccines, employment and nuclear power plants. Presidential but fishing votes at the right-wing electorate. Emmanuel Macron returned to the French in a new

Macron will relaunch nuclear power plants

Vaccines, employment and nuclear power plants. Presidential but fishing votes at the right-wing electorate. Emmanuel Macron returned to the French in a new address from the Elysee. Solemn but hoarse, he confirmed that France will restore nuclear power plants again while rediring his commitment to clean energies to meet climate objectives. In October he already announced the investment of 1,000 million euros in small modular nuclear reactors, in his plan to remedy France for 2030 and unbalanced his economy.

"We have not finished with the virus, the Fifth Ola has begun in Europe," said the President of the Republic. Therefore, as of December 15, those over 65 and the patients of Risk Groups will need to accredit the third dose to dispose of the Sanitary Pass, the QR sesame that allows access to museums, cultural centers, stadiums and restaurants.

Next month, France will open the possibility of receiving the third dose to those between 50 and 64 years. Although the situation is less serious than in neighboring countries such as Germany where the incidence rate exceeds 202 cases versus France 73, Macron was dramatized by pointing to "the last week it has increased by 40%."

Macron took the chest of the good rhythm of vaccination that makes "France one of the most protected countries in the world". And it is true because only Spain (80%) and Portugal exceed its percentage of vaccinated population (75%) but has a problem with five million refractory that have not received any doses. "Vacúnense" urged them by appealing to solidarity.

The Elysee had filtered that there would be surprises in the first speech since July 12. And there were them. Macron confirmed that the controversial reform of pensions will not be done in this mandate that concludes in April. Although it was ratified in the principles of him what he augures that he will try again if he manages to be re-elected.

To compensate for its resignation, and establish its reform balance, Macron announced a hardening of the unemployment benefit. As of December 1, it will have to have worked six months in the last two years to collect unemployment instead of four as before. And the unemployed "not actively seeking" work will be deprived of subsidies. The President justified him like this: "Our economy creates jobs like never. It is unsustainable that there are three million people unemployed while many companies have problems recruiting workers."

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides that the unemployment goes down at the end of the year to 7.8% near 7.2 pre crisis. What makes the presidential objective of 7% credible at the end of its mandate. It would be an undoubted success (the last time the unemployment came down in France of 7% was ... in 1981!) That it would give credibility to the challenge of reaching full employment (5% unemployment) by 2025.

The French economy goes to every machine. This same Tuesday, the IMF increased its growth forecast for 2021 to 6.75%, driven by "a strong bouncing from consumption and investment" in the second and third quarters. The French Government works with a forecast of 6.25 in line with the previous IMF, 6.3%. The Bank of France rose its forecast on Monday until that same 6.75%.

"France is now one of the most dynamic economies in Europe," Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire stated on Tuesday. The French economy grew by 3% in the third quarter, the best data in a half century, with which it has reached the level before the crisis.

It was the ninth alocution of the President since the beginning of the pandemic. Always at 20 hours, when the 'Prime Time' starts evening in France. Disseminated by the main chains and the four channels all news, it has beat historical audience records. Solemn, presidential, convincing, Macron has found the ideal format to settle the leadership of him, answered on the street before Covid with long conflicts with economic fund (yellow vests) or social (strike against retirement reform).

Macron's popularity, after climbing and falling as a yoyo to the beat of those social tensions, has settled and is notoriously better than that of its two predecessors in the Elysee, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande. Five months after the presidential, Macron heads all the surveys. In the last, published today, he obtains the support of 23/24% of the French.

The Harris Interactive Survey confirms the 'pull' of Eric Zemmour, controversial analyst from the right hard that without being still a candidate, increases its popular support up to 18/19%. Best selling essayist, he has evacuated the leader of the extreme right Marine Le Pen (15/16%) of the second position. The best candidate from the classic right, immersed in a long process of selection of his candidate is the room aspirant: Xavier Bertrand (14%). The candidate of the extreme left, Jean Luc Mélechon is fifth (10%) and the ecologist Yannick Jadot, sixth (8%).

Numerous voices of the opposition had previously discredited the intervention of the Head of State. "A televised rally" came to say. Without reaching, it is evident that Macron does not want to leave to the right and his debates of candidates for candidacy and the two roosters of the extreme right to take the media space. Nothing better than a right speech for it.

Updated Date: 09 November 2021, 16:10

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